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NPR 2009-03-28

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President Obama announced a comprehensive strategy today for Afghanistan and Pakistan. During an address at the White House, the president said he will increase the number of US troops and civilians1 as well as funding. NPR's Jackie Northam has more.

The new strategy calls for defeating Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, bringing better security to the country and helping2 build civil society there. The president wants to double the number of Afghanistan's army and its police force within three years, and so will send an additional 4,000 US troops to train and advise Afghanistan security forces. Another component3 of the strategy focuses on neighboring Pakistan. A new bipartisan bill would authorize4 1.5 billion dollars in aid to Pakistan every year for the next five years to boost its economy, build democratic institutions and help it to battle Islamist militants5. Mr. Obama made it clear that this time the Pakistani government will be held accountable. Jackie Northam, NPR News, Washington.

Nation's top military official acknowledged today the growing Taliban presence in Pakistan along with the expansion of Al-Qaeda poses a rising threat, however, he said it is one the US along with officials in Pakistan are prepared to meet. Speaking with NPR's Robert Siegel today, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint6 Chiefs of Staff also noted7 the increased US troop presence will likely lead to more fighting in the region. "We need those troops to stem the trend of violence in Afghanistan and with that it's gonna come an increased level of violence, an increased level of casualties. But what it speaks to is the need to provide security for the Afghan people." Mullen said US strategy for the region will now focus more on Afghan forces in order to ultimately hand over security duties to them, allowing US and NATO troops to eventually return home.

Personal spending in the US rose in February for a second consecutive8 month. That's according to the Commerce Department. NPR's John Ydstie reports.

After rising a full one percent in January, consumer's spending rose two tenths of a percent in February. Meanwhile, the savings9 rate remained elevated at 4.2% of disposable income. While the elevated savings level might seem a healthy sign in a nation whose savings rate went to zero in recent years, in the current recessionary environment, it is less welcome. That's because the economy needs consumers to spend more now to get it moving again. The two-month rise in consumer spending following six months of decline is a positive sign. However, in the same report the government said personal income fell at a seasonally10 adjusted rate of two tenths of a percent. That will make it harder for consumers to continue current spending levels. John Ydstie, NPR News, Washington.

A powerful spring storm that dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of Colorado and Wyoming has moved east, leaving behind fog, wind and drifting snow. The storm left upwards11 of 17 inches in the Denver area yesterday with 20 miles an hour wind gust12 leading to much higher drifts in some spots.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 148 points. This is NPR.

The named suspect in a string of killings14 in the Phoenix15 area was handed a death sentence today. Thirty-six-year-old Dale Hausner was convicted earlier this month of killing13 six people and attacking 19 others in a series of random16 shooting incidents that occurred in the city between 2005 and 2006. As the jury decision was announced, Hausner showed no emotion, keeping his head down as he flipped17 through papers. As he was being left from the courtroom, he thanked the judge who presided over the case. Hausner apologized to families of victims yesterday. He will be sentenced Monday on 74 other convictions.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger along with the state's two US senators joined thousands of people into Oakland California Arena18 to pay tribute to four police officers gunned down last week. NPR's Carrie Kahn reports.

Mourners filled Oakland’s Oracle19 Arena and spilled over the viewing areas next-door into the coliseum to pay their respects to the slain20 officers, John Hege, Ervin Romans, Daniel Sakai and Mark Dunakin. The four men's caskets were draped in American flags. Fellow motorcycle patrolman Lieutenant21 Anthony Banks remembered his colleague Mark Dunakin as his left-hand man. "Mark rode on my left side. He was dedicated22 and strong, loyal to his family, loyal to the troops of OPD and loyal to his guys and motors." One speaker decried23 the media for hyping tensions between the community and police. Retired24 Lieutenant Lawrence Eade said Oakland police are committed to its citizens and will rise above the tremendous loss of four officers. Carrie Kahn, NPR News.

Crude oil futures25 prices ended the week lower. The near month contract for benchmark grade crude oil was down $1.96 a barrel to end the week at $52.38 a barrel in New York.


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