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NPR 2008-02-23

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Nora Raum.   


Turkish troops invaded northern Iraq today searching for Kurdish rebels who've been staging raids into Turkey from Iraq. The ground operation began after Turkish warplanes and artillery1 bombed suspected rebel targets. Rear Admiral Gregory Smith, a U.S. spokesman in Iraq, said he understands the operation is limited and that Turkish officials say they'll do all they can to avoid hurting innocent civilians3.   


Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr announced today he will extend his militia4 ceasefire in Iraq for another 6 months. NPR's Peter Kenyon is in Baghdad, he reports Sadr revealed his decision to imams of mosques5 who affiliated6 with him.


Envelops7 containing Sadr's decision were handed out to a number of Shiite mosques and they were read aloud during Friday prayers today. The announcement of a 6-month extension is a major relief for American and Iraqi officials here, because a general return to arms by the Mehdi Army loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr could dramatically alter the security situation here which has grown a bit shaky this month in terms of a rise in civilian2 deaths after several months of improvement. NPR's Peter Kenyon in Baghdad.


The Pakistan People's Party which won the most seats in Pakistan's recent parliamentary election is meeting to determine who should become the country's next Prime Minister. The party has agreed to work with the Muslim League led by former Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif. BBC's Nick Morris has more.   


Newly-elected parliamentarians from the PPP are meeting for consultation8 with the party's co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari. They need to decide who should be their candidate for Prime Minister in a future government. Mr. Zardari didn't run for a seat in parliament and isn't eligible9, but he will remain the power behind the throne. The two parties have little in common ideologically10, but they insist that they want to work together to re-establish full civilian democracy. The BBC's Nick Morris reporting.   


Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton debated in Austin, Texas last night. They didn't agree on foreign policy and health care but they did agree it's time for a new direction in U.S. leadership. Obama said it's time for the Republicans to leave the White House. "The Democratic Party at its best can summon a sense of common purpose again, and higher purpose, for the American people and I think that the next nominee11 going into November election is gonna have a lot to talk about because the American people are tired of the politics that's dominated by the powerful, by the connected. They want their government back and that's what I intend to provide them." Clinton took direct aim at the Republican front-runner. "I think that I'll be very comfortable and effective in taking on Senator McCain over the fiscal12 irresponsibility of the Republican Party that he's been a part of." The debate was held at the University of Texas and was carried on CNN and Univision. Primaries will be held on March 4th in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.


This is NPR News from Washington.   


Rescuers are searching the Venezuelan Andes for a missing passenger plane. Authorities fear it crashed yesterday with 46 people onboard. Local residents said they heard a great crash at the time. It disappeared shortly after taking off from Merida to an airport near the capital, Caracas about 300 miles away.   


The Air Force has begun its investigation13 into why two fighter jets collided over the Gulf14 of Mexico Wednesday. The aircraft are from Eglin Air Force Base in Pensacola, Florida. From member station WUWF, Dave Dunwoody reports.   


Eglin Air Force Base spokeswoman Lois Walsh says an air force board is forming to look into the cause of the crash. Meantime, the search is on for the two aircraft. "Normally they will bring in for the president, someone who is not assigned here at Eglin that way they can ensure impartiality15 during the investigation." The F15 Sea Eagles attached to the 33rd Fighter Wing at Eglin were engaged in what Air Force officials called "basic maneuvers16 in tactics" during a training mission, in clear weather about 35 miles south of the Florida Panhandle. Both pilots ejected, one is in good condition at the base hospital, the other died of his injuries after they were rescued by the Coast Guard. For NPR News, I'm Dave Dunwoody in Pensacola, Florida.   


Stock prices fell yesterday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 140 points to close at 12,284. The biggest loser among the Dow companies was General Motors. Its price dropped $1.24 to close at $24.30. Lender GMAC which is partly owned by GM announced yesterday that it would cut hundreds of jobs at its auto17 finance business.   


I'm Nora Raum, NPR News in Washington.



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