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NPR 2008-10-20

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Democratic presidential nominee1 Barack Obama got a major boost today as he was endorsed2 by former Secretary of State Colin Powell. NPR's Jamie Tarabay has more.

The retired3 general told NBC's “Meet the Press” he plans to vote for Obama on November 4. He says he's been watching both Obama and Republican nominee John McCain over the past seven weeks to see how they're dealing4 with the country's economic crisis. He said McCain seemed unsure and Powell senses he doesn't have a complete grasp of the crisis, whereas Obama has displayed steadiness and a depth of knowledge. "I think that he has a definitive5 way of doing business that would serve us well." Powell said he was also concerned at McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Number 2. He doesn't think she's ready to be president. On a different Sunday show, McCain said he wasn't surprised at Powell's decision. Speaking on “FOX News Sunday”, McCain says he has the endorsement6 of four other secretaries of state. Jamie Tarabay, NPR News, Washington.

Obama's campaign says it raised more than 150 million dollars in September, more than double the amount raised in August which was a fundraising record for political campaigns. By contrast, GOP candidate John McCain is limited to 84 million dollars for the whole campaign because he accepted federal money. Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe: "We added 632,000 new donors7 to the Obama campaign in September which is the biggest month we've ever had in terms of new donors. We now have over 3.1 million people contributed to this campaign." Commenting on the new fundraising figure, McCain said Obama is breaking all ideas about keeping the cost and spending on campaigns under control. McCain added that history shows that where unlimited8 amounts of money are in political campaigns, it leads to problems. "That is unleashed9 now in presidential campaigns a new flood of spending that will then cause a scandal and then we will fix it again." McCain was on “Fox News Sunday”.

The proposed security agreement between the US and Iraq that the Bush administration was hoping to wrap up quickly has hit a snag. The largest political bloc10 in Iraq's parliament is calling for changes to the pact11. Top Iraqi officials held a late night meeting to review terms of the deal which would govern the presence of US troops in Iraq after December. The BBC's Jim Muir reports from Baghdad.

The statement came from the spokesman for the Supreme12 Islamic Council in Iraq, one of the biggest Shiite groups which make up the strongest coalition13 in the Iraqi parliament. He said that seven points in the draft agreement with the Americans needed to be reexamined and amended14. He didn't spell out what they were. But another member of the Shiite coalition told the BBC that one of the most important Reservations concerned the clauses covering the immunity15 of American troops from prosecution16. The BBC's Jim Muir.

The Screen Actors Guild17 board has voted to bring in a federal mediator18 to intercede19 in its contract dispute with movie studios. The board is also asking for an authorization20 for a strike.

This is NPR.

Israel's Defense21 Minister Ehud Barack says Israel is seriously considering a proposal made years ago by Saudi Arabia. The concept was a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and the Arab world in exchange for Israel's withdrawal22 from Arab lands captured in 1967, including the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Saudi Arabia first proposed the peace initiative back in 2002.

The American League Championship will be decided23 tonight as the Boston Red Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. From member station WUSF, Barbie Brian has a preview.

The Tampa Bay Rays have hit more home runs than Boston in the first six games. But it was a solo homer by Jason Varitek. That put the Red Sox in the lead to stay Saturday night at Tropicana Field. There are many Red Sox Nation fans living in the Tampa Bay area like Craig Mishard. He grew up in Boston and remains24 loyal to the team. "Now in the back where we get our best guy among them. And we've done this before, to raise our great team, they are upcoming in the, they will be fine either way win or lose for them. But I would have to say, we will be heavily favored." Tonight's game will determine if the more experienced World Series Champion Red Sox can defeat an exuberant25 worst-to-first Rays team for the privilege to play in the World Series. For NPR News, I'm Barbie Brain in Tampa.

FBI and police investigators26 are interviewing the six-year-old boy who was found safe last night after being kidnapped at gunpoint last week in Nevada. Cole Puffinburger was alone in front of a church on a quiet street in Las Vegas. He was said to be in extremely good condition. Police believe his abduction was linked to alleged27 involvement with drug dealing by his grandfather.


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