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NPR 2009-01-23

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President Barack Obama surrounded by retired1 senior military leaders today began announcing some of his overhauling2 of US treatment of terrorist suspects. Mr. Obama signed an executive order that would call for the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention3 center within one year. Another order signed by the President would shut down secret overseas CIA prisons, though he said it does not mean US would be any less strident in the war on terror. "The United States intends to prosecute4 the ongoing5 struggle against violence and terrorism and we are gonna do so vigilantly6, we are gonna do so effectively, and we are gonna do so in a manner that is consistent with our values and our ideals." The Obama Administration has already suspended trials for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo for 120 days pending7 further review. President's comments came at his first Oval Office signing ceremony.

Treasury8 Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner has cleared a major hurdle9 in his quest for Senate confirmation10. After grilling11 Geithner yesterday on tax payments he missed, the Senate Finance Committee today voted in favor with being confirmed by the full Senate. More from NPR's David Welna.

All 13 Democrats12 on the Finance Panel voted in favor of Geithner's nomination13. But the 10 committee Republicans split, Arizona's Jon Kyl was one of five who voted against Geithner citing the nominee's earlier failure to pay some 34,000 dollars in taxes. "I don't believe that the requisite14 candor15 exists for me to indicate my support for him with an affirmative vote." But the five other Republicans were more forgiving including Utah's Orrin Hatch. "What happened shouldn't have happened, but I believe that he made honest mistakes and I believe that this human being is the right person for this country at this time."  Democrats now hope to have a vote by the full Senate on Geithner's nomination soon. David Welna, NPR News, the Capitol.

The economy continues its downwards16 slide. The latest numbers from the government show more people around country losing their jobs. NPR's Chris Arnold reports.

 There were nearly 600,000 US workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits last week. That matches the highest level in more than twenty years. And it suggests that layoffs17 are continuing as we head into 2009. Nariman Behravesh's Chief Economist18 of IHS Global Insight. "I think all the indications are that the job market is in a bit of a free fall. These numbers are gonna get quite a bit worse in the next few weeks."  Behravesh expects the unemployment rate will rise to about 9% that translates into upwards19 of 2 million more people losing their jobs over the coming year. But Behravesh is hopeful that the government stimulus20 taking shape in Washington will then start to turn the economy around. Chris Arnold, NPR News.

On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 105 points. The NASDAQ lost 41 points today.

 This is NPR.

Just days after the ceasefire and the subsequent withdrawal21 of Israeli troops from Gaza, smugglers were reported to be back at work digging and reopening tunnels to Egypt. One goal of Israeli airstrikes was to cut off the supply routes which in some cases were being used to bring weapons into Gaza, but in many cases are also used to bring in food during Israeli blockades. Israel contends it destroyed upwards of 70% of the tunnels in fighting before the current truce22. Some smugglers have said the number may be even higher. After more than two weeks of fighting, Israel pulled troops out of Gaza this past weekend.

 Two men have been sentenced to death in China over the tainted23 milk powder scandal that killed six babies. NPR's Louisa Lim reports.

 These convictions are the first in the tainted milk scandal which has come to be seen as a national disgrace. Six babies died and almost 300,000 fell ill after drinking milk contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine used to artificially boost protein levels. Two melamine producers were given death sentences. The head of the Sanlu Dairy, Tian Wenhua was given a life term and fined 3.5 million dollars. Nine other people were given stiff terms ranging from five years in prison to a suspended death sentence. The Sanlu Group was fined 7 million dollars. But one father of a victim Zhao Lianhai told NPR that the penalties were too light and that government officials responsible for overseeing the industry should also be held accountable. Louisa Lim, NPR News, Shanghai.

After hovering24 at a below 5% for a number of weeks, mortgage rates have tipped back up again. Mortgage finance company Freddie Mac says the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage this week rose to 5.12% from a record low of 4.96% last week.


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