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NPR 2008-08-29

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Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson singing the national anthem1 at Invesco Field in Denver as tens of thousands of the Democratic Party faithful and uncounted millions of others watching from home, are kicking in the grand finale of the Democratic National Convention. One day after becoming the first African-American to ever win a major presidential party nomination2, Barack Obama is preparing to deliver his official acceptance speech tonight. NPR's Mara Liasson reports from Denver.

Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe says Obama has four goals tonight. He wants to tell people where he comes from, who he is going to fight for, what his change really means and he wants to make a clear contrast with John McCain. Obama himself has said that his speech will be more workman-like and less lofty rhetoric3 than people are used to hearing from him. He wants to say in very concrete terms how he's going to help middle class families who are struggling economically. Obama has already gotten a bounce in the polls from his convention. Today's Gallop4 Tracking Poll shows him 48%-42% above McCain. He came into Denver essentially5 tied with McCain in the polls. Mara Liasson, NPR News at Invesco Field in Denver. 

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has reportedly now decided6 on his running mate but he is not saying who it is yet. Announcement is expected tomorrow in Dayton, Ohio. Without explanation today, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty among those whose names have been bandied about abruptly7 canceled scheduled media interviews, others whose names have been mentioned include ex-GOP presidential hopeful Mitt8 Romney and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge9, both of whom are expected to appear in Pennsylvania with McCain on Saturday. Another name on the list is independent Senator Joseph Lieberman.

US Military investigators10 are telling Afghan leaders they have no evidence. Large numbers of civilians11 were killed in an attack on the suspected Taliban site in western Afghanistan last week. But Afghan and UN official say 90 civilians were killed. NPR's Tom Bowman has more.

American military officials are presenting their findings to the Afghan government, including video from an aircraft surveillance camera. One Defense12 official says the evidence doesn't show anywhere near the death toll13 reported by UN and Afghan reports. The American say 25 Taliban fighters were killed in the joint14 US-Afghan army raid along with 5 civilians. A mother and child were evacuated15 from the site by US aircraft. The Defense official says multiple intelligence reports show the compound was a Taliban hideout. There was at least one US special operator on the ground eyeing the target. But Afghan officials told NPR the raid was based on bad intelligence and those killed were gathered for a memorial ceremony. Tom Bowman, NPR News, the Pentagon.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 212 points today to end the session at 11, 017. The NASDAQ was up 29 points.

This is NPR News.

Reputed mob figure John Gotti Junior has pleaded not guilty to federal racketeering charges in Tampa. The 44-year-old son of the former Gambino crime family was arraigned16 in federal court today on charges of conspiracy17, that link him to three mob slayings, cocaine18 distribution and other crimes. Dressed in a blue jail jumpsuit and in shackles19, Gotti appeared with his lawyers but did not speak during a five-minute hearing. Prosecutors20 contend Gotti was chief in the arm of the crime family that operated in Florida and other states going back to 1983. Gotti has denied the charges saying he has long been retired21 from organize crime.

Justice Department has new rules for how it charges companies that may have broken the law. The new rules say companies will no longer get favorable treatment for waiving22 attorney-client privilege. NPR's Ari Shapiro reports.

A diverse coalition23 of legal and business groups has complained for the last five years about what they called the Justice Department's assault on attorney-client privilege. Department prosecutors used to go easier on companies that handed over private documents during an investigation24. Critics said those policies were unconstitutional and a bipartisan group in Congress agreed. Congress is now considering a law that supporters say would restore attorney-client privilege. The Justice Department does not like that bill. So Deputy Attorney General Mark Filip has announced a new set of rules. He had a midday press conference on Wall Street where he said from now on prosecutors can not reward companies for waiving attorney-client privilege or punish/ companies for paying employees legal fees. The group said far from these changes, say they still want Congress to put the rules into law. Ari Shapiro, NPR News, Washington.

Crude Oil Futures25 fell $2. 56 a barrel to settle at $115. 59 a barrel in New York.


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