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NPR 2008-12-14

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Utility crews have been working around the clock to restore power to the more than 800, 000 homes and businesses still without power after a severe ice storm ripped across the northeastern states, just getting to downed power lines is proving difficult because many roads remain impassable in the region. New Hampshire was one of the hardest hit states. From New Hampshire Public Radio Amy Quinton has more.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch and emergency management officials are warning 385, 000 residents without power to expect to remain without power. Utility officials say residents may have to wait until next week before it's restored. Forty-six shelters across the state have opened and more than 500 utility crews from as far away as Virginia and Ohio are helping1 out. During a conference call, Governor Lynch said he has also called in the National Guard. "We have 100 National Guard soldiers on alert, 95 soldiers have been deployed2 at this point helping primarily with traffic control and debris3 removal. " He's also warning those without power to be careful of frostbite and hypothermia inside cold homes. For NPR News, I'm Amy Quinton in Concord4, New Hampshire.

President-elect Barack Obama has chosen New York City's Housing Commissioner5 Shawn Donovan as his nominee6 for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. If confirmed by the Senate, Donovan would help deal with the housing market problems that are at the heart of the nation's economic crisis.

European Union leaders have agreed on the package of measures aimed at protecting their economies as well as the environment. French President Nicolas Sarkozy who's completing his tenure7 as president of the EU says getting the plan approved was not as difficult as some had expected. Now as Terry Schultz reports from Brussels, the leaders are calling on the Obama Administration to follow Europe's lead in addressing the issue of climate change.

Beating expectations, Sarkozy managed to get the other 26 heads of state to agree with the EU executive branch's proposal for boosting the European economy by 1. 5% of EU GDP. And they also promised to abide8 by previous commitments to slash9 carbon dioxide emissions10 and use cleaner fuels by the year 2020. Sarkozy was elated as heard here through an interpreter. "This is quite historic what's happening here. " European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso meanwhile stole a line from President-elect Obama's campaign, in urging him to combat global warming. "Yes, you can also do what we are doing. Yes you can achieve the targets we have committed ourselves to achieve. " Environmental groups nonetheless say the final climate deal gives too much leeway to business and industry. For NPR News, I'm Terry Schultz, Brussels.

There was more violence in Athens today, as young Greek protestors attacked stores, banks and a police station. The rampages began last weekend after police shot and killed a 15-year-old boy.

This is NPR News, from Washington.

An Atlanta man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing11 four people in a rampage at a courthouse in 2005. The victims included a local judge and a federal agent. From Georgia Public Broadcasting, Valarie Edwards has the story.

Brian Nichols escaped the death penalty after jurors deadlocked12 earlier this week. When a jury can't agree on the death penalty, Georgia law kicks in and requires a judge to consider life in prison with or without a chance of parole. In 2005, Nichols was on trial for rape13 in Fulton County, when he grabbed a guard's gun, fatally shot the judge overseeing his case, a court reporter and a sheriff's deputy. During his day long escape, Nichols shot and killed an off duty federal agent, and took a local woman hostage. In his defense14, Nichols claimed to be a slave revolting against his captors. Judge James Bodiford sentenced Brian Nichols to seven life sentences and four sentences of life without parole plus 485 years. For NPR News, I'm Valarie Edwards in Atlanta.

President Bush says the latest government figures show that use of illegal drugs by young people has declined further. Mr. Bush said, for example, that methamphetamine use was down 50% and marijuana use declined 25% over the past seven years. There were also drops in teen alcohol and cocaine15 use. "Overall, illegal drug use by Americans is down by 25%, meaning we have helped approximately 900, 000 young people stay clean. " Mr. Bush speaking in his weekly radio address. He said the coast guard has confiscated16 more than 360, 000 pounds of cocaine destined17 for the US from South America this year. That's a record amount.


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