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NPR 2009-10-11

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Pakistan's military is struggling to defuse a hostage standoff at the country's army headquarters which was attacked today by insurgents1 wearing military fatigues2. At least six military personnel were killed, and gunmen are now holding up to 15 people captive. From Lahore, NPR's Julie McCarthy has the latest.

Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas estimated that between four and five militants3 are holding the hostages. He says security forces have surrounded the building where the surviving attackers are holed up. The dramatic events in Rawalpindi 20 minutes outside the capital Islamabad unfolding when gunmen driving a white van and dressed in army uniforms fired their way through a checkpoint leading to one of the main gates of the headquarters. The symbol of Pakistan's military might under siege in broad daylight has alarmed the country. The Pakistani Taliban has taken responsibility for the attack. It's third such high profile assault in less than a week on three different cities. Analysts4 say any suggestion that the militants have been mortally wounded by the death of their leader at the hands of a US drone missile in August is mistaken. Julie McCarthy, NPR News, Lahore.

US troops are helping5 with relief operations in the Philippines where back to back major storms have triggered widespread flooding and deadly landslides6 that have covered entire villages. Doualy Xaykaothao has more.

Tropical storms Ketsana and Parma triggered floods and landslides that have killed hundreds of people in less than two weeks. In the rain-soaked provinces, north of Manila, roads and highways remain impassible. US military choppers have been flying over flooded areas assisting with rescue and relief operations. The Philippine president has mobilized soldiers and cadets from a local military academy to clear muddied roads, many blocked by debris7. Although in some places water was receding8, much of the rice grown in Pangasinan province was still flooded by water released from dams. Philippine officials say they hope to find more survivors9 this weekend. For NPR News, I'm Doualy Xaykaothao.

President Obama is pointing to what he sees as a disconnect in the health care debate. On the one hand, he says there's an unprecedented10 consensus11 away from Capitol Hill even among some former GOP lawmakers for overhauling12 the nation's health care system. But in his weekly address, Mr. Obama said it's a different story for current Republican members of Congress. "Still, there are some in Washington today who seem determined13 to play the same old partisan14 politics, working to score political points, even if it means burdening this country with an unsustainable status quo." But Republican Senator George LeMieux of Florida had a different take on the health care legislation that is now before Congress. "The solution should not be worse than the problem we are trying to solve." LeMieux was giving the GOP's weekly radio and internet address today. He said any solution to the nation's health care problems should not be rushed.

This is NPR News from Washington.

Turkey and Armenia have signed a peace accord to restore diplomatic ties and open the border they share after a century of hostile relations. Signing ceremony in Zurich was delayed for several hours though while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped the two sides work out some last-minute disagreements.

The world's major airlines have agreed to set tougher new fuel efficiency and emission15 standards. As Dan Karpenchuk reports, the new standards go even further than levels required by international regulation.

At a meeting in Montreal with the International Air Transport Association or IATA's headquarters, the airlines agreed to the new standards. IATA represents 230 airlines. It says air carriers, airports and aerospace16 companies have pledged to improve fuel efficiency by 1.5% a year between now and 2020. They also agreed to setting a goal of carbon neutral growth within the same period and to a 50% net reduction of carbon emissions17 in 2050 compared to 2005 levels. IATA's director general says that the airlines have set even more ambitious targets than governments for the long term. He says no other industry has been able to achieve what we've done, adding the airline industry is on the high ground and it's now up to governments to catch up. For NPR News, I'm Dan Karpenchuk in Toronto.

Firefighters in southern California have capitalized on cooler temperatures and have now gotten the wildfire in the San Bernardino Mountains nearly fully18 contained. That blaze has charred19 more than 11 square miles.

A mix of snow rain and ice has hit the Rocky mountain region today. Parts of the Denver area got about two inches of snow which caused hundreds of fender-benders. The unseasonable weather also forced postponement20 of tonight's Major League Baseball playoff game in Denver between the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies.


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