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CNN 2009-01-21

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So glad you with us, everyone, I'm Catherine Callaway from CNN Center in Atlanta with a look at what's happening NOW IN THE NEWS.
America stepping into a new chapter of history today. Barack Obama has now become the nation's 44th president. He was sworn in in front of a crowd of about two million people today. President Obama's inaugural1 address was an appeal to begin what he called the work of remaking America. President Obama along with vice-President Joe Biden all travel down Pennsylvania Avenue, kick off the inauguration2 parade, and open a new era of American government.

Word now from CNN's political team though that a senator has told CNN's Dana Bash that Senator Ted3 Kennedy collapsed4 at the Capitol Hill Luncheon5 for President Barack Obama this afternoon, and paramedics were called, there were no much about his condition at this point but as you know the Massachusetts democrat6 has been undergoing treatment for a brain cancer. He was able to make it to that swearing-in ceremony, apparently7 the emergency happened during the lunch.

Former President Bush and former first-lady Laura Bush headed back home to Texas now, although they will be flying home to Texas on the same blue-and-white presidential aircraft they have many times before, the plane is no longer called Air Force One, it is called Special Air Mission 2800. Later thousands are expected to attend a very brief rally in midland Texas, where Bush lived as a child and from there the Bushes will fly to Waco and onto their ranch8 in Crawford, Texas.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon toured the destruction in Gaza today, he said that what he saw was quote" heart-breaking". He arrived today a few days after Israel and Hamas had declared ceasefires. He's also getting a firsthand look at the damage of the UN compound. It was hit during clashes last week. Israel had said that Hamas used the buildings as cover to launch attacks. He will also meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Two days before a US Airways9 flight landed in the Hudson. Passengers on the very same plane say they heard loud bangs on their flight. They say the crew announced an emergency landing but then decided10 to continue on the Charlotte. US Airways has not confirmed any of these however. Meanwhile the airline sent 5000 dollars to each passenger onboard Flight 1549 for their lost luggage.

And those are the headlines for you this hour, stay with CNN for more on these stories and other news of the day.


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