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CNN 2012-03-23

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 Thanks to those Park City High School students for helping1 us jump into today's headlines.I am Carl Azuz,this is cnn student news.

First up.We are heading to Iraq.Authorities there are investigating a series of bombings that rocked the middle eastern country on Tuesday.These attacks happened more than a dozen locations across Iraq.One official said they were coordinated2 and blamed them on the terrorist group,Al-Qaeda in Iraq but as of yesterday morning no one had independently claimed responsibility for causing this violence.At least 45 people were killed by the bombings,more than 20 others werewounded,several of the attacks targeted police or government buildings.This all happened on the 9th anniversary of when US led forces invaded Iraq and three months after US troops left the country.Iran's also getting ready to host a meeting of Arab leaders next week.Some officials are worried that Tuesday's attacks could raise security concerns about that meeting. 
Turning now to the crisis in Syria,international groups have accused Syria government of abusing human rights,things like kidnappings,torture.Now,those same groups are accusing the people fighting against the government of the same abuses.They are urging everyone to stop.A lot of video we've shown you from Syria has been from YOUTUBE that because international journalists don't have a lot of access inside of the country.Phil Han looks at the role that social media has played in this crisis.
First it was Tunisia,then Egypt.This time last year,much of the region was engulfed3 in upheaval4 and uprising,spurred on and inspired by what they saw and read on social media.No more so than in Syria.Thousands of YOUTUBE videos have been published by Syrians through what little technology they have.Those videos show the sufferings and devastation5 at the hands of government troops.Most news organizations have been banned from reporting inside the country,which led Syrians to become citizen journalists,risking their lives every time they post blogs or hit record on their phones.
From YOUTUBE,to Facebook,to Twitter,to set equipments to hidden cams,all of that played crusher role,because those are the tools that told the world what's going on inside the country.
You can see over there,another rocket landed on one of the civilian's houses.There has been going on all,all day long.Why isn't anyone helping us?Where's the humanity in the world?
One activist,named Danny,documented the dire6 situation and became known as the voice of Homs.The situation was so dangerous that he fled the country.
If there was no internet,and there was no set equipments inside the country,which most of uploads of the day happened via a set of equipments,then the world wouldn't know what going against fights in Syria,and the bloodshed would be much bigger and al-Assad will kill much much more people.Phil Han,CNN,London.
Today's Shout Out goes out to Ms. Lentz's students at Pilgrim Academy in Houston,Texas.Which US state is highlighted on this map?You know what to do.Is it Illinois,Indiana,Missouri or Wisconsin? You've got three seconds.Go.
You are looking at Illinois,a state as home to more than 12 million people.That's your answer and that's your Shout Out.
And that population is one of the reason that a lot of delegates were at the stake in the Illinois Republican primary.Big population equals more delegates and Illinois offers 54.For the leading candidates,former Massachusetts governor Mitt7 Romney and former senator Rick Santorum,the momentum8 of a win could be just as important as the actual delegates count.The results from Illinois came in after we produced the show,you can check them out on our homepage though.Go to the spotlight9 section,click on the cnn election center link at cnn student news.com.
Every year the US Congress is supposed to come up with the budget,it starts with Democratic and Republican leaders offering budget proposals.We reported on President Obama's plan earlier this year,yesterday Republicans in the House of Representative released their proposal for the budget,the price tag just over three and half trillion dollars.It includes some changes to how Americans pay taxes and it would cancel a scheduled cut in spending for the Defense10 Department,instead,Republicans have suggested making cuts to other government programs.Political experts though,say neither budget proposal,the House Republican's or the President's,has much chance of being passed by Congress.
The nation's capital might be feeling some tension inside,but outside,a symbol of friendship is in full bloom.And up to a million visitors are expected to visit DC to check this out.
It is the national cherry blossom festival.It stated this week,runs through late April.This year's event is a true milestone11 because it marched the 100th anniversary of when these trees were planted.The cherry blossoms were a gift from Japan.They meant to be a symbol of international friendship and the beauty of nature.NOTES;


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  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
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  • I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我认为这是我们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。
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