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CNN 2011-04-28

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Checking some stories making news across the country now, New Mexico state police respond to reports of a plane down in a lake, floating among the debris1, huge bundles of cocaine2. No survivors3 found. Police divers4 are searching for the pilot, possible passengers and more plane parts.

At least three people have died in an early morning fire in the Bronx. It took about 100 New York firefighters to battle this fire. No word yet on what sparked the blaze.

Free gas made the long lines in Knoxville, Tennessee. A church there gave away $10,000 worth of gas for Easter. Church members saved the money over the course of a year to try to help the community.

Texas needs a big help on a rain to put out those wildfires that have burnt more than a million acres now. The red-flag warnings are out again today. A spokeswoman for the state's forest service says this is the driest spring in nearly a century.

Fire investigators5 have returned to a home in Vancouver, Washington today. They found six bodies there yesterday, but it's unclear if more victims could be in the rubble6. KOIN reports neighbors heard a loud explosion before the home was engulfed7 in flames.

The FBI says this man, 65-year-old Earl Albert Moore, is believed to have planted a pipe bomb in a Littleton, Colorado mall last week. Moore is the man believed to be seen on that video, you know, the video from the mall Tuesday night. That pipe bomb was found on Wednesday, which was the anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings.

Internet star Antoine Dodson has some explaining to do. He was arrested in Madison County, Alabama over the weekend for possession of marijuana. Dodson shot to fame on YouTube after speaking with a local news station about a break-in at his sister's apartment.

Ah, every time I heard that music, it makes me feel like royalty8. Not really. But on Friday the world will tune9 in to see real royalty. Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry after a decade-long courtship. Cat Deeley is in London to see it all firsthand. Hi, Cat. I want to know what the mood is like. Are Londoners getting excited?

It's reaching fever pitch here. I mean, we're still a few days off, but it's bank holiday Monday here. We're all celebrating Easter. It's so warm. It's a glorious day here in London. It hasn't been this warm since 1949. Everybody is out in the streets, and there are actually loads of Londoners and English people around Buckingham Palace. Normally this is kind of reserve of tourists, but I think everybody is just in a general mood of celebration, and we've still got days to go. So it's going to get even more exciting.

OK. Let's talk about the guest list. We know that Anderson Cooper and Piers10 Morgan and you will be there. But what other A-listers on the royal guest list?

Hahahah...well, thank you very much for lumping us in with everybody else. And yeah, you know, it's obviously going to be me, Piers and Anderson. We're going to be just over there. What we'll be doing is we'll be waiting here for when the couple make it back to Buckingham Palace. And hopefully what they'll do is they'll come out on that balcony over there and kiss. We're still waiting to see what kind of kiss it's going to be, might be a kiss on the hand. I'm hoping not the cheek. I think that's very cold. We want a full-on romantic smacker. But the people at the church, I know that Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are going to be there. Elton John is going to be there. Joss Stone is going to be there. There are lots and lots of A-listers who are going to be there. So it will definitely be worth tuning11 in and spotting the people as they go into the abbey.

There is a report flying around out there that Beyonce and Jay-Z are going to perform at the wedding. Have you heard that?

I don't know about that. But I think Kate Middleton could shake her booty if she needed to, I'm sure. You know what, I haven't heard anything about that yet, but that would be, listen. They are a thoroughly12 modern couple for a brand-new generation. You know, I think they breathe new life into the monarchy13, and hell, if I could had Beyonce and Jay-Z at my wedding, I'd get them there.

I would definitely shake my booty to that. Cat Deeley, many thanks.

Why not? It will be delicious.Exactly.

It has been 30 years since we've heard a royal wedding like this, and you don't want to be the only one who miss it, do you? You know CNN handles international stories better than any other network, so join us at 4am eastern this Friday. I know it's early, but that's what the DDR is for, right? Be part of our global viewing party with Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, Kiran Chetry, Richard Quest and Cat Deeley. Watch DDR participate. CNN's coverage14 starts Friday 4am eastern.


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