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NPR 2008-07-01

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President Bush today signed a 162-billion-dollar war funding bill. The president thanking both sides of the aisle1 in Congress for giving him a measure to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for another year. Speaking at the Oval Office signing ceremony today, Mr. Bush said it showed there can be cooperation in Washington. "This bill shows the American people that, even in an election year, Republicans and Democrats2 can come together to stand behind our troops and their families. " According to congressional officials, the measure brings to more than 650 billion dollars, the amount that Congress has provided for the war in Iraq and nearly 200 billion spent so far in Afghanistan. The president says the nation has no greater responsibility than to support its troops and their families.

 As part of a legislation to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the president today also approved a new GI Bill for college education of veterans. The new measure comes close to the benefits accorded to GIs at the end of World War II. NPR's John McChesney has more.

 The measure was authored by Senator Jim Webb of Virginia who said this, shortly after he introduced it over a year ago: "The veteran who is able to get a good education is generally a more well-adjusted veteran.” The measure faced opposition3 from the Pentagon where it was felt that it would be an enticement4 for soldiers to leave the military when recruitment and retention5 are tight. But a congressional study showed that the number of people attracted to the military would offset6 the potential losses. The new bill guarantees a full scholarship at the most expensive state university where the soldier lives, along with a generous monthly housing stipend7. It applies to anyone who has spent at least three years on active duty. Past benefits will be more than doubled, from 40, 000 today to 90, 000. The measure had exceptional bipartisan support. John McChesney, NPR News.

 Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama spelled out his views on patriotism10 at a speech today in Independence, Missouri. Maria Carter reports from member station KCUR in Kansas City.

Missouri voted for President Bush in 2004 and is expected to be a swing state this year. Detractors have questioned Obama's commitment to his country. But the Illinois senator sought to reassure11 Missouri voters, telling a packed crowd in Harry12 Truman's hometown, that he's always been a patriot9. "Throughout my life, I've always taken my deep and abiding13 love for this country as a given. It was how I was raised. It is what propelled me into public service. It is why I'm running for president. " Obama went on to outline his view of patriotism, which he said was loyal to American ideals but embrace dissent14 when those ideals weren't met. Obama plans to travel to the battleground states of Colorado and Ohio later this week. For NPR News, I'm Maria Carter in Kansas City.

 On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose three points today, closing at 11, 350. The NASDAQ lost 22 points. The S&P 500 was up a point.

 This is NPR.

 Another lawsuit15 against giant mortgage lender Countrywide and the company's CEO Angelo Mozilo. The latest suit filed by the State of Florida alleges16 the company engaged in unfair and deceptive17 trade practices in terms of its mortgage lending operations. The suit against California-based Countrywide was filed by the Florida Attorney General's Office. Details of the suit are expected to be announced tomorrow. Illinois and California sued the mortgage giant last week, accusing it of persuading homeowners to apply for risky18 mortgages beyond their means.

 Autopsy19 results on Eve Carson, University of North Carolina student body president killed in March, were released today. Dave DeWitt of North Carolina Public Radio has more.

According to the report, Carson raised her right arm to protect herself from the shotgun blast that struck her hand and her right temple. She was shot four other times. Court documents unsealed over the last few days have given new details of the case. According to interviews with informants, Carson was abducted20 from her home and taken to an ATM machine. She was then shot and killed in a residential8 neighborhood in Chapel21 Hill. According to the autopsy, she was not sexually assaulted. Demario Atwater and Lawrence Lovett Jr. were arrested a week after the incident and charged with first-degree murder. Both men are in jail awaiting trial. For NPR News, I'm Dave DeWitt in Durham, North Carolina.

 Mississippi River is cresting22 today in Saint Louis. But so far, city officials there are reporting no problems. They say low-lying areas are protected by a floodwall. And they say the downtown rises sharply from the river and is not threatened. National Weather Service reported that the river appears to have levelled off at Saint Louis just slightly less than nine feet above flood stage where it's expected to remain before slowly receding23 this week.


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