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NPR 2008-04-19

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From NPR News in Washington, I am Jack1 Speer.

"Dear Friends, Shalom! " That is Pope Benedict XVI speaking in New York today. The pontiff visited a synagogue. The Pope is also scheduled to hold an ecumenical prayer service. The latest stops on Benedict's first official papal visit to the US followed a speech earlier today at the United Nations General Assembly. NPR's Mike Pesca has more from New York.

 In a speech alternating between French and English, the German-born Pope continually linked the aspirations2 of the United Nations with the purpose of religion. After citing the humanitarian3 teachings of the 16th century Friar Francisco de Vitoria, the pontiff emphasized the role that human reason played in preserving dignity. A major theme of his speech was that human rights were more than legalities to be granted by legislators; they stemmed from, in the Pope's words "God's creative design. " The address ended with the Pope's speaking in all of the UN's official languages. As he said "سَلامٌ وَإزْدِهَارٌ بعَوْن ِ الله ِ!". The words there in Arabic were "peace and prosperity with God's help". Mike Pesca, NPR News, New York.

 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today ridiculed4 her opponent Barack Obama for complaining about the tone of their recent debate in Philadelphia. Obama has said the Wednesday debate was short on substance and more about Washington-style politics. NPR's David Greene has more.

 Hillary Clinton was beginning a town hall meeting outside Philadelphia and she decided5 to bring up Wednesday's debate again. "I know that some of my opponent's supporters, and my opponent, are kind of complaining about the hard questions. Well, having been in the White House for 8 years and seen what happens in terms of the pressures and the stresses on a president, that was nothing. " The Obama campaign, meanwhile . . .  to come up with recommendations for improving air safety. Kathleen Schalch, NPR News, Washington.

 Generally, announcements of large losses and major job cuts don't send stocks higher. Well, despite such announcements from both AT&T and Citigroup today, stocks moved higher. Citigroup investors6 apparently7 took heart that it may be onward8 and upward from here. The New York-based company's stock rose nearly 4. 5 percent. Lynn Reaser is an economist9 at Bank of America. . . said he has tapped Steve Preton , the former head of the Small Business Administration, to take over the vacant position at HUD. "He knows how to tackle a problem, devise a solution, get results. That's exactly the kind of leadership I was looking for. " President's nominee10 will face immediate11 pressure at a time the agency is being accused of being slow to react to the ongoing12 problems in the mortgage markets that've led to thousands of foreclosures. Preston would replace Alphonso Jackson who stepped down amid controversy13 over his role in the awarding of federal contracts.

 On Wall Street the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 228 points to end the week at 12849.

This is NPR.

 Texas judge overseeing a huge child custody14 case against the polygamist group today heard testimony15 from a psychiatrist16. The expert on children in cults17 testified that teenage girls involved in the group would not resist early marriage because he said they had been trained to be obedient and compliant18. The testimony from psychiatrist Bruce Perry comes as the court tries to determine the fate of more than 400 children removed from a polygamist compound near Eldorado Texas earlier this month. The children are currently with child protective services. Perry did say many of the adults with the Yearning19 for Zion Ranch20 appeared to be loving parents.

 A founding member of one of rock's most venerated21 bands has died. Danny Federici played keyboards for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. Federici died yesterday after a battle with melanoma. He was 58 years old. NPR's Felix Contreras reports.

 Danny Federici was 7 years old when he saw "Lawrence Welk" on TV. He strapped22 on an accordion23 and went on to lead and play in a number of New Jersey24 rock bands before hooking up with Bruce Springsteen. As a member of the E Street Band, Federici accompanied Springsteen's meteoric25 rise from New Jersey shore to the world stage. "I am in a closet. Then I noticed the window blinds were starting to move back and forth26 and the bed was shaking. " No major damage or injuries were reported. For NPR News, I am Ann Thompson in Cincinnati.

 Maybe they refer to the golden years as the golden years for a reason at least based on a new University of Chicago study. A sociologist27 test concluded that older Americans are generally happier and also are often more socially active than some stereotypes28 might suggest. The survey found the odds29 of being happy rose by roughly 5 percent for every ten years of age.


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