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NPR 2008-10-01

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President Bush again took to the airwaves today, urging those in Congress to settle their differences and move forward on a 700-billion-dollar financial rescue package. The president, speaking before the stock market opened, said despite yesterday's failure by the House to approve a bill, it is "not the end of the legislative1 process". And Mr Bush vowed2 to keep pushing for a solution. "If our nation continues on this course, the economic damage will be painful and lasting3."

Optimism the Congress may be moving closer to a solution gave the financial markets a lift, one day after Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its single biggest one day point drop ever losing 777 points. There was a relief rally today on Wall Street, the Dow getting back more than half of those losses. On Wall Street the Dow was up 485 points, a 4.7% gain today. The NASDAQ rose 98 points. The S&P 500 closed up almost 58 points today.

Even with Wall Street's optimism, New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg says he doesn't expect Congress to agree on any major changes to the rescue package voted down by the House. New Hampshire Public Radio's Josh Rogers has more.

As the lead Senate negotiator, Judd Gregg has been in the thick of the bailout talks from the beginning. Speaking this morning, Gregg predicted that any move to significantly change the plan would be a non-starter. "Can it be adjusted dramatically? No, it cannot be adjusted at the fringes for it to give people political cover. I suppose so. But it's hard to believe that people need cover in order to cast that type of result." Gregg says he understands the public's distrust of Washington and Wall Street but argues that without the rescue proposal he likens to a tourniquet5, the economy will continue to weaken. Gregg added that spending up to 700 billion dollars to buy up bad assets could end up making the government money. He picks taxpayer6 losses in yesterday's market plunge7 at over $1.3 trillion. For NPR News, I'm Josh Rogers in Concord8, New Hampshire.

Despite a roller coaster week on Wall Street and the collapse9 of high-profile financial institutions, consumer confidence ticked up slightly in September, NPR's Scott Newman reports.

By the numbers Americans were slightly more upbeat about the economy in September. But the numbers are a bit misleading. Firstly, while the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index posted an ever so slight increase from August, it still hovers10 near a sixteen-year low. Secondly11 and more important, the figure is out of sync with the latest dramatic events on Wall Street. The data was compiled a week ago before the full brunt of the financial sector12 meltdown was known. Meanwhile consumers have plenty else to focus on. Home equity13 continues to plummet14. The Case-Shiller Housing Index just out shows housing prices falling at their steepest rate in years. Scott Newman, NPR News, Washington.

Crude oil futures15 ended the session higher. Futures were up $4. 27 a barrel to end the day at $100.64.

This is NPR.

An Alaska judge is now scheduled to hear arguments on whether to halt an abuse of power investigation16 involving Republican vice17 presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The investigation centers around allegations that while a governor, Palin acted improperly18, ousting19 her public safety commissioner20 after he resisted pressure to fire a state trooper who'd been involved in a messy divorce with her sister. The judge has scheduled a hearing after five state Republican lawmakers filed a lawsuit21 claiming the investigation by the Alaska legislature has been tainted22 by partisan23 politics.

Efforts to produce more oil shale24 in the US could move forward after tonight. Steve Zelaznik of member station KDNK explains.

Oil shale in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming is estimated to hold more energy than Saudi Arabia. The federal government created draft rules this summer but Congress banned those rules from being finalized25. That ban expires tonight so the federal government can move ahead with commercial leases. But energy companies haven't found a technology that works. Democratic Senator Ken4 Salazar of Colorado says too many questions are unanswered. "How much water is gonna be consumed by commercial oil shale development? How much energy is it going to take to heat up the oil shale in place? Where is that energy going to come from?  None of those questions have been answered." The federal government is expected to issue final regulations in December. It could be years before any leases are granted. For NPR News, I'm Steve Zelaznik in Carbondale, Colorado.

 Federal prosecutors26 say they'll take a look at a fatal shooting carried out by police in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. US attorney says his office, the Justice Department and the FBI are examining the case. At issue was an incident where seven city police officers were accused of gunning down several men on a bridge. Survivors27 of the incidents said the individuals were not armed and crossing to get food.


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