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NPR 2008-09-04

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Jack1 Speer.

 Alaskan Governor and vice2 presidential hopeful Sarah Palin speaks before the Republican National Convention and television audiences tonight. Minnesota Public Radio's Marianne Combs reports.

 Tonight is Sarah Palin's first real chance to present herself to the nation since her surprise nomination3 last Friday. Since then, the 44-year-old governor has undergone intense scrutiny4 by the media which has raised questions about her qualifications, her judgment5 and highlighted her 17-year-old daughter's out of wedlock6 pregnancy7. Critics contend Palin was not properly vetted8 before Senator John McCain chose her as his running mate. Palin is expected to turn the focus tonight on her experience as a governor and a mayor, her work with the energy industry and her passion for reforming the Republican Party. For NPR News, I'm Marianne Combs in St. Paul.

 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took a swipe at his Republican opponents today. On a campaign stop in New Philadelphia, Ohio, Obama made reference to last night's discussion of the economy at the GOP convention. Obama promised if he's elected, he'll cut taxes, raise the minimum wage and help women receive equal pay. "When I am President of the United States, we're going to pass equal pay for equal work. It is a simple principle. It is a basic principle. It is one that we're gonna make sure is in place when I'm president. " While Obama was campaigning in Ohio today, his vice presidential running mate Joe Biden is getting ready to campaign this week in Virginia.

 Louisiana continues to recover from the effects of Hurricane Gustav including tens of thousands of residents and business owners who remain in the dark. President Bush visited an emergency communication center in Baton9 Rouge10 today. He said the response appears to have been excellent. However, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said it may be some time till all the power is back on. "Their latest estimate is that in nine days, they'll have half the power restored. I still don't think that's acceptable." Residents in New Orleans evacuated11 ahead of the hurricane were being allowed to return to their homes today.

 Charleston County in South Carolina is jump-starting preparations for Tropical Storm Hanna. From member station WHQR in Wilmington, North Carolina, Marina Giovannelli reports.

 Although forecasters don't know exactly where Hanna will hit, computer models are showing the storm making landfall near Charleston, South Carolina sometime late Friday or early Saturday. So the county's emergency services will start around-the-clock operations today. Charleston County has the longest coastline in the state and it's bordered on three sides by water. Paul Ledson lives in a low-lying area and he's preparing to move inland. "I have you know a mother. She is in her 80s and we'll make sure that she gets everything that she's gonna need when time to move. We have flashlight, radio with batteries. " Hurricane Hugo ravaged12 Charleston as a Category 4 storm in 1989 with storm surges reaching over 20 feet in height. For NPR News, I'm Marina Giovannelli.

 And perhaps even more worrisome to forecasters now, Hurricane Ike which is headed toward the Caribbean is now a strong Category 3 hurricane.

 On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up nearly 16 points.

 This is NPR.

 The Federal Reserve in its latest region by region snapshot of the economy finds economic activity has been fairly slow across much of the US in recent weeks. The report which examines economic conditions in the 12 regions of the country where the Fed has member banks found that higher energy and commodity costs remained a problem. However, the Fed noticed there were signs of declines or slower price increases. The latest report comes ahead of a meeting scheduled for later this month by the Fed's main interest rates setting arm. Fed policy makers13 are expected to keep short-term interest rates on hold.

 The Jewel of Medina, a novel that Random14 House decided15 not to publish because of concerns it would offend Muslims, has found a new US publisher. NPR's Lynn Neary has more.

 The book, a historical novel about the Prophet Mohammed's youngest wife Aisha, was scheduled for publication in August. But Random House decided to pull the plug on it saying the company had been warned that it might be offensive to some Muslims and could incite16 acts of violence. A publicist for the book has now confirmed that a new US publishing company will release the book in October. The name of the publisher has not yet been announced. Random House's decision not to publish The Jewel of Medina has been called censorship by critics. But critics of the book say it takes liberties with historical facts and focuses too much on Aisha's sex life. First time novelist Sherry Jones has been quoted as saying that anyone who reads the book will see that it honors the Prophet and his favorite wife. Lynn Neary, NPR News, Washington.

 General Motors and Ford17 weighed in with lower August sales numbers today. GM says its sales fell by more 20% from a year ago while Ford's sales plunged18 26.6%. Latest declines have forced both car makers to announce steep second half production cuts.


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