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CNN 2012-07-27

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 Hey, I’m Anderson Cooper. Welcome to the podcast coming to you from Aurora1, Colorado with stories of survival, courage and loss. Let’s get started.

When we arrived on Friday, people were dealing2 not only with the trauma3 of a mass shooting, some were enduring the agony of not knowing - not knowing what had happened to their loved one. 
The bodies of 10 of the 12 people killed were still inside the movie theater until late in the day on Friday. Notification to next of kin4 did not happen until late that night. 
For a time, people simply did not know whether a family member or friend was dead or alive on Friday. I spoke5 on Friday night with a young man named Marcus Weaver6
My friend, she's still missing, her name is Rebecca Wingo. And there was a report somewhere between on Goodwill7 where they're looking on the Internet, her friends and family, and her dad has called me. And so they've been searching the hospitals and she's yet to be found. 
What happened was, when we got off of the ground, there was a moment where he stopped shooting, and so I picked her up and she had blood all over her face. And her body was bloody8. And she was unconscious. So I tried to pick her up with my left hand and get her through the row. But there were people trampling9 over the seating coming down. There were people in my, in my aisle10 who were, like, laying down, injured, dead, crying. I mean, it was awful so I ended up tripping(摔倒) and then had to set her down. 
Well, hours later, the sad news came out. Rebecca Wingo did die in that movie theater. So did nine others. Two more died later at area hospitals. 
I want to tell you about some of what we know of the 12 whose lives were lost. 
Not far from the Century Theater, 12 white crosses honor those whose lives have been cut short. Airman Kevin Tao came to mourn his friend, Staff Sergeant11 Jesse Childress, a 29-year-old cyber systems operator, stationed at Buckley Air Force Base. 
When I think of Jesse, I think of a big nerd, someone who was always humorous, someone who always made the office brighter. 
A.J. Boik is being remembered for his laughter as well. Only 18 years old, he'd recently graduated high school. His friends have made a Facebook page in his honor, posting videos of him dancing and smiling. 
You can't find someone with a brighter smile and more positive outlook, one friend wrote. 
Gordon Cowden was the oldest of those who lost their lives. The 51-year-old father, devoted12 to his kids. He owned his own business and loved the outdoors. He'd taken his two teens to see "Batman." The kids survived. 
Twenty-six-year-old Jonathan Blunk was also a father. He had two young children. A Navy vet13 he died shielding his girlfriend. His former wife says their 4-year-old daughter now takes comfort listening to him speak on his voice mail message. 
Johnny was the type that always wanted to be the hero. Help anybody in any way he can. Always wanna make people smile and laugh. He was very optimistic and outgoing. 
Matt McQuinn also died protecting his girlfriend. They both recently moved to Colorado. His friends and family want to remember his great heart and his big personality. 
I'm very proud of him. We're going to miss him. 
You're nailing it, I'm telling you. So far so good. 
I know. I'm doing such a great job. 
Jessica Ghawi was a 24-year-old aspiring14 sports reporter. She'd moved to Denver to start her career. She was the first victim publicly identified. I spoke to her brother Jordan on Friday. 
Her dreams cut short and how we're going to be able to try to sustain those dreams and push them forward. She was an asset to her family, an asset to her friends. An asset to her community. 
John Larimer is also being remembered as an asset to his community. Like his dad and grandfather before him, he joined the Navy. He was just 27 years old. 
John had that calming personality that everybody seemed to gravitate to. Everything he did either on the job or off the job, he was a true gentleman in every way, shape or form. 
Alex Sullivan was also 27. He was celebrating his birthday. Sunday would have also been his first anniversary with his wife Casey. Everyone says he was full of joy and was loved dearly by his friends and family. 
Twenty-three-year-old Micayla Medek was known as Cayla by her friends. She attended Aurora Community College and planned to graduate in 2015. She described herself as an independent girl, just trying to get her life together while having fun. 
Just a year older, Alex Teves was 24. He wanted to be a psychiatrist15. And recently had earned a master's degree in counseling. He's survived by two younger brothers.


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