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NPR 2008-07-05

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An influential1 figure in the conservative movement has died. Former North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms died early today from natural causes at a convalescent center. He was 86. NPR's David Folkenflik reports.


Jesse Helms became so popular from his TV commentaries against civil rights and communism in the 1960s that after he quit the Democratic Party and became a Republican, voters sent him to the Senate in 1972. In Washington, Helms was an early champion of Ronald Reagan, and his rhetoric2 and parliamentary tactics opposing abortion3, gay rights, welfare programs and foreign aid earned him the nickname "Senator No". Race endured as a defining issue. He fought naming a federal holiday for the Rev4. Martin Luther King Jr., and he defeated Harvey Gantt, the first black mayor of Charlotte in 1990 after running ads depicting5 a white man being rejected for a job that went to a less-qualified black applicant6. Helms never apologized for his defiant7 opposition8 to racial integration9, even after the Republican Party he helped to build in the South had accepted the march of history. David Folkenflik,NPR News.


At least 20 homes have been destroyed as a wildfire continues to threaten the Northern California coastal10 community of Big Sur. Bob Hensley of member station KXJZ reports.


Normally, Big Sur is crowded with tourists during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. But a two weeks long fire has not only kept tourist away, it’s resulted in a mandatory11 evacuation for all residents. Some business operators are ignoring the evacuation order. Kirk Gafill, the operator of the Nepenthe restaurant, and his staff stay behind to protect the property. "We feel that we can safely keep our property secure and be on the lookout12 and attend to primary fire prevention needs." Some 20,000 firefighters are battling hundreds of other wildfires, some of which have destroyed property and forced evacuations. State National Guard troops are currently in training and are expected to be on the fire lines next week. For NPR News, I'm Bob Hensley in Modesto, California.


Former hostage Ingrid Betancourt returned to France today to a hero's welcome. The French-Colombian politician's return comes just two days after she was freed in a daring military operation from leftist guerillas who’d been holding her hostage in Colombia for the past six years. Three American contractors13 were also freed in the operation and are being reunited with their families back in the US.


American Joey Chestnut14, for a second year in a row, has the distinction of being the world hot dog eating champion in a victory that keeps the title and the mustard-colored belt in the US. Chestnut defeated rival Takeru Kobayashi in sudden death overtime15, after both contestants16 downed 59 frankfurters in ten minutes and Chestnut went on to eat five more dogs in the tie breaker. "I’ve been pushed by, been pushed by the audience, and know what I can do is, they pushed me hard (and I’ve been), I love you guys, New York." Thousands gathered to watch the contest at New York's Coney Island where Chestnut defeated 20 other contestants for the title.


Wall Street is closed for the Fourth of July holiday. Stocks fell in Europe.


This is NPR.


President Bush congratulated and helped welcome some new US citizens during a naturalization ceremony today. He joined 76 men and women from 30 nations at Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia State Monticello, where protesters made their voices heard as well. NPR's Yuki Noguchi reports.


President Bush said he had lots to celebrate with some of the nation's newest citizens. “Thomas Jefferson once said he’d rather celebrate the Fourth of July than his own birthday. For me, it`s pretty simple. The Fourth of July weekend is my birthday weekend.” But protesters on the sideline weren't celebrating along with him. As soon as his opening remarks started, they started shouting over him: '”War Criminal~~~War Criminal~~.” And then, after the disruption continued for several more seconds, Bush responded: “We believe in free speech in the United States of America.” Yuki Noguchi, NPR News, Washington.


Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is spending the Independence Day holiday in Butte, Montana where the presumptive Democratic nominee18 took in a holiday parade and is attending a family picnic. Obama said that if elected, one of his first jobs will be taking on issues affecting the environment. "Are we gonna declare our independence today? Are we gonna declare our independence from special interests, the oil companies and the gas companies that are preventing us from creating the kind of energy policy that will save our environment and free ourselves from dependence17 on foreign oil?" Concluding a week-long tour focusing on values and patriotism19, Obama said only in America could the son of a single mother become president of the US. Obama was joined by his wife Michelle and his two daughters, one of whom is celebrating a birthday today.



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