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CNN 2011-07-14

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 We begin with more stunning1 allegations against British T/ boy News of the World.The daily mirror is reported that Staffer's with now defunct2 paper try to hacking4 to the phones of 911 victims.Mur/ arrived in London to personally deal with the scandal now,live in London with all the breaking development,Sin?

Hi,Kyra,yeah,what they are doing is the British tabloid5 -the morrior is quoting a former NewYork city cop that's making these allegations that News of the World journalists try to hack3 into the mailboxes and voilce mails of wivtims of 911 now.This former cop says he was contacted by News of the World journalists who said they would pay him to retreat these phone records right the way through to 911,caused to the relatives to give them the ability to see exactly who the victims were talking to up untill 911.Now this former NewYork city cop's now a private investigator6 and he is saying according to the daily mirrior report,that he turned to stand, he said absolutly no way,i'm not going to do this.A little bit of caution here,it is only the daily mirrior here that is reporting these supposed 911 haking claim.And we don't know for a fact Kyra,were there it actually did happen.
But we while the family of this murder girl whose phone was hacked,is going to meet with the deputy prime minister,right?
Right,exactly.I mean there is so much outrage7 over there.What their family wants is an apology from rope of M/,that hasn't happened.The thing is,is that public option here is so far out ahead the government.People here are so outraged8 of that story as well as the overall situation with News of the World.The government here is really jumping up here and needs to act.One of the things they are considering is blocking this big deal,take over a bit by R M Bristish Skpye broadcasting here.And that is the big cause of concern and debate right now.People don't want to see that deal goes through,Kyra.
Wow, we are lucky to hear former story i have a feeling that a lot more is gonna break.It is just a starting to infaulse.Sin,thanks.
All high stakes and hit /in the dead negoeations,President Obama's try to break his deal and less than two hours from now he is gonna turn to the public with the morning news conference.DanLose in the white house,Cap/ went on capitol hill.Dan,what's go ahead and start with you.What's the hold up?
Well,look,there is still this big divide because those libebral democrats9 who don't want to see those intitled programs like medicare and social security touched to this part of this deal.And on the other side,republicans are simply saying no taxes at all.And so what you are seeing is the president using his bully10 pop if you will for the second time now and there's many weeks the president holding a press conference as a chance to try get both sides to sit down and hamer out an agreement.And spell out what the consequence will be if that / saling isn't raise by August 2.The president used to tell me what will continue to push for what has been called as bigger deal of 4 trilion dollars in spending cuts and also tax site.And the reason for that is because the president believes that this is the best thing for the US economy in the long term.
All right,Dan.Let's get the view from congress now.K/ on the hills,so K, what is the reaction that the experts react to the meeting?
Kyra,the reaction of the statements you are getting following the meeting really show that deep division remains11 probably no surprise from what you were hearing from Dan  between damecratics and republicans.Very little of any progress seems to have been made toward the final deal.As both sides really seem to be dug and if not more dug and on this case to coinsist the specially12 interms of issue of Taxes.Just a couple of statements that really politically charge coming out last night,the spokesman for the Republican leader in the center M saying the statement ,calling at quate baffling that democratics and the President continue to try raise Taxes's in the middle of job crist.At the same time,almost like of v/ back,the center of / charges the republicans are trying to continue to try to take the easy way out.Republicans say there is no support for Taxes increase. Democratics say revenue has to be part of this deal.This quote ballance to pr/ it's going accept significant / cuts.Kyra,one point of agreement as these talks continue is that something needs to be done.It seems between the negoeators,but how we get there seems to be a big question.
I,sure is,will like contine to try to find the answers from the UN,thanks.
We'll see president Obama's news conference less than 2 hours from now and it scheduled for /  you can see live here on CNN.
/crackdown on terrorist.The white house will hold 800 million dollars in a parkestan's military.The US was trying to pressure parkestan to crack down on the militants13.meanwhile a sucide bomer struke at /in northwest parkestan.6 people were killed there another 15 wounded.And the death /is rising from explosion.At least 12 soldiers were killed when on a car got fire.It not yet known how that fire stated.The blast was so huge,it knocked out the power to the nation's largest/,which is right near that base.


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  • His plays are distinguished only by their stunning mediocrity.他的戏剧与众不同之处就是平凡得出奇。
  • The finished effect was absolutely stunning.完工后的效果非常美。
2 defunct defunct     
  • The scheme for building an airport seems to be completely defunct now.建造新机场的计划看来整个完蛋了。
  • This schema object is defunct.No modifications are allowed until it is made active again.此架构对象不起作用。在重新激活之前,不能进行任何改动。
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  • He made a hack at the log.他朝圆木上砍了一下。
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9 democrats 655beefefdcaf76097d489a3ff245f76     
n.民主主义者,民主人士( democrat的名词复数 )
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  • The democrats organize a filibuster in the senate. 民主党党员组织了阻挠议事。 来自《简明英汉词典》
10 bully bully     
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13 militants 3fa50c1e4338320d8495907fdc5bdbaf     
激进分子,好斗分子( militant的名词复数 )
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  • Despite the onslaught, Palestinian militants managed to fire off rockets. 尽管如此,巴勒斯坦的激进分子仍然发射导弹。
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