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UNIT 1 Me and My Class Lesson 8:Unit Review

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[ti:UNIT 1 Me and My Class Lesson 8:Unit Review]
[0:00.925]UNIT 1 第一单元
[0:02.646]Me and My Class 我和我的班级
[0:05.049]Lesson 8: 第八课:
[0:06.446]Unit Review 单元复习
[0:09.628]Building Your Vocabulary 巩固词汇
[0:13.331]Fill in each blank with the proper word or phrase1 from the list. 从表中选择适当的单词或词组,
[0:19.469]Use the correct form. 并用其正确形式填空。
[0:23.658]Fill in the blank with the proper word. 用正确的单词填空。
[0:27.068]The first letter is given. 第一个字母已经给出。
[0:31.744]Find the proper words in this unit. 从这个单元里找出正确的单词。
[0:36.161]Complete the passage with the proper words or phrases2. 用适当的词或词组完成段落。
[0:43.338]Grammar in Use 语法运用
[0:45.709]Complete the following dialogue with verbs3 in their proper forms. 用动词的适当形式完成下面对话。
[0:53.405]Speaking the Language 说英语
[0:56.620]Complete the following dialogue. 完成下列对话。
[1:00.494]Talk with your partner about your likes and dislikes. 和你的同伴谈论你的爱好和厌恶。
[1:05.384]Complete the chart. 完成表格。
[1:09.957]Putting It All Together 组合在一起
[1:13.374]Reading comprehension4 阅读理解
[1:15.372]We Love Our Class 我爱我们班
[1:19.394]I have some pictures of our class. 我有一些我们班的照片。
[1:23.363]Look at this one! 看这个!
[1:25.649]Sandra, Jenny and others are wearing nice clothes. 桑德拉,珍妮和其他人都穿着漂亮的衣服。
[1:31.861]Look at Danny. 看丹尼,
[1:33.609]He's very happy, and he is wearing a yellow cotton shirt. 他很高兴,而且他穿着一件黄色的棉衬衫。
[1:39.972]Danny and Sandra are good friends now. 丹尼和桑德拉现在是好朋友。
[1:44.446]Danny isn't scared to talk to her anymore. 丹尼再也不会害怕和她说话了。
[1:49.166]Our Class enjoys playing badminton and basketball together, 我们班喜欢一起打羽毛球和篮球,
[1:54.689]but we don't always go to the same class at the same time. 但是我们不总是在同一时间去上同一种课。
[2:00.423]Each of us is different. 我们每个人都不同。
[2:02.870]We have different likes and dislikes. 我们有不同的爱好。
[2:06.576]We really like our teacher, Miss Cox. 我们真的喜欢我们的科克斯老师。
[2:10.736]She teaches us English. 她教我们英语。
[2:13.498]She dresses very nicely and treats each student fairly5. 她穿得很漂亮而且对我们都很好。
[2:18.706]We all love her! 我们都喜欢她!
[2:21.643]Our class is like a big family: friendly and happy! 我们班像一个友好而愉快的大家庭!
[2:27.656]Is the statement6 true (T) or false (F). 下列叙述是对的还是错的?
[2:34.823]Writing exercise 写作练习
[2:37.654]Draw a timeline to show the first two weeks of using the Student Book. 画一个时间表来显示你前两星期用过的学生用书。
[2:45.415]On the bottom of the timeline, write what happened to Li Ming, Jenny and Danny. 在时间表安排的下方,写下李明,珍妮和丹尼身边发生了什么事。
[2:52.407]On the top, write what happened to you. 在时间表的上方,写下你身边发生了什么事。
[2:56.952]Do You Know? 你知道吗?
[2:58.595]Likes and Dislikes (Ⅰ) 爱好和厌恶(Ⅰ)
[3:01.811]I like to wear my red coat. 我喜欢穿我的红外衣。
[3:04.958]Sandra likes going for walks. 桑德拉喜欢散步。
[3:08.908]Sandra loves to eat many different foods. 桑德拉喜欢不同的食物。
[3:13.732]I don't like my picture. 我不喜欢我的照片。
[3:16.529]I dislike Mondays. 我不喜欢星期一。
[3:19.081]I hate rain. 我讨厌下雨。
[3:21.668]I hate getting out of bed sometimes. 有时候我讨厌起床。
[3:25.234]I hate to comb my hair. 我讨厌梳头。
[3:27.891]Simple Present Tense (Ⅲ) 一般现在时(Ⅲ)
[3:30.792]I have many teachers. 我有很多老师。
[3:33.869]How many do you have? 你有多少个老师?
[3:37.015]Most people learn to swim when they are children. 大多数人在他们小的时候就学习游泳。
[3:42.049]I don't like my picture. 我不喜欢我的照片。
[3:45.545]She lives here with her husband and daughter. 她与她的丈夫和女儿在这里居住。
[3:50.090]She doesn't like loud people. 她不喜欢吵闹的人。
[3:54.110]What does Ms. Liu hate to do? 刘老师讨厌干什么?


1 phrase 6N2x7     
  • The phrase was caught on and immediately became popular.这个短语被采用后很快就流行了。
  • That's exactly the phrase I was looking for.这就是我一直找的那个短语。
2 phrases 5a1969515ab7b523d913732d256e644a     
n.短语( phrase的名词复数 );成语;说法;乐句
  • Sports commentators repeat the same phrases ad nauseam. 体育解说员翻来覆去说着同样的词语,真叫人腻烦。
  • Television sports commentators repeat the same phrases ad nauseam. 电视体育解说员说来说去就是那么几句话,令人厌烦。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 verbs vfnzX4     
  • I have to swot up on phrasal verbs for a test tomorrow. 我不得不为明天的测验努力温习短语动词。
  • Verbs that do not take object are called intransitive verbs. 不带宾语的动词称为不及物动词。
4 comprehension MXMyH     
  • The teacher set the class a comprehension test.老师对全班同学进行了一次理解力测验。
  • The problem is above my comprehension.这个问题超出我的理解力。
5 fairly tlEx6     
  • I think I was quite fairly treated by the police.我认为警察对我非常公正。
  • It fairly destroyed the machine.它将那部机器完全毁了。
6 statement 5uzwf     
  • The government will put out a new statement tomorrow.政府将于明天发布一项新声明。
  • Put down your statement in black and white.把你的话用白纸黑字写下来。
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