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常春藤解析英语【1】The Mighty, Mighty Mascots 吉祥

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The Mighty1, Mighty Mascots3 吉祥物

by Christine Newton

Wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit, white face paint, and a long-sleeved red and white shirt, he isn't a new fashion icon4. His bright red hair, nose, and mouth make him a natural in his position as the Chief Happiness Officer for the McDonald's Corporation. As the mascot2 for the company, Ronald McDonald is easily recognized by 96 percent of school children in the US. For the most part, this "spokesclown" is loved, and helps improve company recognition, which in turn, translates into increased profits.

Mascots have existed for thousands of years. Historically, they have been animals that men admired. Native American Indians carved mascots into their totem poles, hoping to attain5 a cheetah6's speed or a bear's strength. Even now, mascots are symbolic7 of the qualities we would like to possess.

For the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China has chosen mascots known as the Five Friendlies. Each of the four animals (fish, panda, antelope8, and swallow) represents a unique athletic9 ability and offers a special blessing10 from China to the world. At the center of the group stands Huanhuan the Olympic flame, representing passion for sport and the unity11 of all nations through the Olympic Games.

In sports, teams treasure their mascots and often view them as lucky charms. In business, mascots are used to attract attention and impact a customer's perception about a company. Fast-food icon Ronald McDonald can attest12 to this fact.

Recently, Taipei began searching for a mascot. Which animal would best represent this progressive capital city? With its extensive system of underground tunnels and more than two million inhabitants bustling13 through its streets, offices, and apartments, Taipei's mascot would have to be the busy, intelligent, and hardworking ant.

1. What do the mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games represent?
(A) Various athletic attributes and the spirit of the host nation.
(B) The feeling of competing against yourself to be the best.
(C) The friendly attitude of the Chinese government.
(D) The five events that will be held at the 2008 Olympics.

2. Why are mascots important in the world of business?
(A) They can help make products of better quality.
(B) They can increase sales as more people identify the company.
(C) They can make customers laugh and help them relax while watching commercials.
(D) They can provide customers with someone to speak with when they shop.

3. Which of the following would be an appropriate mascot for a soccer team?
(A) A fast-rolling ball with feet, a friendly smile, and a love for soccer.
(B) A plump hamburger-eating clown with the ability to juggle14.
(C) A smart dolphin that is swimming fast.
(D) A cute little bird that is happily chirping16.


1.recognize vt. 辨认,辨识
例: It was hard to recognize him since he lost so much weight.

2.translate into...  转化成……
例: I'd like to see how my theory would translate into a policy.

3.profit n. 利益 & vi. 获益
profit from...  自……获益
例: None of us will profit from a war with that country.

4.be symbolic of...  象征……
例: I gave my mother 18 roses for Mother's Day. They're symbolic of my love for her.

5.possess vt. 拥有
例: Sandy possesses all of the skills needed to be manager, but she just isn't ready for the responsibility.

6.represent vt. 代表
= stand for...
例: The bonus represents how much the boss appreciates your hard work .

7.blessing n. 祝福;赐福
a blessing in disguise  塞翁失马,焉知非福
例: Losing my wallet was a blessing in disguise because I married the man that found it.

8.attract (one's) attention  引起(某人的)注意
例: Samantha did everything she could to attract Stan's attention.

9.impact vt. 冲击,影响
例: Hurricane Katrina impacted the entire economy in the United States.

10.attest to...  证明……
例: I can attest to the fact that Bill is honest.

11.bustle17 vi. 匆忙;忙碌
例: Many motorcycles bustled18 through the street.

12.compete against...  和……竞争
例: You shouldn't even try to compete against Robert. He's the best speaker in our class.

13.identify vt. 认出,辨识
例: Tom is color-blind. He can't identify green and red.


1. mascot n. 吉祥物

2. jumpsuit n. 连身衣

3. natural n. 天生好手

4. spokesclown n. 代言小丑
* 本字由 spokesperson 衍生而来。

5. recognition n. 辨认,辨识

6. historically adv. 历史上

7. totem pole n. 图腾柱

8. cheetah n. 猎豹

9. antelope n. 羚羊

10. unity n. 团结,统一

11. lucky charm n. 护身符

12. perception n. 观感,看法

13. progressive a. 进步的

14. extensive a. 广阔的

15. inhabitant n. 居民

16. attribute n. 特质

17. commercial n. 电视广告

18. plump a. 胖嘟嘟的

19. juggle vi. 杂耍

20. chirp15 vi.(鸟)鸣叫


1. for the most part  大体而言

2. in turn  接着,依次


身穿鲜黄色连身衣,脸上涂着白漆,搭配一件红白相间的长袖衬衫,他可不是什么新的流行偶像。他闪亮的红发、红鼻子和红嘴巴作为麦当劳企业的亲善大使形象可说是恰如其份。美国百分之九十六的学童可以轻易认出麦当劳叔叔(Ronald McDonald)。大致上说来,这位代言小丑受到大家的喜爱,有助于提升企业辨识度,因而转化成更高利润。





1. 2008 年奥运的吉祥物代表着什么?
(A) 各种运动特质和主办国的精神。
(B) 要胜过自己达到最好的感觉。
(C) 中国政府友善的态度。
(D) 2008 年奥运所要举行的五个项目。
题解: 文中第三段提到 2008 年在中国举办的奥运吉祥物,四个福娃代表了运动员的体能特质,并表示中国对全世界的祝福,可知 (A) 应为正选。

2. 为何吉祥物对企业很重要?
(A) 他们有助于制造质量更好的产品。
(B) 愈多人认出该公司,公司的销售量就会随着增加。
(C) 它们让顾客在看广告时开心并且帮助放松。
(D) 它们可以作为顾客在购物时的聊天对象。
题解: 文中第一段说被提升的企业辨识度可以转化成更高的利润,可知 (B) 应为正选。

3. 以下何者适合作为足球队的吉祥物?
(A) 一个长着脚快速旋转的球,面带友善的笑容和对足球的热爱。
(B) 一个会杂耍、吃着汉堡的胖小丑。
(C) 一只游得很快的聪明海豚。
(D) 一只快乐啾啾叫的可爱小鸟。
题解: 热爱足球的球最适合作为足球队的吉祥物,故选 (A) 。

标准答案: 1. (A) 2. (B) 3. (A)


1 mighty YDWxl     
  • A mighty force was about to break loose.一股巨大的力量即将迸发而出。
  • The mighty iceberg came into view.巨大的冰山出现在眼前。
2 mascot E7xzm     
  • The football team's mascot is a goat.足球队的吉祥物是山羊。
  • We had a panda as our mascot.我们把熊猫作为吉详物。
3 mascots aecb9f35e21335e20c5eb14a9f5e4d45     
n.吉祥物( mascot的名词复数 )
  • One of the mascots was the platypus. 吉祥物一是鸭嘴兽。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Information on all things Olympic, including logos, mascots, venues,and bid candidates. 所有事情奥林匹克,包括的标识语,吉祥物,地点,和出价候选人的信息。 来自互联网
4 icon JbxxB     
  • They found an icon in the monastery.他们在修道院中发现了一个圣像。
  • Click on this icon to align or justify text.点击这个图标使文本排齐。
5 attain HvYzX     
  • I used the scientific method to attain this end. 我用科学的方法来达到这一目的。
  • His painstaking to attain his goal in life is praiseworthy. 他为实现人生目标所下的苦功是值得称赞的。
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  • The cheetah is generally credited as the world's fastest animal.猎豹被公认是世界上跑得最快的动物。
  • The distribution of the cheetah ranges from Africa to Central Asia.印度豹的足迹遍及从非洲到中亚的广大地区。
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  • Choosing the antelope shows that China wants a Green Olympics.选择藏羚羊表示中国需要绿色奥运。
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9 athletic sOPy8     
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10 blessing UxDztJ     
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12 attest HO3yC     
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  • She had to juggle her job and her children.她得同时兼顾工作和孩子。
15 chirp MrezT     
  • The birds chirp merrily at the top of tree.鸟儿在枝头欢快地啾啾鸣唱。
  • The sparrows chirp outside the window every morning.麻雀每天清晨在窗外嘁嘁喳喳地叫。
16 chirping 9ea89833a9fe2c98371e55f169aa3044     
鸟叫,虫鸣( chirp的现在分词 )
  • The birds,chirping relentlessly,woke us up at daybreak. 破晓时鸟儿不断吱吱地叫,把我们吵醒了。
  • The birds are chirping merrily. 鸟儿在欢快地鸣叫着。
17 bustle esazC     
  • The bustle and din gradually faded to silence as night advanced.随着夜越来越深,喧闹声逐渐沉寂。
  • There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the railway station.火车站里非常拥挤。
18 bustled 9467abd9ace0cff070d56f0196327c70     
闹哄哄地忙乱,奔忙( bustle的过去式和过去分词 ); 催促
  • She bustled around in the kitchen. 她在厨房里忙得团团转。
  • The hostress bustled about with an assumption of authority. 女主人摆出一副权威的样子忙来忙去。
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