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CNN 2009-01-10

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Good morning, hope your Friday is up to a good start. From CNN center in Atlanta, I'm Reggie Aqui. Here is your NOW IN THE NEWS update.

The Labor1 Department has just released unemployment numbers today for the month of December and the unemployment rate now stands at 7.2%. 524,000 jobs were lost last month, and that brings the total number of jobs lost last year to more than 2.6 million. That is the largest one-year job loss in more than 60 years.

President-elect Barack Obama is ready to officially name two key intelligence nominations2 today. We're talking about former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta as head of the CIA, and retired3 Admiral Dennis Blair as director of National Intelligence. Also Senate confirmation5 hearings begin today for Congresswoman Hilda Solis. She is Obama's choice for a labor secretary.

Vice6 president-elect Joe Biden is in Pakistan this morning. Biden is making the trip as the outgoing chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He scheduled to meet with the government officials to discuss a number of issues including the US war on terror.

Israel is vowing7 to press on with its offensive in Gaza despite a UN call for a ceasefire. Hospitals are bursting with wounded. The death toll8 now climbs toward 800, and the food, fuel and water situation, well, it's pretty dire4. An estimated 778 Palestinians and 13 Israelis including 10 of their soldiers have been killed in the air and ground assault. Palestinian medical sources say more than 3,100 Palestinians have been wounded.

Emotions are still running high in Oakland, California following that shooting death by a transit9 police officer of a man on New Year’s Day. The Bay Area Rapid Transit board got an air flush ,  just say , from citizens.

Police say vandals cause about 150,000 dollars in damage during riots this week in one neighborhood. One officer was also slightly hurt.

And the winner is the 'Florida Gators'. They are College Football’s national champions. They beat number 2 Oklahoma in last night's title game, 24 to 14. It is the gators’ second national championship in three years.

Be sure to stick with us at CNN.com and .com live as we bring you the news from around the world, we will have your updates here throughout the day.


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