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CNN 2009-04-08

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Good morning to you from the CNN Center in Atlanta. I am Reggie Aqui, thanks for checking in. We're gonna give you a quick look at what's happening NOW IN THE NEWS.

 President Obama has made an unscheduled stop this morning in Baghdad on his way home from Turkey, the end of an eight-day trip overseas to Europe. Before leaving Turkey, Mr. Obama held a town hall meeting with college students in Istanbul. He told them he wants to clear up misunderstandings between the US and the Muslim world.

 "I know that the stereotypes1 of the United State are out there and I know that many of them are informed not by direct exchange or dialogue but by television shows and movies. And misinformation, sometimes suggests that America has become selfish and crass2 that we don't care about the world beyond us. Tonight, I am here to tell you that that's not the country that I know, that's not the country that I love."

 Well, talk now about the latest numbers out of Italy where authorities there confirmed 207 people dead after that devastating3 earthquake in the central part of the country. Fifteen people are still missing, but rescuers still are not sure how many people may be trapped in the wreckage4 of collapsed5 buildings. They will spend another 48 hours searching for them. Monday's 6.3 magnitude quake also left tens of thousands of people homeless. Most of them are staying in makeshift tents.

 Back  in the US, police confirmed that they have found the body of a missing eight-year-old girl in Tracy, California. Investigators6 tell us Sandra Cantu's body had been put inside a suitcase and placed at the bottom of an irrigation pond. Farm workers spotted7 that while draining the water. Cantu disappeared on her way to a friend's house more than a week ago.

 The suspect in Friday's New York shooting rampage apparently8 thought he was being harassed9 by undercover cops that's according to a two-page letter purportedly10 from the suspect Jiverly Wong. Police are still working to confirm it’s  authenticity11. It was delivered to a TV station in a package that also had photos of Wong with two handcuff, handguns. The package was postmarked April 3rd, the day of the shooting. But the letter was dated March 18th. Wong is suspected of killing12 thirteen people before turning the gun on himself.

 Well, the disappointment was probable on the street of downtown Detroit Monday night. You see, Michigan State University fans they were desperately13 hoping for a hometown victory. They had to instead accept defeat. And they trudged14 home in the biting cold of night. The University of North Carolina  grabbed this year's NCAA title winning 89-72. Fans  full filled held up home but it was clear the Spartans15 just couldn't catch the Tar16 Heels. Still many fans including former Spartans star Magic Johnson said they were proud  the team made it to the finals.

 Please stick with us here at CNN.com and CNN.com/live. We will continue to have your updates right here throughout the day.


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