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NPR 2009-07-10

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This week's summit meeting in Italy produced no firm commitment from developing countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions1, but President Obama says he's not giving up. NPR's Scott Horsley has more.

President Obama says it's not easy to get 17 world leaders to agree on a strategy for fighting climate change. But he argues he and his colleagues meeting in Italy this week made a good start. Developing countries agreed that global temperatures should not be allowed to rise more than 2 degree Celsius2 from their pre-industrial levels. Mr. Obama says in the months to come, the negotiations3 will continue with developing nations over how to put that goal into practice. "As I wrestle4 with these issues politically in my own country, I've come to see that it is gonna be absolutely critical that all of us go beyond what's expected if we are gonna achieve our goals.”The United States' effort to control its own greenhouse gases narrowly passed the House last week. It still faces an uphill battle in the Senate. Scott Horsley, NPR News, Rome.

Chinese state-run media is reporting an earthquake in southwestern China. The quake, with a reported magnitude of 6.0, was felt in Yunnan Province area with reports of more than 300 injuries and damage to perhaps tens of thousands of homes. Initial quake was reported to have been followed by at least eight aftershocks. Rescue officials are sending tents and blankets to the region. The quake appeared to have been centered in the mountainous region on China's southern border with Thailand and Myanmar.

China's leaders have vowed5 to maintain stability and mete6 out severe punishment for those responsible for ethnic7 violence that killed more than 150 people this week. More than 1,000 people were injured in the ethnic clashes. NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports from Urumqi, China.

President Hu Jintao convened8 a meeting of the nine-member politburo last night to discuss the situation in far-west Xinjiang Province. The politburo urged authorities to isolate9 and crack down on instigators and hardcore elements behind the riots while educating ordinary participants. The security presence continued to increase today with riot and SWAT police units being deployed10 from other provinces. Some road blocks were lifted and shops reopened after a three-day lockdown. The government blanketed the city with propaganda, urging residents not to harbor rioters or spread rumors11. Anthony Kuhn, NPR News, Urumqi, China.

California government workers will be getting a three-day weekend whether they want it or not. The furlough for most state workers tomorrow was part of a plan put forth12 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger aimed at closing the state's more than 26-billion-dollar budget shortfall. State government workers now will be required to take three unpaid13 furlough days a month. It is aimed at saving the state millions of dollars. The addition of a third monthly furlough day will effectively cuts state workers annual incomes by about 14%.

On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained four points, closing at 8,183. The NASDAQ was up five points today.

This is NPR.

The path appears clear for giant General Motors emergence14 from bankruptcy15. That's after a judge issued an order approving a plan by the automaker to sell most of its assets to a new company. GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson said the company expects to close the sale quickly, but he's not giving any firm timeframe. When GM emerges from bankruptcy, it will do so as a much smaller company. The judge's order went into effect today despite a last-minute appeal from plaintiffs in an Arizona product liability case.

State police are cracking down on an anti-logging protest in southern Oregon. 23 people were arrested and police planned to make more arrests today. From member station KOCC in Eugene, Rachel McDonald has more.

Four protesters suspended in trees and home-made structures remain at a blockade erected16 to stop logging on the Elliott State Forest southwest of Eugene. Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky with the group Cascadia Rising Tide describes the blockade as a free state.

"People who are locked down, people in the area, all of the direct support and all of our medics, they're all in jail right now and it is just the people who are up in the air that are holding down the free state."

Those arrested face charges of interfering17 with an agricultural operation. Activists18 say they want to prevent the logging of ancient forests and prevent global warming. For NPR News, I'm Rachel McDonald in Eugene, Oregon.

 US Airlines were cancelling fewer flights and losing less luggage in May. That's according to the Transportation Department who says this monthly on-time performance report by the nation's airlines shows more than 80% of flights arrived on(at) the gate at the gate on time in May. That's compared with 79% this same period last year. The number of passenger complaints about mishandled luggage also declined.


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