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美国有线新闻 CNN 2012-11-02

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 Hi, I’m Anderson Cooper. Welcome to the podcast. Stories of survivors1, and they face up the super storm. Let’s get started. 24 hours since Hurricane Sandy came ashore2 and tonight we are still dealing3 with its aftermath. Breaking news tonight, 18 people have now lost their lives here in New York City alone. That is directly from New York’s mayor, Mike Bloomberg, spoke4 just a short time ago. There are rescues under way right now as well. We’re going to bring you one of them shortly. 

If you are in an area on the eastern seaboard and you have power and you know somebody who does not have power, try to listen closely to the information we are going to give you in this hour and pass along that information to someone who does not have power. And if you do have power tonight and you have a home and a roof above your head, consider yourself very lucky because there are many people right now in this city and elsewhere along the eastern seaboard who do not. 
I want to show you the scene where I’m standing5 in, in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City. No one died in the building over there, the building behind me here on the border between Chelsea and Greenwich Village but the picture says a lot. The entire facade6 of this apartment building ripped off, fell last night. Those four rooms tell the story in miniature. There is actually an illegal hotel. There were a group of Australians, I’m told, staying in one of the rooms on the top floor. They left moments before the façade crumbled7. Thankfully, no one was killed, no one was injured in this, but elsewhere, lives have been lost as I said. We know 18 now confirmed in New York City. Also, in midtown Manhattan, a dangling8 crane, something else entirely9, a dagger10 pointing 90 stories down. Still thousands in a nearby hotel and apartments have been evacuated11. They were evacuated yesterday and today anyone in that area paused for a long time and looked skyward wondering what might happen to that crane dangling over the street. 
Local airports flooded. Three quarters of a million New Yorkers are without power tonight. But even that staggering figure and all the damage to America’s biggest city is simply dwarfed12 by what Sandy has done and is still doing, we should point out, to the lives of tens of millions of people in the thousand mile path of this storm. Entire neighborhoods in New Jersey13, New Jersey the hardest hit state, simply do not exist anymore. They’ve been washed away. Others, flooded. President Obama and New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie are going to tour the damage tomorrow. We learned that earlier today. What they will be seeing and what we’ll be showing you tonight, well, it covers an awful lot of ground, a lot of cold, wet ground. Here’s Jason Carroll. 
A disaster still ongoing14. The images, overwhelming. 
“This was a devastating15 storm. “
A tanker16 onshore. 
“It is beyond anything I thought I’d ever see.” 
Miles of shoreline washed away. Home after oceanfront home surrounded by water, yet consumed by fire. In West Virginia, and across the Appalachians, ice and snow, all of it, all of this, the legacy17 of Sandy. A super storm that’s living up to the name, as bad as the billing, as terrible as the forecast.


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