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美国有线新闻 CNN 2012-11-06

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 Good evening, everyone. We begin tonight here in New Dorp Beach on New York's Staten Island with breaking news, news that is especially welcome here on this hard-hit island. The New York city marathon scheduled for Sunday which starts here on the island has been canceled for the first time in its 42-year history, and that is a huge welcome relief to a lot of people here, who frankly1 were just outraged3 the idea that the marathon would take place and would take resources that are still badly needed here. There's a lot of people here on this island tonight who feel like they have been forgotten and it really wasn't until today that they started to see supplies coming in and a lot of it in the area that I'm in right now, is just volunteers. Folks who have come here on their own from other parts of the city or other parts of Staten Island with food, whatever they can bring. And there's a lot of folks who live down the street in pitch blackness and they're afraid to leave their destroyed houses because of safety concerns. They don't want to leave their things out. 

This is the home of a woman named Sheila Traina. It's all that's left of her home. She's lived here for some 40 years. She was able to salvage4 a few supplies. She brought them on the street yesterday, her sons did, and unfortunately the sanitation5 department came by and basically mowed6 them all back into the rubble7. So she has to once again go back into her home to try to pull out her supplies. There's a lot of outrage2 here. We are gonna to get to that tonight. 
We also have a lot of breaking news tonight. Late today, power which was knocked out when the Con-Ed transformer blew in Manhattan began coming back on in lower Manhattan. One man saying his entire neighborhood broke out cheering when the lights turned on. Not all of lower Manhattan, though, has their lights again. 
Late word, the Pentagon will be trucking in millions of gallons of badly needed fuel. I just talked to a police officer here on Staten Island about an hour or two ago who was saying the police themselves are running out of gas on this island. 
As you can see from the lines for gas and supplies, progress is incredibly uneven8, to alleviate9 the shortage. We are just learning that New Jersey10 governor Chris Christie has signed an executive order implementing11 odd-even rationing12 for gas purchases in 12 New Jersey counties. Odd numbered and even numbered license13 plates on alternating days. The human toll14, meantime, well, it is growing. At least 22 people have now lost their lives here. The least populated of New York's five boroughs15 and the highest death toll. For Staten Islanders, especially, the idea of a global sports and media spectacle being held on their shattered doorstep, it was infuriating and understandably so. 
Today, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg who had been pushing for the race backed down, saying the marathon had become a course of controversy16 and division. The thousands of runners from around the world are already here. Minutes after the decision we sent our producers to central park to get reactions from runners. Some were surprised to get the news. 
We are very surprising to know it’s cancelled. You are sure? 
I'm sure. 
Oh, my God. 
So, we are from Germany and we prepared us for over one year for this run. And that is bad, totally bad. 
That's suck. What can we do? Keep on running. 
We will come back next year. 
We will come back next year.


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