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NPR 2008-09-02

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Hurricane Gustav is slowing down over Louisiana and the Gulf1 Coast. So far, the damage to New Orleans appears minimum. NPR's Kitty Adam has more.

 The big question now in New Orleans is will the levees hold. So far, the answer is yes. Officials say the levees have been tested however. Water lapped over the walls of the Industrial Canal, close to the vulnerable 9th Ward2. All over the city power lines are down, and debris3 and tree limbs are in the streets. But people are venturing out of their houses, as the wind slows down, sitting on their porch and walking their dogs. Still, Mayor Ray Nagin warned people earlier that quote "we are not out of the woods yet". Kitty Adam, NPR News, New Orleans.

As Gustav passes along Louisiana coast, Hanna, now a Category 1 hurricane, is swirling4 in the Bahamas. WLRN's Jacqueline Fernandez reports from Miami.

The National Hurricane Center predicts Hanna will hit the Georgia or South Carolina shore by Friday. However, the storm is moving so slowly. Forecasters say its track is very unpredictable. The hurricane could change gears and swing as far south as Miami or to North Carolina's Outer Banks. It's currently over the Bahamas and could easily stand in the area until Thursday. Still, South Carolina and Georgia residents are preparing for the worse. State emergency officials say they refuse to let the storm sneak5 up on anyone. So they spent Labor6 Day getting ready just in case Hanna strikes. For NPR News, I'm Jacqueline Fernandez in Miami.

In St. Paul, the Republican convention got off to a more subdued7 start than planned in deference8 to Hurricane Gustav. But thousands of demonstrators took to the streets nonetheless. NPR's Ina Jaffe has that story.

About eight to ten thousand protestors marched through downtown St. Paul to the Capitol building. They represented a long list of causes, human rights, immigrant rights, sustainable agriculture and opposition9 to the war in Iraq. Some of the marchers were veterans of that war. "We are the troops. We got soul. Who are we? We are the troops. " The police presence was heavy and there were a handful of arrests. Some protesters smash cars and puncture10 tyres. Others try to block streets. Police responded with pepper spray. A few other demonstrators lit a dumpster on fire and shoved it into a patrol car. Over the weekend, police arrested six members of a self-described anarchist11 group called the "RNC Welcoming Committee" and raided several homes. Ina Jaffe, NPR News, St. Paul, Minnesota.

This is NPR News in Washington.

First Lady, Laura Bush made an appearance at the abbreviated12 opening day of the convention. She called on delegates to put aside their worries about politics and focus on helping13 those affected14 by Hurricane Gustav. "The effect of Hurricane Gustav is just now being measured. When such events occur, we're reminded that first we are all Americans. " President Bush was to have spoken tonight at the convention, but instead flew to Texas to oversee15 efforts help victims of Hurricane Gustav.

In Thailand, state workers threatened to cut off electricity and telephone service in Government offices in support of protestors trying to bring down the country's Prime Minister. A coalition16 of 43 union groups representing workers at state-run companies including water, electric, phone and the National Airline said they would cut off service to the government beginning on Wednesday. The groups accused the Thai government of beating protestors. The country's Labor Federation17 said as many as 200, 000 members would stop work in support of an alliance of right-wing protestors. They’ve been occupying the Prime Minister's office for about a week trying to bring down the government.

Russia again lashed18 out against the West over the conflict in Georgia today. All European Union leaders meeting in Brussels have agreed to condemn19 Russia's actions but take no concrete actions. NPR's Gregory Feifer reports.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned the West not to support Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and called for an arms embargo20 against Georgia while the current leadership holds power. Lavrov has made no secret in the past of Moscow's desire to topple Saakashvili, a strong US ally who sent 2, 000 troops to Iraq and whose own army has been trained and equipped by the United States. In Brussels, a leaked draft statement by EU leaders said they will warn Russia its relations with the European block would depend on fully21 complying with the cease-fire agreement. Russian troops still occupy positions deep inside Georgia, blocking tens of thousands of refugees from returning home. In Tbilisi today, more than a million Georgians protested the Russian occupation. Gregroy Feifer, NPR News, Moscow.

Crude Oil Futures22 on electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell more than $4 a barrel today. They are just under 111 dollars.


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