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CNN 2011-12-15

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 Well it wasn’t too bright for a little while on Saturday night, back the moon seemed to disappear from side all to together. That’s what happens during a lunar eclipse, to when the earth is directly between the sun and the moon, and the earth’s shadow makes the moon disappear. And an iReporter caught the entire thing in a time elapse video from Portland Oregon. This is kind of cool. Experts say the U.S.A west coast had the best view of the eclipse, if you missed it you don’t have to wait for too long for a repeated performance, the next lunar eclipse is scheduled to happen in 2014.

Earlier at Saturday volunteers worked on a project called wreath across America. It’s been going on for 20 years, volunteers keep get together to lay holiday wreath on the head stones in Arlington National Cemetery1 in Virginia and more than 500 other cemeteries2 around the United States and oversees3. Family members, military veterans, cop, scout4 troops anyone can do this. The organization that coordinates5 the wreath laying has three goals: remembering the lives that have been lost; honoring the people who have been serving in the military right now; and teaching young people about the sacrifices made by the veterans and their families.
Representatives from the world have agreed to keep fighting the challenges of climate change. They reached a deal during a conference at South Africa this week, some critics say the new agreement won’t do enough to address the issue, most the officials who were at the conference are happy with it. R K fills us in on the details. 
It started with a pleat and a prayer, “and whether you’re rich or poor this is the only home, and if we destroy this home, we already had it.” “Climate justifies6 itself! Climate justifies itself! Climate justifies itself!…” A weekend at protesters marched outside the climate change conference, activists7 rallied for deals to be signed that will limit carbon emissions8 to less dangerous levels. Fro two weeks now, delegates from nearly 200 countries have been talking about climate change, they haven’t been here on the beach, they’ve been locked up in meeting rooms in the conference hall, and now they come to a decision. “We’re indeed saved tomorrow, today…” For the first time, the world biggest polluters have signed up to a global pact9 on climate changes. “First of all we are committed to get in a long term overreaching agreement in place by 2015, it will kick in by 2020.” Also the Kyoto Protocol10 was renewed which increased its certainty for the carbon market and provides incentives11 for new green technology, and progress was made on creating a green climate fund channel around a hundred billion dollars to vulnerable nations to help them deal with the impact of climate change. “It’s extraordinarily12 complex negotiation13 with a lot of moving parts, upon till the last minutes there was every reason to think it could will have fallen apart, so I think the fact that it came together is another self-success even if the outcome doesn’t fully14 satisfy anybody, and it’s just enormous amount of work ahead of us.” Activists say the deals aren’t ambitious enough, but after years of failure, many believe is now a historic global commitment to tackle climate change. R K CNN, //, South Africa.
Alright we’re gonna wrap things up with some lighted handed hummer today. this is an awesome15 display of lights and decorations, it’s hard for the neighbors to compete so they didn’t. The creators of the Ditto display said they’re not being sarcastic16 they just can’t keep up with the hand painted decorations and holiday music. They say their Ditto is designed to pay tribute to the neighbor’s hard work, might not have taken as much time but it still a pretty bright idea, and // for which we ditto them some recognition, ditto did oh, some of you’re gonna say that was pretty dime17 but you’re off the hook, that’s gonna do for us today. Enjoy the rest of your Monday for CNN Student news, I’m Carl Azuz.


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