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NPR 2008-03-24

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Craig Windham.


A series of bomb attacks across Iraq have killed at least 52 people today and wounded dozens of others. Also rockets or mortar1 shells were fired into Baghdad's fortified2 Green Zone throughout the day. NPR's Dina Temple-Raston has more from Baghdad.


The explosions could be heard miles from the Green Zone just a little after 6 this morning. There were about 10 blasts. The barrage3 came in three waves lasting4 a total of about 15 minutes. The heavily fortified Green Zone is about four square miles surrounded by checkpoints and blast walls. It is home to the Iraqi parliament and the US Embassy. Sirens sounded when the attack began, sending residents either into concrete bunkers known as duck and covers or away from the windows in their homes. Dina Temple-Raston, NPR News, Baghdad.


Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas met with Vice5 President Dick Cheney in Ramallah in the West Bank today and told him that the United States needs to do more to back truce6 talks between Israel and Hamas. Cheney says it is time for a Palestinian state. "George W. Bush is the first president of the United States to endorse7 the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Our administration is strongly committed to that objective and we look forward to the day that an independent, viable8, democratic and peaceful Palestinian state comes into being. " Cheney has been meeting with Palestinian and Israeli leaders this weekend in an effort to jumpstart the Middle East peace process. Hamas dominates the Gaza Strip and the ongoing9 violence there is said to be blocking progress in the goal of creating a Palestinian state.


Pope Benedict celebrated10 Easter Mass before thousands of people who braved stormy weather to gather in St. Peter's Square today. In his Easter message to the city of Rome and the world, the pontiff denounced violence and injustice11. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports from Rome.


The Pope celebrated Easter Mass as driving rain pelted12 cardinals14, diplomats15 and thousands of pilgrims in St. Peter's square. In his message, Benedict called for an end to injustice, hatred16 and violence around the world, including Tibet, Iraq and Darfur. "These are the scourges17 of humanity, "the Pope said, "open and festering in every corner of the planet, although they are often ignored and sometimes deliberately18 concealed19; wounds that torture the souls and bodies of countless20 of our brothers and sisters. Religious freedom was one of the themes of this Easter, the third this Pope has celebrated. The Good Friday "Way of the Cross" Meditations21 were written by Hong Kong Cardinal13 Joseph Zen who referred to the martyrs22 among China's small Catholic minority. And in the Easter Vigil, the Pope baptized a former Muslim and outspoken23 critic of Islamic extremism, Egyptian-born journalist Magdi Allam. Sylvia Poggiol, NPR News, Rome.


An explosion at a meatpacking plant in Arkansas has triggered a fire and released toxic24 gas into the air. Nearly 200 people who live nearby have been evacuated25. No word yet on any injuries.


This is NPR News from Washington.


Forecasters are warning that high water pouring down the White River in eastern Arkansas could cause historic flooding in riverside communities. The river is just one of many that overflowed26 their banks after being swollen27 by heavy rains last week. At least 17 deaths have been linked to the flooding.


The Coast Guard says four crew members are dead and one is missing from a fishing vessel28 that began sinking this morning off the coast of Alaska. Alaska Public Radio David Shurtleff reports.


The 47 member crew of the Alaska Ranger29 noticed their ship was taking on water early Sunday morning. Coast Guard Chief Barry Lane. "We know that there are some trouble with the rudder. And in the rudder room, it began flooding and that's when the vessel decided30 to abandon ship. " Although it was dark, it's believed nearly all of the crew managed to jump in the lifeboats. But there were 6 to 8-foot seas and winds of 30 miles per hour, not exactly ideal for a rescue. It is still unknown how or when the four crew members died. All of those rescued were taken to the nearest port for treatmeant. For NPR News I'm David Shurtleff, Anchorage.


Gasoline prices have jumped 7 cents a gallon over the past two weeks up to a national average of 3 dollars 26 cents for a gallon of self-service regular. Industry analyst31 Truby Lundberg says there are a number of reasons for the rising prices at the pump. "Crude oil prices slipped, and equivalent to 8 cents per gallon in the period, the opposite of gasoline. Gasoline moved up, because ethanol for blending jumped up in price." Lundberg says the lowest gasoline prices found in the most recent survey were in Newark, New Jersey32. The highest gas prices were in San Francisco.


I'm Craig Windham, NPR News, in Washington.



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