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CNN 2012-01-22

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 Hi,everyone.This is CL and this is CNN Student News.We are back from a long weekend and ready to bring you a ten-minute commercial-free news.Then we starting the day off the coast of Italy. 

That is where the rescue efforts to going on right now after a cruise ship went into a rock last Friday night.There were around 4200 people on board the coast Giglio when it run aground.At Monday afternoon, at least 6 people have died, at least 20 others injured and 29 people haven't been accounting2 for.These incredible pictures show you what happened.After the cruise ship hit the rocks,it rolled onto it side.Passengers scrambled3 for life boats.Investigators4 have ruled out technical areas.As the costs of the wreck5, they say the captain of the ship made a grave area.The captain has never been involved in an accident before.And his lawyer says the captain was able to save many lives by performing a difficult emergency maneuver6 and getting the ship into a shallow waters.Authorities are waiting to recovery the ship's data recorder so they can get more information from that.
Now Den1 River is in Italy at the side of this wreck,He filed this report on rescue operations and the potential impact this could have on the environment. 
This picture says it all about how  precarious,dangerous and difficult their rsearch and rescue operation is proving to be.Earlier on fire,officers have been witched off the superstructure of th2 Costa Concordia,as she started shifting in the sea.Now they have been getting to resume that research operations of being some 2,000 cabins inside.Meanwhile,the chief executive  of Coast Cruises has defended the action of the crews following this disaster but says the captain's actions probably contribute to this wreck.The other unknown is whether the 2300 tons of fuel on abroad can re-prevented from spilling out into these pristine7 waters.Italian Environment Minister said that very urgent action is needed to avoid an environmental catastrophe8 here.DA,CNN,on Giglio island,Italy.
On US politics now.We are checking some headlines from the race of the Republic presidential nomination9.South Carolina,the home of the next primary contest that is this coming Saturday but there will be one fewer candidate to choose from.Yesterday,former Utta governor,Jon Huntsman announced he is suspending his campaigns that means dropping out of the race.During his announcements,Governor Huntsman endorsed10 Mitt11 Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who won the first two Republican contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.There are still five main Republic candidates competing for the party's nomination.But experts say that number can get smaller after South Carolina,depending on the results of Saturday Primary,some analysts12 expect more candidates to drop out.Whoever does get the Republic nomination will face off against with President Obama in the general election since he is the likely Democrat13 nominate.
See if you could ID me?I was born in Atlanta,Georgia 1929.I was the first African-American to be TIME magazine, to be man of the year.When I was about 5 years old ,my father changed my first name from Michael to Martin.
I'm Dr.Luther King Junior.,one of the leaders of the US civil rights movement.
Every year America pays tribute to Dr.King in his work for peace and equality.Martin Luther King Day was first celebrated14 in 1986.In 1994,Congress also designated the holiday "the Day of Service".It is the only federal day of service.We told you about that in our show last Friday.You can check out at CNN student news.com.
President Obama says everyone can find a way to serve and that include him,the president and the first family spend part of MLK holiday helping15 out at the Washington area school.The president Obama said the best way to honor Dr.King's life is to help others.
This was also the first Martin Luther King Day when people could visit the civil leader's national memorial center in Washington just opened last year.Park rangers16 plays wreaths at the memorial on Sunday,it's part of the ceremony on what could have been Dr King's 83rd birthday.


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