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CNN 2012-04-14

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 A massive earthquake followed by the threat of tsunamis1, for people in Indonesia, that combination could bring up tragic2 memories. In 2004, there was an earthquake off the Indonesia coast and that triggered tsunamis, this giant wall of water, it killed more than 200,000 people, was absolutely catastrophe3 for the region. While yesterday, there was a major quake, this one has magnitude of 8.6, it hit the sea area, off the coast to the island of Sumatra, there was a powerful aftershock a couple of hours later, some residents were told to evacuate4 to get to higher ground where they would be safer, officials put out a tsunamis watch, but they cancel that later in the day, unlike the massive devastation5 of 8 years before, they were no immediate6 reports of deaths or destruction from this quake. We've been talking recently about this, it was a ship that was washed away by the tsunamis that hit Japan last year, was thought to be lost until it showed up off the coast of Canada, the thing was still intact, was part of this giant field of debris7 that the tsunamis washed out into the Pacific Ocean, you see it's moving across the Pacific in the simulation on your screen now, over the course of years, the ship drifted all the way across the Pacific, the Japanese ship gradually drifted in the US water, it was drifting about mile per hour and hitting tour fishing areas in the Nebraska, that's why the US coast guards decided8 to sink it, officials said the Japanese vessel9 post threat to other ships in the area, they also said it might be an environmental hazard, so late last week, the coast guard open fire with cannons10, on the ship they blew holes inside, what's interesting is it took more than 4 hours for it to sink.

On April 12, back in 1861, confederate forces open fire on Fort Sumter in south Carolina, that marked the beginning of the US civil war, in 1945, president Franklin D Roseben, the longest serving president in US history, guide a few in Louis fourth term in office.in 1961, EG became the first person that traveled into space, his story journey last just under two hours, and 20 years after that at 1981, Nelson launched the space shot program, the vehicle was Colombia, the program lasted for 30 years. April is national autism awareness11 month, the goals to educate people about this medical disorder12, and issues about autism community, autism is actually a series of developmental disorders13, they usually appear before someone turns 3 years old, the symptoms are different from person to person, but all autism disorder affect the ability to communicate and interact with others, last month a report released by the centers for disease control and prevention estimated that about one at every 88 of the 8 year old children in survey has autism, these disorders are about 5 times more common among boys than among girls. Well, autism is often diagnosed in childhood, it is a lifelong disorder, there is no cure for it, and for adult with autism, finding a job can be a very difficult struggle, Jenny Sum reports on one business that's trying to help. Tom Penchback never dreamed he turned his family rose farm into an employment center for people with autism,  the fears of international competition forced them to close the farm started by his great grandfather, a family friend worried about his own autistic son's future, help to shape Penchback's legacy14, now P is working with the long proper group, ability beyond disability to put it in and staggering 88% unemployment among Americans with autism. I'd like folks coming to our program, learning its goals that they need to learn, and let us help them place that community where they live and find a job and hopefully career. 
Willes, a 18-year-old with autism is one of rose's employees, he and his mother Sundra say potential employer should put aside stereotypes15 that prevent them from hiring those with autism, I believe that autism only, for me it helps me, I learned a certain way that majority doesn't really, you know, it's used to learning. With the help of a few charitable grants, Rose's autism is now helping16 young adults with autism improve their lives, and Penchback's rose farm is also back, producing close to 1 million flowers per year.


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