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A Great Friendship

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A Great Friendship

-- Thomas Jefferson and James Madison


Thomas Jefferson and James Madison met in 1776. Could it have been any other year? They worked together starting then to 1)further the American Revolution and later to shape the new 2)scheme of government. From that work sprang a friendship perhaps 3)incomparable in 4)intimacy1 and the trustfulness of 5)collaboration2 and 6)indurations. It lasted 50 years. It included pleasure and 7)utility but over and above them, there were shared purpose, a common end and an enduring goodness on both sides. Four and a half months before he died, when he was 8)ailing3, debt-ridden, and worried about his 9)impoverished4 family, Jefferson wrote to his longtime friend. His words and Madison's reply remind us that friends are friends until death. They also remind us that sometimes a friendship has a bearing on things larger than the friendship itself, for has there ever been a friendship of greater public 10)consequence than this one?

"The friendship which has 11)subsisted between us now half a century, the harmony of our political 12)principles and pursuits have been sources of constant happiness to me through that long period. It's also been a great 13)solace6 to me to believe that you're 14)engaged in 15)vindicating to 16)posterity7 the course that we've pursued for preserving to them, in all their purity, their blessings8 of self-government, which we had assisted in acquiring for them. If ever the earth has beheld9 a system of administration 17)conducted with a single and 18)steadfast10 eye to the general interest and happiness of those committed to it, one which, protected by truth, can never know 19)reproach, it is that to which our lives have been devoted11. Myself, you have been a 20)pillar of support throughout life. Take care of me when dead and be assured that I shall leave with you my last 21)affections." (Feb 17, 1826)

A week later Madison replied--

"You cannot look back to the long period of our private friendship and political harmony with more 22)affecting 23)recollections than I do. If they are a source of pleasure to you, what aren't they not to be to me? We cannot 24)be deprived of the happy 25)consciousness of the pure devotion to the public good with which we 26)discharge the trust committed to us and I 27)indulge a confidence that 28)sufficient evidence will find its way to another generation to ensure, after we are gone, whatever of justice may be 29)withheld 30)whilst we are here."













1) further [5fE:TE] v. 促进

2) scheme [ski:m] n. 计划,方案

3) incomparable [in5kCmpErEbl] a.无与伦比的

4) intimacy [5intimEsi] n. 亲密

5) collaboration [kE7lAbE5reiFEn] n. 协作

6) indurations [5indjuEreiFEns] n. 坚固,硬化

7) utility [ju:5tiliti] n. 效用,利用

8) ailing [5eiliN] a. 生病的,景况不佳的

9) impoverished [Im5pCvErIFt] a. 穷困的

10) consequence [5kCnsikwEns] n. 结果

11) subsist5 [sEb5sist] v. 存在

12) principle [5prinsEpl] n. 原则,法则

13) solace [5sClEs] n. 安慰

14) engage in 从事于,参加

15) vindicate12 [5vindikeit] v. 维护,表白

16) posterity [pCs5teriti] n. 子孙,后裔

17) conduct [5kCndQkt] v. 管理,引导

18) steadfast [5stedfEst] a. 坚定的

19) reproach [ri5prEutF] n. 责难

20) pillar [5pilE] n. 重要的支持者

21) affection [E5fekFEn] n. 友爱

22) affecting [E5fektiN] a. 感动的

23) recollection [7rekE5lekFEn] n. 回忆

24) be deprive of 被剥夺

25) consciousness [5kCnFEsnis] n. 意识,知觉

26) discharge [dis5tFB:dV] v. 履行,放出

27) indulge [in5dQldV] v. 沉溺,放纵

28) sufficient [sE5fiFEnt] a. 充分的

29) withhold13 [wiT5hEuld] v. 抑制,阻止

30) whilst [waIlst] conj. 同时


1 intimacy z4Vxx     
  • His claims to an intimacy with the President are somewhat exaggerated.他声称自己与总统关系密切,这有点言过其实。
  • I wish there were a rule book for intimacy.我希望能有个关于亲密的规则。
2 collaboration bW7yD     
  • The two companies are working in close collaboration each other.这两家公司密切合作。
  • He was shot for collaboration with the enemy.他因通敌而被枪毙了。
3 ailing XzzzbA     
  • They discussed the problems ailing the steel industry. 他们讨论了困扰钢铁工业的问题。
  • She looked after her ailing father. 她照顾有病的父亲。
4 impoverished 1qnzcL     
adj.穷困的,无力的,用尽了的v.使(某人)贫穷( impoverish的过去式和过去分词 );使(某物)贫瘠或恶化
  • the impoverished areas of the city 这个城市的贫民区
  • They were impoverished by a prolonged spell of unemployment. 他们因长期失业而一贫如洗。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 subsist rsYwy     
  • We are unable to subsist without air and water.没有空气和水我们就活不下去。
  • He could subsist on bark and grass roots in the isolated island.在荒岛上他只能靠树皮和草根维持生命。
6 solace uFFzc     
  • They sought solace in religion from the harshness of their everyday lives.他们日常生活很艰难,就在宗教中寻求安慰。
  • His acting career took a nosedive and he turned to drink for solace.演艺事业突然一落千丈,他便借酒浇愁。
7 posterity D1Lzn     
  • Few of his works will go down to posterity.他的作品没有几件会流传到后世。
  • The names of those who died are recorded for posterity on a tablet at the back of the church.死者姓名都刻在教堂后面的一块石匾上以便后人铭记。
8 blessings 52a399b218b9208cade790a26255db6b     
n.(上帝的)祝福( blessing的名词复数 );好事;福分;因祸得福
  • Afflictions are sometimes blessings in disguise. 塞翁失马,焉知非福。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • We don't rely on blessings from Heaven. 我们不靠老天保佑。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
9 beheld beheld     
v.看,注视( behold的过去式和过去分词 );瞧;看呀;(叙述中用于引出某人意外的出现)哎哟
  • His eyes had never beheld such opulence. 他从未见过这样的财富。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The soul beheld its features in the mirror of the passing moment. 灵魂在逝去的瞬间的镜子中看到了自己的模样。 来自英汉文学 - 红字
10 steadfast 2utw7     
  • Her steadfast belief never left her for one moment.她坚定的信仰从未动摇过。
  • He succeeded in his studies by dint of steadfast application.由于坚持不懈的努力他获得了学业上的成功。
11 devoted xu9zka     
  • He devoted his life to the educational cause of the motherland.他为祖国的教育事业贡献了一生。
  • We devoted a lengthy and full discussion to this topic.我们对这个题目进行了长时间的充分讨论。
12 vindicate zLfzF     
  • He tried hard to vindicate his honor.他拼命维护自己的名誉。
  • How can you vindicate your behavior to the teacher?你怎样才能向老师证明你的行为是对的呢?
13 withhold KMEz1     
  • It was unscrupulous of their lawyer to withhold evidence.他们的律师隐瞒证据是不道德的。
  • I couldn't withhold giving some loose to my indignation.我忍不住要发泄一点我的愤怒。
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