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刘毅词汇 10000 第七部分

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vocabulary 10000 第七部分

Lesson 19

The soldiers lay in ambush1, waiting for the signal to open fire.

The major ambushed2 his troops in the woods on both sides of the road.

He is always bragging3 about what he can do with a car.

Be sure that you cleanse4 the wound before bandaging it.

The professor will deliver a discourse5 on the poetic6 style of John Keats.

In World War II the general made it a point of pride to dig his own foxhole7.

The inflammation of his knee made it difficult for him to walk.

The huge stone is so heavy that we cannot move it without a lever.

In arithmetic we use the Arabic notation8 (1,2,3, and so on) or sometimes the Roman notation (I, II, III, and so on)

A large ransom9 was asked for the safe return of the child.

He sopped10 a piece of bread in milk; it was too crisp to eat.

His cheek tingled11 from the slap she had given him.

A large percentage of the budget is for armaments.

On Sunday she gets up late in the morning and has a brunch12 around 10:30.

His coffin13 was laid to rest in a deep grave.

The mother envisioned her little girl as a prima ballerina.

The gangster14 who had taken part in the robbery was arrested by the police.

The ink had faded so that many words were illegible15.

The rebellion was started by some malcontents who had been dissatisfied with the policy.

We will take a rest in the pavilion until the game starts.

The prisoners escaped out of the jail under the shroud16 of night.

The room soon filled with the water spurting17 from the broken pipe.

He put varnish18 on the tabletop to protect it, but somebody has scratched it.

Many old ballads19 are sung to new words.


The butt20 of pipe stuck out from the wall where the sink had been removed.

The goat butted21 the boy and knocked him down.

You will have to call the consul22 before your passport is expired.

Memories of happier days were enshrined in the old man’s heart.

He gobbled the ice cream so fast that he got a headache.

We had to listen to a long harangue23 about our own shortcomings.

He spent the whole afternoon mowing24 the grass in the back yard.

In the Middle Ages, many people used to go as pilgrims to Jerusalem and to other holy places in Europe.

The formers sheared25 the wool from the sheep.

He strangled her to death by a cord put around her neck.

The kernel26 of the walnut27 is eaten by itself or used in cakes or cookies.

Beavers28 are noted29 for their sill in building dams across streams.

The cavalry30 is many superiors in mobility31 to the infantry32.

The floor creaked as he stepped on a loose board.

The fir remains33 green all year and its needles are distributed evenly around the branch.

During the heavy storm, airplanes should be kept in the hangar.

The kernel of the argument is who discovered the islands first.

What seems to be a cold often turns out to be the beginning of measles34.

With a huge puff35 the balloon was blown up and then suddenly burst.

Sleet36 forms when rain falls through a layer of cold air.

A woman, after marriage, usually drops her surname and takes that of her husband.

Woman often wears wigs37 over their real hair for beauty of fashion.

Bleached38 bones lay on the hot sands of the desert.

Chariots were used in ancient times for fighting, racing39, and in processions.

He has been crippled since he broke his leg. Now he can’t walk without a pair of crutches40.

She flirted41 with many men but loved only one.

They were very pleased to see some gulls42 flying in the sky, full of hope that they would soon get ashore43.

When I bought a new car, a kit44 of tools came with it.

The hungry children did not leave a morsel45 of food on their plates.

The strange mechanical device is the prototype of modern cars.

They set a snare46 for rabbits on the hill, but unfortunately a wild cat was caught by it.

When you squeeze the trigger, a round or rounds of ammunition47 are fired.

When the burglar tripped the wire it triggered an alarm.

The weir48 across the river stops or controls the flow of the river above it.

Lesson 20

The students have access to the library only in the afternoon.

Last year we had several floods, we had an excess of rain.

Long age Eskimos learned how to adapt to the cold to live in the Arctic Region.

The club adopted a new set of rules concerning its membership.

His adverse49 criticism didn’t upset me, but encouraged me.

My parents are averse50 to our picnic plan; they don’t approve of it.

The government decisions whether to continue the project will affect the future of our national economy.

I have warned him to drive slowly several times, but it doesn’t have any effect at all.

The new secretary is sincere and quite without affectation.

His gentleness and kind ways increased his colleagues’ affection for him.

The preacher likes to make an allusion51 to Homer while preaching.

The white walls create the illusion that the room is very large.

My birthday party is the biggest annual event of my family.

The judge annulled52 the contract because one of the signers was too young.

The couple appraised53 the house carefully before offering to buy it.

The club members were immediately apprised54 of his change of plans.

We should try to settle the matter by argument, not by fighting.

The king augmented55 his pore by taking over rights that had belonged to the nobles.

The man assured himself that the bridge was safe before crossing it.

He insured his car against accident, theft, and fire.

Don’t forget to check your work to insure its accuracy.

The doctor tied up the patient’s broken ankle with a bandage.

They seem to love bondage56 more than liberty.

Pack the books in a small carton to carry it easily.

Political cartoons often represent the U.S. as a tall man with chin whiskers, called Uncle Sam.

The novel was banned by the censor57 as likely to stir up suspicion of the government among the readers.

Every dictator censors58 the newspapers in his country.

The principal of the school censured59 the students for their rude behavior.

Many people were killed in the collision between the bus and the car.

The leaders of the collusion against the government were caught and punished.

I have only one confidant to whom I can tell my secrets.

The doctor felt confident that his patient would recover from pneumonia60.

I am Swedish. Is there a Swedish consul in Omaha?

The council of ministers advised the king to dismiss the general.

The young man refused to listen to the old man’s counsel.

The murder suspect refused to answer the questions on the advice of his counsel.

The Hopkinses run the biggest dairy farm in the state of Arizona.

It is very rewarding to keep a diary of daily happenings.

Upon his decease all his properties passed to his wife.

Measles and chicken pox are two diseases of childhood.

It is not decent to laugh at a crippled person.

The road makes a sharp descent just around the corner.

The three justices dissented62 from the Supreme63 Court’s decision.

Dissent61 among the senior members was the main cause of the disintegration64 of the club.

Lesson 21

Lawrence rode a camel across the desert on an exploring expedition.

He had intended to desert his wife and children, but changed his mind.

Strawberry pie is one of my most favorite desserts.

Many students know how to disassemble the radio, but few know how to put it together.

She tried to dissemble her anger with a smile on her face.

I’ve made a first draught65 of my speech for Friday, but it still needs a lot of work.

The long drought has killed most of the crops in the fields.

She knows a lot of eligible66 young men who are all rich and attractive.

The ink had faded so that many words were illegible.

Washington was eminent67 both as general and as president.

The scientist predicted that an earthquake was imminent68 in Tokyo area.

The members exalted69 Mr.Smith when they elected him president of the association.

All the people exulted70 to find that our national team won the gold medal in the International Basketball Tournament.

The trap made of an old tin can and some wire is an ingenious device.

The ingenuous71 person had never thought of being suspicious of what others told him.

When my little brother sees mother holding the new baby, he becomes jealous.

The clerk in the toy section of the department seems very zealous72 in pleasing the customers.

The dress that Miss Lee was wearing at the party was made of synthetic73 material.

The statesman said the Iron Curtain countries had vast resources in manpower and materiel.

George Washington is known to be a moral and just man.

I am sure that we will win the battle, the morale74 of our troops is very high.

Freedom of religious worship was guaranteed to all settlers in the Northwest Territory by the ordinance75 of 1787.

The pirate ships in the West Indies were armed with heavy ordnance76.

The minister worked very hard to make the rounds of his parish and visit the homes of the sick.

They said that this flower would not perish even when frost comes.

The police still don’t know who perpetrated the murder of the housewife.

This monument was built to perpetuate77 the memory of the national hero.

Many psychologists are inclined to attribute the formation of personality entirely78 to the operation of the cultural and physical environment.

That car is his personaly using it without his permission is illegal.

Blessed are those who are persecuted79 for righteousness’ sake.

The engineer of the wrecked80 train was prosecuted81 for criminal negligence82.

He prosecuted an inquiry83 into reasons for the company’s failure.

The author takes his portable typewriter wherever he goes.

They set up purifying systems in dozens of places where the water was not potable.

Good citizens always do what the laws prescribe.

The doctor prescribed a new medicine for the pain in my joints84.

In earlier days, the church proscribed85 dancing and card playing.

Slaughter86 and destruction are terrible realities of war.

His realty includes a big mansion87 and several buildings in Taipei.

Nearly every city in the United States has a statue of some famous man.

A man six feet tallis above average stature88 in this part of the world.

My family is going to have a short vacation on the east coast .

You will not make a good teacher,unless you feel teching is your vocation89.



1 ambush DNPzg     
  • Our soldiers lay in ambush in the jungle for the enemy.我方战士埋伏在丛林中等待敌人。
  • Four men led by a sergeant lay in ambush at the crossroads.由一名中士率领的四名士兵埋伏在十字路口。
2 ambushed d4df1f5c72f934ee4bc7a6c77b5887ec     
v.埋伏( ambush的过去式和过去分词 );埋伏着
  • The general ambushed his troops in the dense woods. 将军把部队埋伏在浓密的树林里。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The military vehicles were ambushed. 军车遭到伏击。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 bragging 4a422247fd139463c12f66057bbcffdf     
v.自夸,吹嘘( brag的现在分词 );大话
  • He's always bragging about his prowess as a cricketer. 他总是吹嘘自己板球水平高超。 来自辞典例句
  • Now you're bragging, darling. You know you don't need to brag. 这就是夸口,亲爱的。你明知道你不必吹。 来自辞典例句
4 cleanse 7VoyT     
  • Health experts are trying to cleanse the air in cities. 卫生专家们正设法净化城市里的空气。
  • Fresh fruit juices can also cleanse your body and reduce dark circles.新鲜果汁同样可以清洁你的身体,并对黑眼圈同样有抑制作用。
5 discourse 2lGz0     
  • We'll discourse on the subject tonight.我们今晚要谈论这个问题。
  • He fell into discourse with the customers who were drinking at the counter.他和站在柜台旁的酒客谈了起来。
6 poetic b2PzT     
  • His poetic idiom is stamped with expressions describing group feeling and thought.他的诗中的措辞往往带有描写群体感情和思想的印记。
  • His poetic novels have gone through three different historical stages.他的诗情小说创作经历了三个不同的历史阶段。
7 foxhole AsOzeP     
  • On an impulse he kicked some sand into Ridge's foxhole.一时性起,他就提起脚来将一些沙子踢进里奇的坑里。
  • The sentry guard dived into his foxhole and closely observed the stranger towards him.哨兵跳入了散兵坑,密切注视着陌生人向他走来。
8 notation lv1yi     
  • Music has a special system of notation.音乐有一套特殊的标记法。
  • We shall find it convenient to adopt the following notation.采用下面的记号是方便的。
9 ransom tTYx9     
  • We'd better arrange the ransom right away.我们最好马上把索取赎金的事安排好。
  • The kidnappers exacted a ransom of 10000 from the family.绑架者向这家人家勒索10000英镑的赎金。
10 sopped 20458c4932d5eb91b50b019a901307b4     
adj.湿透的,浸透的v.将(面包等)在液体中蘸或浸泡( sop的过去式和过去分词 );用海绵、布等吸起(液体等)
  • The servant sopped up the water with a towel. 佣人用毛巾揩去水。 来自辞典例句
  • She sopped up the spilt milk with a cloth. 她用一块布抹去溢出的牛奶。 来自辞典例句
11 tingled d46614d7855cc022a9bf1ac8573024be     
v.有刺痛感( tingle的过去式和过去分词 )
  • My cheeks tingled with the cold. 我的脸颊冻得有点刺痛。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The crowd tingled with excitement. 群众大为兴奋。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
12 brunch kWxzP     
  • They eat much the same thing for brunch every day.每天早午餐他们总是吃同样的东西。
  • What did you have for your brunch?你早午饭都吃些什么?
13 coffin XWRy7     
  • When one's coffin is covered,all discussion about him can be settled.盖棺论定。
  • The coffin was placed in the grave.那口棺材已安放到坟墓里去了。
14 gangster FfDzH     
  • The gangster's friends bought off the police witness.那匪徒的朋友买通了警察方面的证人。
  • He is obviously a gangster,but he pretends to be a saint.分明是强盗,却要装圣贤。
15 illegible tbQxW     
  • It is impossible to deliver this letter because the address is illegible.由于地址字迹不清,致使信件无法投递。
  • Can you see what this note says—his writing is almost illegible!你能看出这个便条上写些什么吗?他的笔迹几乎无法辨认。
16 shroud OEMya     
  • His past was enveloped in a shroud of mystery.他的过去被裹上一层神秘色彩。
  • How can I do under shroud of a dark sky?在黑暗的天空的笼罩下,我该怎么做呢?
17 spurting a2d085105541371ecab02a95a075b1d7     
(液体,火焰等)喷出,(使)涌出( spurt的现在分词 ); (短暂地)加速前进,冲刺; 溅射
  • Blood was spurting from her nose. 血从她鼻子里汩汩流出来。
  • The volcano was spurting out rivers of molten lava. 火山喷涌着熔岩。
18 varnish ni3w7     
  • He tried to varnish over the facts,but it was useless.他想粉饰事实,但那是徒劳的。
  • He applied varnish to the table.他给那张桌子涂上清漆。
19 ballads 95577d817acb2df7c85c48b13aa69676     
民歌,民谣,特别指叙述故事的歌( ballad的名词复数 ); 讴
  • She belted out ballads and hillbilly songs one after another all evening. 她整晚一个接一个地大唱民谣和乡村小调。
  • She taught him to read and even to sing two or three little ballads,accompanying him on her old piano. 她教他读书,还教他唱两三首民谣,弹着她的旧钢琴为他伴奏。
20 butt uSjyM     
  • The water butt catches the overflow from this pipe.大水桶盛接管子里流出的东西。
  • He was the butt of their jokes.他是他们的笑柄。
21 butted 6cd04b7d59e3b580de55d8a5bd6b73bb     
  • Two goats butted each other. 两只山羊用角顶架。
  • He butted against a tree in the dark. 他黑暗中撞上了一棵树。
22 consul sOAzC     
  • A consul's duty is to help his own nationals.领事的职责是帮助自己的同胞。
  • He'll hold the post of consul general for the United States at Shanghai.他将就任美国驻上海总领事(的职务)。
23 harangue BeyxH     
  • We had to listen to a long harangue about our own shortcomings.我们必须去听一有关我们缺点的长篇大论。
  • The minister of propaganda delivered his usual harangue.宣传部长一如既往发表了他的长篇大论。
24 mowing 2624de577751cbaf6c6d7c6a554512ef     
n.割草,一次收割量,牧草地v.刈,割( mow的现在分词 )
  • The lawn needs mowing. 这草坪的草该割了。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • "Do you use it for mowing?" “你是用它割草么?” 来自汉英文学 - 中国现代小说
25 sheared 1e4e6eeb7c63849e8f2f40081eedb45c     
v.剪羊毛( shear的过去式和过去分词 );切断;剪切
  • A jet plane sheared the blue sky. 一架喷气式飞机划破蓝空。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • The pedal had sheared off at the pivot. 踏板在枢轴处断裂了。 来自辞典例句
26 kernel f3wxW     
  • The kernel of his problem is lack of money.他的问题的核心是缺钱。
  • The nutshell includes the kernel.果壳裹住果仁。
27 walnut wpTyQ     
  • Walnut is a local specialty here.核桃是此地的土特产。
  • The stool comes in several sizes in walnut or mahogany.凳子有几种尺寸,材质分胡桃木和红木两种。
28 beavers 87070e8082105b943967bbe495b7d9f7     
海狸( beaver的名词复数 ); 海狸皮毛; 棕灰色; 拼命工作的人
  • In 1928 some porpoises were photographed working like beavers to push ashore a waterlogged mattress. 1928年有人把这些海豚象海狸那样把一床浸泡了水的褥垫推上岸时的情景拍摄了下来。
  • Thus do the beavers, thus do the bees, thus do men. 海狸是这样做的,蜜蜂是这样做的,人也是这样做的。
29 noted 5n4zXc     
  • The local hotel is noted for its good table.当地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著称。
  • Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班迟到出了名。
30 cavalry Yr3zb     
  • We were taken in flank by a troop of cavalry. 我们翼侧受到一队骑兵的袭击。
  • The enemy cavalry rode our men down. 敌人的骑兵撞倒了我们的人。
31 mobility H6rzu     
  • The difference in regional house prices acts as an obstacle to mobility of labour.不同地区房价的差异阻碍了劳动力的流动。
  • Mobility is very important in guerrilla warfare.机动性在游击战中至关重要。
32 infantry CbLzf     
  • The infantry were equipped with flame throwers.步兵都装备有喷火器。
  • We have less infantry than the enemy.我们的步兵比敌人少。
33 remains 1kMzTy     
  • He ate the remains of food hungrily.他狼吞虎咽地吃剩余的食物。
  • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog.残羹剩饭喂狗了。
34 measles Bw8y9     
  • The doctor is quite definite about Tom having measles.医生十分肯定汤姆得了麻疹。
  • The doctor told her to watch out for symptoms of measles.医生叫她注意麻疹出现的症状。
35 puff y0cz8     
  • He took a puff at his cigarette.他吸了一口香烟。
  • They tried their best to puff the book they published.他们尽力吹捧他们出版的书。
36 sleet wxlw6     
  • There was a great deal of sleet last night.昨夜雨夹雪下得真大。
  • When winter comes,we get sleet and frost.冬天来到时我们这儿会有雨夹雪和霜冻。
37 wigs 53e7a1f0d49258e236f1a412f2313400     
n.假发,法官帽( wig的名词复数 )
  • They say that wigs will be coming in again this year. 据说今年又要流行戴假发了。 来自辞典例句
  • Frank, we needed more wigs than we thought, and we have to do some advertising. 弗兰克,因为我们需要更多的假发,而且我们还要做点广告。 来自电影对白
38 bleached b1595af54bdf754969c26ad4e6cec237     
  • His hair was bleached by the sun . 他的头发被太阳晒得发白。
  • The sun has bleached her yellow skirt. 阳光把她的黄裙子晒得褪色了。
39 racing 1ksz3w     
  • I was watching the racing on television last night.昨晚我在电视上看赛马。
  • The two racing drivers fenced for a chance to gain the lead.两个赛车手伺机竞相领先。
40 crutches crutches     
n.拐杖, 支柱 v.支撑
  • After the accident I spent six months on crutches . 事故后我用了六个月的腋杖。
  • When he broke his leg he had to walk on crutches. 他腿摔断了以后,不得不靠拐杖走路。
41 flirted 49ccefe40dd4c201ecb595cadfecc3a3     
v.调情,打情骂俏( flirt的过去式和过去分词 )
  • She flirted her fan. 她急速挥动着扇子。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • During his four months in Egypt he flirted with religious emotions. 在埃及逗留的这四个月期间,他又玩弄起宗教情绪来了。 来自辞典例句
42 gulls 6fb3fed3efaafee48092b1fa6f548167     
n.鸥( gull的名词复数 )v.欺骗某人( gull的第三人称单数 )
  • A flock of sea gulls are hovering over the deck. 一群海鸥在甲板上空飞翔。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • The gulls which haunted the outlying rocks in a prodigious number. 数不清的海鸥在遥远的岩石上栖息。 来自辞典例句
43 ashore tNQyT     
  • The children got ashore before the tide came in.涨潮前,孩子们就上岸了。
  • He laid hold of the rope and pulled the boat ashore.他抓住绳子拉船靠岸。
44 kit D2Rxp     
  • The kit consisted of about twenty cosmetic items.整套工具包括大约20种化妆用品。
  • The captain wants to inspect your kit.船长想检查你的行装。
45 morsel Q14y4     
  • He refused to touch a morsel of the food they had brought.他们拿来的东西他一口也不吃。
  • The patient has not had a morsel of food since the morning.从早上起病人一直没有进食。
46 snare XFszw     
  • I used to snare small birds such as sparrows.我曾常用罗网捕捉麻雀等小鸟。
  • Most of the people realized that their scheme was simply a snare and a delusion.大多数人都认识到他们的诡计不过是一个骗人的圈套。
47 ammunition GwVzz     
  • A few of the jeeps had run out of ammunition.几辆吉普车上的弹药已经用光了。
  • They have expended all their ammunition.他们把弹药用光。
48 weir oe2zbK     
  • The discharge from the weir opening should be free.从堰开口处的泻水应畅通。
  • Big Weir River,restraining tears,has departed!大堰河,含泪地去了!
49 adverse 5xBzs     
  • He is adverse to going abroad.他反对出国。
  • The improper use of medicine could lead to severe adverse reactions.用药不当会产生严重的不良反应。
50 averse 6u0zk     
  • I don't smoke cigarettes,but I'm not averse to the occasional cigar.我不吸烟,但我不反对偶尔抽一支雪茄。
  • We are averse to such noisy surroundings.我们不喜欢这么吵闹的环境。
51 allusion CfnyW     
  • He made an allusion to a secret plan in his speech.在讲话中他暗示有一项秘密计划。
  • She made no allusion to the incident.她没有提及那个事件。
52 annulled 6487853b1acaba95e5982ede7b1d3227     
v.宣告无效( annul的过去式和过去分词 );取消;使消失;抹去
  • Their marriage was annulled after just six months. 他们的婚姻仅过半年就宣告取消。
  • Many laws made by the former regime have been annulled. 前政权制定的许多法律被宣布无效。 来自《简明英汉词典》
53 appraised 4753e1eab3b5ffb6d1b577ff890499b9     
v.估价( appraise的过去式和过去分词 );估计;估量;评价
  • The teacher appraised the pupil's drawing. 老师评价了那个学生的画。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He appraised the necklace at £1000. 据他估计,项链价值1000英镑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
54 apprised ff13d450e29280466023aa8fb339a9df     
v.告知,通知( apprise的过去式和过去分词 );评价
  • We were fully apprised of the situation. 我们完全获悉当时的情况。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I have apprised him of your arrival. 我已经告诉他你要来。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
55 Augmented b45f39670f767b2c62c8d6b211cbcb1a     
adj.增音的 动词augment的过去式和过去分词形式
  • 'scientists won't be replaced," he claims, "but they will be augmented." 他宣称:“科学家不会被取代;相反,他们会被拓展。” 来自英汉非文学 - 科学史
  • The impact of the report was augmented by its timing. 由于发表的时间选得好,这篇报导的影响更大了。
56 bondage 0NtzR     
  • Masters sometimes allowed their slaves to buy their way out of bondage.奴隶主们有时允许奴隶为自己赎身。
  • They aim to deliver the people who are in bondage to superstitious belief.他们的目的在于解脱那些受迷信束缚的人。
57 censor GrDz7     
  • The film has not been viewed by the censor.这部影片还未经审查人员审查。
  • The play was banned by the censor.该剧本被查禁了。
58 censors 0b6e14d26afecc4ac86c847a7c99de15     
删剪(书籍、电影等中被认为犯忌、违反道德或政治上危险的内容)( censor的第三人称单数 )
  • The censors eviscerated the book to make it inoffensive to the President. 审查员删去了该书的精华以取悦于总统。
  • The censors let out not a word. 检察官一字也不发。
59 censured d13a5f1f7a940a0fab6275fa5c353256     
v.指责,非难,谴责( censure的过去式 )
  • They were censured as traitors. 他们被指责为叛徒。 来自辞典例句
  • The judge censured the driver but didn't fine him. 法官责备了司机但没罚他款。 来自辞典例句
60 pneumonia s2HzQ     
  • Cage was struck with pneumonia in her youth.凯奇年轻时得过肺炎。
  • Pneumonia carried him off last week.肺炎上星期夺去了他的生命。
61 dissent ytaxU     
  • It is too late now to make any dissent.现在提出异议太晚了。
  • He felt her shoulders gave a wriggle of dissent.他感到她的肩膀因为不同意而动了一下。
62 dissented 7416a77e8e62fda3ea955b704ee2611a     
不同意,持异议( dissent的过去式和过去分词 )
  • We dissented from the decision. 对那项决定我们表示了不同意见。
  • He dissented and questioned the justice of the award. 他提出质问,说裁判不公允。
63 supreme PHqzc     
  • It was the supreme moment in his life.那是他一生中最重要的时刻。
  • He handed up the indictment to the supreme court.他把起诉书送交最高法院。
64 disintegration TtJxi     
  • This defeat led to the disintegration of the empire.这次战败道致了帝国的瓦解。
  • The incident has hastened the disintegration of the club.这一事件加速了该俱乐部的解体。
65 draught 7uyzIH     
  • He emptied his glass at one draught.他将杯中物一饮而尽。
  • It's a pity the room has no north window and you don't get a draught.可惜这房间没北窗,没有过堂风。
66 eligible Cq6xL     
  • He is an eligible young man.他是一个合格的年轻人。
  • Helen married an eligible bachelor.海伦嫁给了一个中意的单身汉。
67 eminent dpRxn     
  • We are expecting the arrival of an eminent scientist.我们正期待一位著名科学家的来访。
  • He is an eminent citizen of China.他是一个杰出的中国公民。
68 imminent zc9z2     
  • The black clounds show that a storm is imminent.乌云预示暴风雨即将来临。
  • The country is in imminent danger.国难当头。
69 exalted ztiz6f     
  • Their loveliness and holiness in accordance with their exalted station.他们的美丽和圣洁也与他们的崇高地位相称。
  • He received respect because he was a person of exalted rank.他因为是个地位崇高的人而受到尊敬。
70 exulted 4b9c48640b5878856e35478d2f1f2046     
狂喜,欢跃( exult的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The people exulted at the victory. 人们因胜利而欢腾。
  • The people all over the country exulted in the success in launching a new satellite. 全国人民为成功地发射了一颗新的人造卫星而欢欣鼓舞。
71 ingenuous mbNz0     
  • Only the most ingenuous person would believe such a weak excuse!只有最天真的人才会相信这么一个站不住脚的借口!
  • With ingenuous sincerity,he captivated his audience.他以自己的率真迷住了观众。
72 zealous 0MOzS     
  • She made zealous efforts to clean up the classroom.她非常热心地努力清扫教室。
  • She is a zealous supporter of our cause.她是我们事业的热心支持者。
73 synthetic zHtzY     
  • We felt the salesman's synthetic friendliness.我们感觉到那位销售员的虚情假意。
  • It's a synthetic diamond.这是人造钻石。
74 morale z6Ez8     
  • The morale of the enemy troops is sinking lower every day.敌军的士气日益低落。
  • He tried to bolster up their morale.他尽力鼓舞他们的士气。
75 ordinance Svty0     
  • The Ordinance of 1785 provided the first land grants for educational purposes.1785年法案为教育目的提供了第一批土地。
  • The city passed an ordinance compelling all outdoor lighting to be switched off at 9.00 PM.该市通过一条法令强令晚上九点关闭一切室外照明。
76 ordnance IJdxr     
  • She worked in an ordnance factory during the war.战争期间她在一家兵工厂工作。
  • Shoes and clothing for the army were scarce,ordnance supplies and drugs were scarcer.军队很缺鞋和衣服,武器供应和药品就更少了。
77 perpetuate Q3Cz2     
  • This monument was built to perpetuate the memory of the national hero.这个纪念碑建造的意义在于纪念民族英雄永垂不朽。
  • We must perpetuate the system.我们必须将此制度永久保持。
78 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
79 persecuted 2daa49e8c0ac1d04bf9c3650a3d486f3     
(尤指宗教或政治信仰的)迫害(~sb. for sth.)( persecute的过去式和过去分词 ); 烦扰,困扰或骚扰某人
  • Throughout history, people have been persecuted for their religious beliefs. 人们因宗教信仰而受迫害的情况贯穿了整个历史。
  • Members of these sects are ruthlessly persecuted and suppressed. 这些教派的成员遭到了残酷的迫害和镇压。
80 wrecked ze0zKI     
  • the hulk of a wrecked ship 遇难轮船的残骸
  • the salvage of the wrecked tanker 对失事油轮的打捞
81 prosecuted Wk5zqY     
  • The editors are being prosecuted for obscenity. 编辑因刊载污秽文字而被起诉。
  • The company was prosecuted for breaching the Health and Safety Act. 这家公司被控违反《卫生安全条例》。
82 negligence IjQyI     
  • They charged him with negligence of duty.他们指责他玩忽职守。
  • The traffic accident was allegedly due to negligence.这次车祸据说是由于疏忽造成的。
83 inquiry nbgzF     
  • Many parents have been pressing for an inquiry into the problem.许多家长迫切要求调查这个问题。
  • The field of inquiry has narrowed down to five persons.调查的范围已经缩小到只剩5个人了。
84 joints d97dcffd67eca7255ca514e4084b746e     
接头( joint的名词复数 ); 关节; 公共场所(尤指价格低廉的饮食和娱乐场所) (非正式); 一块烤肉 (英式英语)
  • Expansion joints of various kinds are fitted on gas mains. 各种各样的伸缩接头被安装在煤气的总管道上了。
  • Expansion joints of various kinds are fitted on steam pipes. 各种各样的伸缩接头被安装在蒸气管道上了。
85 proscribed 99c10fdb623f3dfb1e7bbfbbcac1ebb9     
v.正式宣布(某事物)有危险或被禁止( proscribe的过去式和过去分词 )
  • They are proscribed by federal law from owning guns. 根据联邦法律的规定,他们不准拥有枪支。 来自辞典例句
  • In earlier days, the church proscribed dancing and cardplaying. 从前,教会禁止跳舞和玩牌。 来自辞典例句
86 slaughter 8Tpz1     
  • I couldn't stand to watch them slaughter the cattle.我不忍看他们宰牛。
  • Wholesale slaughter was carried out in the name of progress.大规模的屠杀在维护进步的名义下进行。
87 mansion 8BYxn     
  • The old mansion was built in 1850.这座古宅建于1850年。
  • The mansion has extensive grounds.这大厦四周的庭园广阔。
88 stature ruLw8     
  • He is five feet five inches in stature.他身高5英尺5英寸。
  • The dress models are tall of stature.时装模特儿的身材都较高。
89 vocation 8h6wB     
  • She struggled for years to find her true vocation.她多年来苦苦寻找真正适合自己的职业。
  • She felt it was her vocation to minister to the sick.她觉得照料病人是她的天职。
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