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[00:07.55]AN INTERVIEW
[00:10.19]Pausanias,who was a Greek1 writer 2,000 years ago,
[00:16.56]has come on a magical2 journey to find out about the present day Olympic Games.
[00:22.20]He is now intervwiing Lili,a Chinese girl.
[00:27.56]P:My name is Pausanias.
[00:31.61]I lived in what you call " Ancient Greece"
[00:35.74]and I used to write about the Olympic Games more than 2,000 years ago.
[00:42.29]I have come to your time to find out about the present day Olympic because
[00:49.27]I know that in 2004 they are to be held in my hometown of Athens3.
[00:57.00]Please can I ask you some questions?
[01:01.13]L:Of course you can.What would you like to know?
[01:05.80]P:How often do you hold your Games?
[01:09.88]L:Every four years athletes from all over the world are admitted as competitors4.
[01:16.93]Tere are two sets of Games-the Summer and the Wintre Olympics
[01:22.99]and both are held every four years.
[01:27.56]The Winter Olympics are usually held two years before the Summer Olympics.
[01:33.81]P:Winter Games?How can the runners enjoy competing in winter?
[01:39.87]And what about the horses?
[01:43.34]L:Oh no!No running races or horse riding are included.
[01:50.00]There are events like skiing5 and ice skating which need snow and ice.
[01:56.17]That is why they are called the Winter Olympics.
[02:00.71]P:Athletes competing from all over the world? Do you mean the Greek world?
[02:07.35]Our Greek citices used to compere6 against each other for the honour of winning7.
[02:13.88]No other country could join in,nor could slaves8 or women.
[02:20.15]L:All countries can take part
[02:23.99]if their athletes reach the standard to be admitted to the games.
[02:29.63]There are over 250 sports and each one has its own standard.
[02:36.60]Women are not only allowed to join in but play a very important role,
[02:43.45]especially in...
[02:46.61]P:Please stop!All those events,all those countries and even women taking part!
[02:55.15]Where will all the competitors be staying?
[02:59.28]L:A special village is built for the competitors to live in,
[03:04.56]a stadium9 for competitions,a very large swimming pool,
[03:11.32]P:It must be expensive.Does anyone want to host the Olympic Games?
[03:18.09]L:As a matter of fact,everyone wants to.It's a great honour.
[03:24.64]It's just as much a competition among countries to host the Olympics
[03:30.91]as to win an Olympic medal.
[03:34.75]The 2008 Olympics will beld in China.Did you know that?
[03:41.31]P:Oh yes!You must be very proud.Did you say medals?
[03:48.08]So even the olive10 wreath11 has been replaced!Oh dear!Do you compete for money too?
[03:56.54]L:No,we don't.
[03:59.78]It's still all about being able to run facter,jump higher and throw further.
[04:07.43]P:That'good news!Thank you for you time.Goodbye.
[04:13.39]Using Language
[04:29.30]Atlanta was a Greek princess.
[04:33.37]She was very beautiful and could run faster than any man in Greece.
[04:40.42]But she was not allowed to run in the Olympic Games.
[04:45.47]She was so angry that she said to her father
[04:50.82]she would not marry anyone who could not run faster than her.
[04:56.99]Her father said ahe must marry
[05:00.93]and asked her if she wanted to marry a king or prince.
[05:06.21]But Atlanta replied,"I will only be married to a man who can run faster than me.
[05:14.25]When a man says he wants to marry me,I will run against him.
[05:20.31]If he cannot run as fast as me,he wil be killed.No one will be pardoned."
[05:28.07]Many kings and princes wanted to marry Atlanta but when they heard of her rules,
[05:35.15]some of them sadly went home.Other men stayed to run the race.
[05:42.52]Tere was a man called Hippomenes who was amazed12 when he heard of Atlanta's rules.
[05:49.88]"Why are these men so foolish?
[05:54.14]Why will they let themselves be killed
[05:58.58]because they cannot run as fadt as this princess?"
[06:03.73]Then when he saw Atlanta come out of her nhouse to run,
[06:09.68]Hippomenes changed his mind

[06:13.52]"I will marry Atlanta--or die!"he said.
[06:18.80]The race started and although the men ran very fast,
[06:23.76]Atlanta ran faster.As Hippomenes watched,he thought,
[06:29.33]"How can I run as fast as Atlanta?"
[06:34.00]He went to ask for help from the Greek Goddess of Love.
[06:39.15]She promised to help him and gave him three golden13 apples.
[06:45.52]She said,"Throw an apple in front of Atlanta when she is runnig past
[06:52.68]and she will be relaxed.
[06:55.74]When she stops to pick it up,you will be able to run on and win."
[07:02.50]Hippomenes took the apples and went to the King.
[07:07.05]He said,"I want to marry Atlanta."
[07:11.91]The King was sad to see another man die,but Hippomenes said,
[07:18.47]"I will narry her---or die!"So the race began


1 Greek 7flxN     
  • The Greek seaman went to the hospital five times.这位希腊海员到该医院去过五次。
  • Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.δ是希腊字母中的第四个字母。
2 magical t8dzL     
  • I used to believe my mother had magical powers.我以前一直相信我母亲有奇妙的魔力。
  • The effect of the medicine on the sick man was magical.药对病人的效力是不可思议的。
3 Athens Dyazl9     
  • Athens is often called the queen of the Aegean.雅典时常被人称为爱琴海上的皇后。
  • China did very well in the last Olympics in Athens.中国在上届雅典奥运会上取得了优异的成绩。
4 competitors f62071fb2eb560e8614c8dc829212273     
竞争者( competitor的名词复数 ); 对手; 参赛者; 竞赛者
  • We are now outselling all our competitors. 我们现在比所有竞争对手都卖得多。
  • We are lagging far behind our European competitors in using new technology. 我们在使用新技术方面远远落后于我们的欧洲对手。
5 skiing bi3zDD     
  • I'm a complete novice at skiing. 滑雪我完全是个新手。
  • to go skiing 去滑雪
6 compere JXTy5     
  • Sarita Sabharwal compered the programme.萨里塔·萨巴瓦尔主持了这个节目。
  • They asked Paul to compere.他们请保罗来主持。
7 winning ieLzBt     
  • Team A has no chance of winning.A队没有获胜的可能。
  • They have great hopes of winning.他们获胜的希望极大。
8 slaves 4ac11da30d752d76b189d580aa4acb57     
n.奴隶( slave的名词复数 );苦工;完全受(某事物)控制的人;完全依赖(某事物)的人v.奴隶般地工作,做苦工( slave的第三人称单数 )
  • Slaves were not emancipated until 1863 in the United States. 美国奴隶直到1863年才获得自由。
  • fashionistas who are slaves to the latest trends 被潮流牵着鼻子走的赶时髦者
9 stadium du7wx     
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  • The stadium is being used for a match.那个露天运动场正在进行一场比赛。
10 olive yI2x1     
  • Have you eaten a kind of fruit called olive?你吃过橄榄这种水果吗?
  • She likes olive because It'symbolizes peace.她喜欢橄榄色因为它象征着和平。
11 wreath nffwD     
  • She is weaving the flowers into a wreath.她把花编成花环。
  • She made a wreath for head.她编了一个花冠。
12 amazed 9zYzBk     
adj.吃惊的,惊奇的v.使大为吃惊,使惊奇( amaze的过去式和过去分词 )
  • Just the size of the place amazed her. 仅仅地方之大就使她十分惊奇。
  • I was amazed at her knowledge of French literature. 她的法国文学知识之丰富使我大为惊奇。
13 golden 9fcxo     
  • My teacher is an Englishman with golden hair.我的老师是一个金黄色头发的英国人。
  • It's a balmy evening,the golden time for lovers.这是一个暖和的夜晚,是恋人们的黄金时光。
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