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Kercher police beat me, Knox says

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Kercher police beat me, Knox saysThe woman accused of killing1 UK student Meredith Kercher has told her Italian trial she was beaten by police who wanted her to name a suspect.
  American Amanda Knox said she wrongly implicated2(纠缠) an innocent3 man under police pressure. Police deny any misconduct.(处理不当)Ms Knox, 21, claims she was at the home of her ex-boyfriend, Italian Raffaele Sollecito, 24, who also denies the murder, when her housemate was killed.
  Ms Kercher, 21, of south London, was stabbed4 to death on 1 November 2007.
  The Leeds University student's body was discovered in the bedroom of the house she shared with Ms Knox in the Umbrian university city of Perugia the following day.
  Her throat had been cut.
  Giving evidence for the first time, Ms Knox described returning home to find the door open and nobody answering when she called.
  "I went to my room and changed, went to the bathroom and saw spots of blood there," she told the packed courtroom.(法庭,审判庭)"I had a shower and on the way back to my room I saw blood on the floor. I thought: 'Hm, strange'."Another flatmate, Filomena Romanelli, returned to the house to discover her window had been broken, before they noticed Ms Kercher's door was locked, Ms Knox said.
  "I felt strange, it was a strange situation," she added.
  She said she had not seen the murder scene but added: "I heard there was a body in there. There was lots of confusion5.
  "I was in shock. I couldn't believe what had happened, couldn't accept it."ConfusionMs Knox was on a student exchange from Seattle's University of Washington when Ms Kercher died.
  The court heard she had implicated innocent Patrick Lumumba, who employed her as a barmaid(酒吧女), during police questioning.
  When his lawyer, Carlo Pacelli, asked her why, she replied: "Everything [I] said was said in confusion and under pressure.
  "They [the officers questioning me] were suggesting Patrick Lumumba so the first thing I said was 'OK, Patrick'."When asked if she had been hit by police, Ms Knox replied: "Yes".
  She told the court that before she named Mr Lumumba, officers had accused her of trying to protect someone.
  "When I denied that, they called me a stupid liar," she said.
  Ms Knox claimed the officers had threatened her with prison and that in her confusion she had started to imagine that what they said was true and that she was traumatised(是受损伤).
  "The declarations6 were taken against my will," she added.
  She said she eventually realised that what she had thought about Mr Lumumba was "just imagination".
  "I felt very, very bad about it," she added.
  She went on to tell the court that she had enjoyed good relations with Ms Kercher and had last seen her at 1pm on the day before her body was found.
  Later that day Mr Lumumba had sent her a text message telling her not to go to work, she said.
  'Doing homework'
  Consequently7, she spent the evening at Mr Sollecito's apartment where the couple ate dinner, smoked a marijuana(大麻) joint8 and went to bed.
  She said she woke up next to Mr Sollecito the following day.
  Earlier, she had told the court she was surprised when she arrived at the police station to discover that police wanted to question her about the murder.
  "I was sitting on my own doing my homework when a couple of police officers came and sat with me," she told the court.
  "They began to ask me the same questions they'd been asking me all those days ever since it happened.
  "For instance9, who could I imagine could be the person who had killed Meredith, and I said I still didn't know."A third person, Rudy Guede, has been jailed10 for 30 years for the killing.(本文由在线英语听力室)


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