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NPR 2009-11-01

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From NPR News in Washington, I’m Craig Windham.

 The chief rival to Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai in that country’s upcoming runoff election, former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, is widely expected to pull out of the race, although he will not make an official announcement until tomorrow and he is said to be keeping his options open. Secretary of State Clinton insists that if he does withdraw, it will not affect the legitimacy1 of the election.

 The Secretary of State met separately with Israeli and Palestinian leaders today to discuss the thorny2 issue of Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank. Clinton is urging the Palestinians not to demand a settlement freeze as a precondition to talks with Israel. The BBC’s Kim Ghattas is traveling with Clinton.

 She held talks first with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Abu Dhabi and then came to Jerusalem to meet Israeli officials here. Her visit comes after several weeks of political turmoil3. Mrs. Clinton was probably not looking for a breakthrough, but she did want to make sure that the process keeps moving forward even at a snail’s pace instead of sliding backwards4. But there is no signs for now that either the Palestinians or the Israelis are ready to compromise on their position. The BBC’s Kim Ghattas in Jerusalem.

 Workers at Ford5 Motor Company have overwhelmingly rejected contract changes that would have allowed the company to make more moves to reduce its labor6 costs. Union leaders had supported the proposed changes, which included freezing the pay of newly hired workers and barring the UAW from striking over-pay or benefits until 2015. Ford said it needed those changes to equalize some of the advantages realized by General Motors and Chrysler. When on the brink7 of bankruptcy8, they got concessions9 from the union.

 Searchers are still looking for any survivors10 from the mid-air collision of a Coast Guard plane and a Marine11 helicopter off the southern California coast on Thursday night. Nine crew members are missing. So far there has been no sign of them. Shirley Jahad of member station KPCC has more.

 Rescuers have found debris12 in the ocean from both the Coast Guard plane and the Marine chopper, but no sign of any victims. Rescuers in Coast Guard cutters, Navy ships and helicopters have been searching the sea 50 miles from the San Diego coastline. Investigators13 also are trying to determine what led to the Coast Guard's C1-130 and Marine Corps14 Super Cobra to collide in mid-air Thursday night. Four Marine Corps choppers were flying in formation carrying troops for a training mission. The Coast Guard plane was based in Sacramento and was searching for a boater lost at sea. Seven crew members were on board; two Marine pilots were in the helicopter. The wreck15 happened in airspace not controlled by the FAA. For NPR News, I’m Shirley Jahad in Los Angeles.

 Philadelphia’s transit16 workers agreed to put off a strike deadline and not walk off the job during the World Series. The deal came just hours before the Phillies were scheduled to host the New York Yankees in Game 3, but that game is in a rain delay.

 This is NPR News.

 The federal government has now made it official unless Congress takes action, doctors who treat Medicare patients will see their payments cut by more than 21% starting in January. NPR’s Julie Rovner has the story.

 The cuts are the unintended result of a formula created more than a decade ago, but Congress has so far proved unable to pass a permanent fix, because it would blow a nearly quarter-trillion-dollar hole in the federal deficit17 over the next decade. Senate Democrats18 tried to bring up a bill to address the problem earlier this month, but it failed to reach the floor because it wasn’t paid for. The House is expected to try to pass a similar bill as soon as next week. It won’t be paid for either, but it will be combined with another bill that would write into law the rule that all future bills that would add to the deficit would have to be paid for. The Senate has so far been cool to that second bill, but lawmakers are close to unanimous that they don’t want to let a 21% pay cut for doctors take effect. Julie Rovner, NPR News, Washington.

 The sound of a skeleton band playing on the North Lawn of the White House this evening as President and Mrs. Obama and their daughters hosted a Halloween gathering19 for hundreds of local school children. President did not wear a costume but the first lady did. She was decked out in a leopard-print sweater and cat ears. Mr. Obama told the kids they were adorable.

 "...as is, by the way, my wife, a very nice-looking cat woman."

 Each trick-or-treater was given a bag of goodies that included butter cookies made by the White House pastry20 chef, a mix of dried fruit including pears, apricots and cherries, and special M&Ms stamped with the president’s signature.

 I’m Craig Windham, NPR News in Washington.


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