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NPR 2008-07-03

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After being held in the jungles of Colombia by rebel forces, in some cases, for years, a group of hostages is (are) now freed today. Colombia’s Defense1 Minister Juan Manuel Santos announced, speaking through an interpreter at a news conference in Bogota, that military spies were able to obtain the release of the hostages. “We’re pleased to announce to the public, national and international, that in a special intelligence operation, 15 of the hostages in the hands of the FARC have been rescued safe and sound.” Included in the hostage group was French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt and three American contractors2 who had been held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC. The hostages were considered key bargaining chips by the group to obtain the release of jailed rebels. Military spies apparently3 tricked the rebels into giving up the hostages with no injuries.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is continuing a three-day trip to Latin America. NPR’s Jason Beaubien reports from Mexico City.

Upon arriving in Cartagena, Colombia, Senator McCain again voiced his support for a free trade agreement with that country. His opponent, Barack Obama, opposes the deal. McCain said free trade is an important issue, not only for Colombia, but also for the future of the US economy. “And as you know, I have strongly supported education and retraining programs for our displaced workers who will face the challenges that America’s economy is undergoing as we speak.” From Colombia, McCain’s next stop is Mexico City for a meeting with President Felipe Calderon. The Arizona senator has praised Calderon for attacking Mexico’s drug smuggling4 cartels. The two men are also expected to discuss issues related to the border. Jason Beaubien, NPR News, Mexico City.

President Bush and Iran’s foreign minister both dismissed speculation5 the US and Israel might be prepared to launch a military strike against Iran before Mr. Bush leaves office. President said he has made it clear to all parties that the first option to solving any problems would be diplomatic.

Stocks slumped6 today amid record oil prices. The Dow Industrial Average and NASDAQ both ended the day officially in bear market territory. NPR’s Curt7 Nickisch reports.

The price of oil closed up more than two and a half dollars. Investors8 were also concerned by a loss in private sector9 employment. That helped deflate the Dow almost one and a half percent. The NASDAQ fell more than two percent. That left both indexes in bear market territory, which means they are down 20% from their highs of this past October. Peter Morici, an economist10 at the University of Maryland, says “get used to the trend”. “The prospect11 for oil coming down is not good, because there is a real global shortage, it’s not just speculators. So, we’re likely in bear territory for a while.” Investors were also jittery12 ahead of Thursday’s report on unemployment numbers. Curt Nickisch, NPR News.

The Dow dropped 166 points, closing at 11,215. This is NPR.

Some bridges over the Mississippi River in Illinois and Missouri are reopening to traffic for the first time in days. (A) Missouri highway has also reopened, and the Army Corps13 of Engineers says it is opening three navigation locks on the river that had been closed. At some areas around St. Louis, the rain-swollen river has been coming down rapidly, falling about a foot a day, and that’s giving residents in two hard-hit Missouri towns, Winfield and Foley, a chance to return to their properties and assess damages from the recent flooding. The river, meanwhile, is cresting14 above flood stage in the town of Cape15 Girardeau, Missouri. However, no major damage has been reported.

Authorities say a fugitive16 hedge fund manager who’d been on the lam for more than a month turned himself in today. NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston reports.

Samuel Israel III was supposed to report to a Massachusetts prison on June 9th to begin serving a 20-year federal sentence for conspiracy17 and fraud. He had run a hedge fund in Stamford, Connecticut and eventually pleaded guilty to bilking investors out of millions of dollars. Israel’s case made national headlines when he didn’t show up at the prison as planned. And police found his SUV abandoned on a Hudson River bridge with the words “Suicide is Painless” scrawled18 on the hood19. FBI and US Marshals doubted Israel had committed suicide. Instead, they began a massive manhunt. Israel’s girlfriend later admitted that she had helped him escape. Israel turned himself into authorities in Southwick, Massachusetts. Dina Temple-Raston, NPR News.

Roger Federer has now stretched his winning streak20 on grass to 64 matches, reaching the Wimbledon semi-finals today, after beating Mario Ancic 6-1, 7-5, 6-4. Federer is the only man at this year’s tennis tournament to win every set and is trying to take his sixth straight title.


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