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美国有线新闻 CNN 2012-09-30

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 Today we are talking about the UnitedNations General Assembly. This is the biggest group within UN and it includesall 193 member countries. Right now the UN general assembly is holding itsannual meeting in New York and is discussingsome major global issues, things like Syria'scivil war and Iran'scontroversial nuclear program. Yesterday president Obama talked about both ofthose during his speech to the assembly, he also talked about the recentviolence and protests in parts of the Arab world. A lot of the anger startedbecause of an anti-Islam film made in America. Some of the protesterswanted the U.S government to block it, but that would have been against the U.Slaw. 


I know, that not all countries in this bodyshare this particular understanding of the protection of free speech, werecognize that, but in 2012, at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spreadoffensive views around the world with a click of a button. The notion that wecan control, the flow of information is obsolete1, the question then is how werespond and on this, we must agree, there is no speech that justifies2 mindlessviolence.
What's the word? it is the price that youpay for instruction at a college or university. Tuition. That's the word. 
A lot of American families haven't thoughtthrough all of the tuition costs associated with college. This year'spresidential candidates have both talked about ways to make college moreaffordable. Christian3 Roman captures their ideas.   
When Jackie JV graduated from Brown Universitythis year, she put off going straight to medical school. Instead, she took aresearch job at Sloan Catering4 Hospital.It is nice to have a paid job where I can pay back part of my student loansbefore going to med school and possibly adding on it a lot more. 
And she had plenty of them a hundredthousand dollars' worth, why? Her family is middle class, her mother works in aschool, her dad owns a bar. She says they are considered too wealthy to qualifyfor many grants, but she says not wealthy enough to have saved the money formore than 50,000 dollars a year to attend Brown. When you are in the middleclass, you are a normal suburban5 family, you just don't make an outrageousamount of  money. so you can't pay forthis outrageous6 prices  for tuition, you know.
She is not alone. Student loan debt hit atrillion dollars last year; even tuition for public four-year colleges rose 68%over the last decade.  Enter thepresidential campaign with college affordability7, a key issue for youngervoters.  
'And I want to make college more affordablefor every young person, who has the initiative and drive to go, and make surethey are not burdened by thousands of dollars worth of debt.'  President Obama has expanded pile grants andcut out the banks as middle men for loans, allowing students to borrow directlyfrom the government. Now Obama purposes to slow tuition growth by increasingstate grants. Yet he needs Congress to help fund that.  
'I am not gonna promise all sorts of freestuff that i know you are going end up paying for, what I  want to do is to give you a great job, so youwill be able to pay it back yourself.'  
Mitt8 Romney's plan to help students removeburdens and regulation and get the government out of the student loan business.Romney says the flood of federal dollars just drives up tuition. MCB of theAmerica Council on Education says the recession's heavy toll9 on stay budgets isalso a factor.
When the states reduces its supports theonly other place to turn for most colleges in the public sector10 to increasetuition.
Either way students like Jackie feel leftout in the cold. A lot people who don't have students in college and don't kidsat my age just think like, oh you either are wealthy enough to go to college oryou get financially from the government and that's simple. But it is not thatsimple. 
A lot of your American football fans havebeen falling with what's going on between NFL and the replacement11 referees12. Andyou might agree that what happened on Monday night and the game between theSeahogs and the Packers could be a game changer. it is one of the things we aretalking about on our Facebook site. If you are on face book, come and checkthis out at facebook.com/cnnstudentnews and tells us what you think.


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