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NPR 2009-12-31

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From NPR News in Washington, I’m Carol Van Dam.

Eight Americans have been killed in an attack on a US military base in southeastern Afghanistan. The State Department confirmed the deaths, but is withholding1 details until next of kin2 are notified. NPR's Jackie Northam has more.

The attack happened at a military base in the province of Khost near the Pakistan border. Initial reports suggested a suicide bomber3 was able to infiltrate4 the area. The two-line notice by the State Department did not say if those killed were military or civilian5 personnel. But this particular military base houses a large provincial6 reconstruction7 team made up of many civilians8 including those working for the US Department of Agriculture, the State Department and US/AID, the aid agency. The PRTs are considered critical to the long-term plans for rebuilding Afghanistan. And there's been a push to get hundreds of civilians into the country along with the deployment9 of thousands of additional US soldiers. One State Department official said this incident will be terrible for morale10. Jackie Northam, NPR News, Washington.

The Netherlands will immediately start using full-body scanners for all flights in or out of the US, saying that action could’ve prevented the attempted bombing over Detroit on Christmas Day. The US had resisted using such scanners in the past because of travelers' privacy concerns. Body scanners can provide amazing clarity of a naked body on a computer screen. But now, the Dutch Interior Minister says the Obama administration has agreed all possible measures will be used on flights coming to the US.

The government is advising Americans not to travel to part of southern India unless it's essential. The area’s been disrupted by violent protests and strikes over the last several weeks. NPR's Philip Reeves reports.

The State of Andhra Pradesh in South India is in turmoil11. Its capital is Hyderabad, home to corporate12 giants including Microsoft, Dell and Google and the showbiz for India's economic rise. That city was again paralyzed Wednesday because of the general strike. At issue was whether a separate state called Telangana should be carved out of northwestern Andhra Pradesh. Earlier this month, India’s federal government seemed to agree to the idea that led other separatist movements seeking statehood around India to step up their demands. And now there are suspicions that the government’s changed its mind. Pro- and anti- statehood groups in Andhra Pradesh have mobilized in the last few weeks. Strikes have shut down schools and businesses. Protestors have torched trains and buses. Hundreds have been arrested and the government's sending many thousands of extra security forces. Philip Reeves, NPR News, New Delhi.

Hundreds of thousands of government supporters took to the streets today across Iran, swearing allegiance to the clerical establishment and accusing opposition14 leaders of fomenting15 unrest in their country. Iran’s police chief warned supporters of an opposition leader to expect harsh treatment if they take any more anti-13government rallies to the streets. Eight protesters were killed in demonstrations16 three days ago.

On Wall Street, the Dow Industrial closed up three points to 10,548.

This is NPR News.

The government is giving GMAC Financial Services another big cash infusion17 to help stabilize18 the struggling auto19 finance company. The Treasury20 Department says that the 3.8 billion dollars in additional aid is less than the estimated six billion dollars the government thought GMAC would need to keep the company afloat. The money which comes from a taxpayer-financed bailout fund is on top of the 12.5 billion dollars GMAC has already taken from the government. The new aid means the federal government will own more than half of the Detroit-based auto financing company.

Texas Tech has fired its head football coach Mike Leach21 three days before the team is to play in a bowl game. NPR’s Mike Pesca has the story.

Mike Leach is regarded as one of finest offensive minds in college football. But his judgment22 was called into question, when reports surfaced that he had mistreated a player suffering from concussion23 symptoms. Leach reportedly confined wide receiver Adam James in an equipment garage and ordered stools and chairs removed, so he cannot sit. James is the son of ESPN analyst24 and former NFL star running back Craig James. Leach had been suspended by the school on Monday. His firing came Wednesday minutes before a scheduled hearing in which Leach hoped to be reinstated as head football coach in time for the Alamo bowl. Texas Tech plays Michigan State on Saturday. Mike Pesca, NPR News.

The head of Russia’s Space Agency is weighing the option of a space mission to knock out an approaching 880-foot asteroid25. When it was discovered five years ago, astronomers26 gave it a 1 in 37 chances of hitting the Earth in 2020. Scientists since then have been lowering their estimates. The Russian space chief says he’s heard the asteroid could make an impact in about 22 years.

I'm Carol Van Dam, NPR News, Washington.


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