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CNN 2012-06-19

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 Talking more about the divide right now between the president's pass around economy, some of the reiterate1 that is using, and the perception I think, and realities that Americans are feeling every single day in this economy. The president's talked about that we are making progress and the private sectors3 are doing fine, but people are feeling very rarely ideal about everything, like Tom said about housing prices and united savings4 at the evidence as well as the rising cause that they are saying, whether it's at the gas pump or whether it's for food prices or everything from health care costs, energy costs to education costs, higher education costs, all of those have arisen right now, and the president's policy right now, I am having done enough to get it out of the economic * room that we've seen over the last 4 years, and that's the reason why we are having a selection and we are putting a contest right now of our vision for the future on how to fix economy against president Obama's and his policies and his record of the last three and half years. Just for the record, gas prices have been falling, but they are still very high though, they are still very high. The Obama campaign club say that the people should look at the upper trend of job creation under president Obama taking into account the direct economic situation he inherited, if that's true, shouldn't Obama campaign do the same thing for judging Mitt5 Romney's record as governor Massachusetts. I think when we judge Mitt Romney's record in Massachusetts, you have to look at one fact he did in Massachusetts, you know, the same policy that he's put in place in Massachusetts, the same policy he's trying to put in place right now, which is again doubling down and giving a mass of tax breaks to very wealthy individuals, while raising taxes fees on middle-class families, and flashing public sector2 jobs, look, or last 16 months we've had positive job grows in private sector what fled 6 months, we've lost jobs of teachers and first responders then and firemen, those are middle-class jobs that are cut also, so you know, tactic6 aside, it's about the policy that Mitt Romney will implement7, if you were the president, to same sold policies of giving breaks to wealthy, well, you know, while struggling middle-class families shall get higher fees.

Kevin, let me ask you about some of the Krone's reference, the Obama campaign is jumping to on those comments Mitt Romney made, saying he wants to, according to campaign, fire police and fire fighters and teacher to cut government, even smaller. Romney seems now, is single look, Romney was taking out a contest, let's play review to see what exactly he said. 
He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers, did he not get the message, Wisconsin, the American people did? it's time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.
Isn't the implication there that we don't need more firemen, police, teachers to cut government, that's where you would fire? No, the implication is that we have very different words of views on how we help spur economic growth, I think governor Romney's made it very clear all we need to do is put more faith back in American people, allow business both big and small to grow.
(obviously they are arguing)
Right, and president Obama's words is that we help spur economic growth by putting federal tax payer dollars into growing the size of government and hiring more government workers, now the big problem here is that you already get, the local tax base, you know, that's the other thing to remember, two is that localities, local city governments and states, they are the one that are hiring first responders, they are the one that are primary responsible for education funding, so what happens is we are not going to have a federal government right to check, what happens when that money is gone, you have one time hit, what happens when you don't have a local economic growth, if you don't have a growth in local economic base, you can't sustain teachers firemen and police officers, so all you have to do is grow the economic base. 
But doesn't it sound like Romney's saying we don't need more teachers, firemen or policemen, and we gotta cut government, is he saying to fire some? No, I think he is saying when we are looking at growing economy, but the most important thing to do is to grow the private sector, because when you have a very robust8 private sector, then you can sustain the jobs of firemen, teachers and policemen, and look, that's the point and important point that government walker even made. Krone, is that you think Romney were saying? I think what he just said is too very different vision, all do respect to the other side on this, you see one vision while you see president Obama saying, you know what, who guide invest no stakes that's sort of helped and empowered middle class, I build we gotta cut teachers and police officers and somehow that's gonna lead to a more prospers9 and stronger and safer future for Americans, you have to scratch your head, I mean what kind of thought process is that can cut back on teachers, you know I got less kids into college and I cut back on first responders, somehow that's gonna help our country grow and be successful, I mean, I just, you know, all do respect, you have two very different visions, one is about investing in those things that help middle class grow, and one is about setting off cutting a wiggle sense it help middle class grow in order to profit the very wealthy.


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