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CNN 2011-02-17

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Topping our look Cross Country this morning, from the mouths of babes.

Luck be a lady tonight. I fell into a ring of fire.

Far more mature than his five years of age might suggest, you're witnessing Cameron Barilone's first gig as a professional singer. He actually packed the house on Sunday at the Calhoun Restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts. Call it the family business. Dad's an entertainer, too.

Keeping it in the family, in Oklahoma City, eight-year-old Demarray Love helped his mother deliver his baby brother over the weekend. He jumped into action. His mom's contractions1 came before the doctor, and mom, baby, and big brother, well, they're all said to be doing fine now.

And in Denver, this disturbing sight near a local duck pond. This Canada goose is suffering from an arrow shot through his torso. Volunteers tried to catch and treat the bird, but still didn't have any luck.

Alright. Well, you know that old saying, no good deed goes unpunished. It rings so true near Salt Lake City at a Wal-Mart. Four loss prevention workers do their jobs. They prevent the loss of a computer, then survive a potentially deadly encounter with the shoplifter that they saw swipe it. And guess what Wal-Mart rewards them with? Pink slips. Yes, fired all four for breaking some rules.

You know what? When you're trapped in a room with a desperate felon2 who has a gun and a rap sheet a mile long, don't you think all bets are off? Are you really going to just stand there and think about your Wal-Mart handbook and policy AP 09? Watch this story from Andrew Adams of KSL TV and we'll talk.

Absolutely time stopped. I didn't know what to do. ANDREW ADAMS, KSL TV Gabe Stewart froze. A gun pressed into his back, he was pushed up against a wall. And Justin Richins and Shawn Ray were backed against a closed door.

He looked right at me and said, "The gun is cocked. Come on, guys, just let me go. I don't want to do this. I don't want to hurt anybody."

"Don't make me do this."

"Don't make me do this."

It was January 13th inside this Wal-Mart on Hillfield Road. A police report obtained by KSL shows Trent Allen Longton was seen stashing3 a Netbook computer inside his clothes in the electronics department here.

Then, he headed toward the front of the store. These workers approached, escorted him to the loss prevention office. That's where Longton took out the laptop and then, a loaded handgun. Bullet in the chamber4, he rushed the workers, pushing the gun into Stewart.

I reached up and grabbed his wrist and his shoulder and spun5 him around.

I was thinking, whose house am I going to tonight to tell their family that their loved one was shot?

As their protection supervisor6, Lori Poulsen says they went hands on. She ripped the gun away. They restrained him until the police arrived.

And you have to make a decision. Do I fight for my life, or do I stand here and watch?

Game over. Happy ending, right? Fast forward one week.

They called and set up the appointment for me to come in and be terminated from the company.

Said "You're fired. You're being terminated for violation7 of AP 09."

AP 09 is Wal-Mart's policy on dealing8 with shoplifters. It shows employees are allowed to use reasonable force to limit movements of struggling suspects, but if a gun comes out, associates must disengage and withdraw. In this case, withdraw where? These workers say they had nowhere to go and no other real option.

The police had told us we did everything right.

Layton Police say Longton, a convicted felon with a loaded gun, multiple outstanding warrants, and a long criminal history, likely would have faced a stiff police response outside.

Then likely they are going to, produce their handguns and try and take the person into custody9 because you've got to be ready for it.

While Layton PD would not comment on the appropriateness of these workers' action, the officer in the police report says it was in his and citizens' best interest and safety to take the suspect to the ground. Longton was initially10 charged with five crimes. This week, he pleaded guilty to two counts, robbery and possession of a gun by a restricted person.

After taking his statements, along with the information that they learned from the store employees, the officers felt that probable cause existed for the charges that I outlined.

Wal-Mart responded to KSL's calls and e-mails with a written statement. "We appreciate the intentions demonstrated by our associates in this situation, but the actions taken put their safety and potentially the safety of our customers and other associates in jeopardy11." The statement also points out that workers knew the rules before they acted. No consolation12 to Stewart and the others.

I honestly felt worse than when I had the gun to my back. I honestly felt betrayed.


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