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The Moscow Hostage Crisis

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The Moscow Hostage Crisis


October 24

On to Russia now where a group of heavily-armed Chechen rebels is holding up to 700 theatre-goers hostage in a daring overnight raid in the Russian Capital. The 1)militants are threatening to 2)blow up the theatre building unless Russian Troops pull out of Chechnya. 

The hostage-takers have been holding talks with Russian authorities as part of efforts to end the 3)standoff. And in a show of good faith, the gunmen released at least five captives a short while ago.

The scenes outside the theatre in Moscow resembled a warzone with hundreds of heavily-armed special forces backed by 4)armored personnel carriers surrounding the building. All special forces have been put on 5)heightened alert after about 40 Chechen separatist rebels stormed a theatre overnight as between 400 and 700 theatre-goers, including westerners, were watching a musical. The heavily-armed, masked gunmen started firings shots into the air and shouting, "Stop the war in Chchnya!" The rebels, said to have explosives 6)strapped to their belts, are threatening to shoot the hostages and blow up the building if special forces storm the premises4.

But, Russian authorities 7)play down speculation5 that security forces will try to take the building by storm. One hostage, reached on her mobile phone inside the theatre, said the rebels had fastened explosives in passageways, on seats and even to the panicked hostages themselves. Her words were reinforced by the crack of automatic gunfire, which rang out on at least four separate occasions.

The rebels, who are describing themselves as a suicide death squad6, are refusing to end the siege until Russian authorities pull their troops out of their troubled Muslim homeland and declare a ceasefire ending three years of conflict. The group freed up to 20 children immediately, and 8)batches of hungry and thirsty hostages were released at regular 9)intervals. This spectacular attack forced Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to call off a trip to Germany and Portugal and summon his cabinet to emergency talks in the 10)Kremlin. 

October 27

The Russian Government is under pressure to reveal the type of gas it used to end the hostage crisis in a Moscow theatre yesterday. There is mounting suspicion that the mystery gas may have killed some or many of the victims. The death toll9 has now risen to more than one hundred and sixty including 118 hostages and dozens of Chechen rebels. 

Russia is counting the cost of the bloody10 end to a three-day hostage crisis at a Moscow Theatre. President Vladimir Putin has been visiting the survivors11 of the terrifying ordeal12 in hospital. He apologized to the victim's relatives in a 11)televised address for not being able to save the lives of all the captives. But Putin said the ending of the hostage-taking proved Russia cannot be brought to its knees by terrorists.

Gas was released into the theatre as Russian special forces stormed the building early yesterday. The Russian Interior Minister defended the use of the knockout gas, saying many more people would have been killed if the Chechen rebels had detonated their explosives. Many of the hostages had to be brought out unconscious. The rebels had been threatening to blow up the theatre unless Russian troops withdrew from their Muslim homeland. The majority of the Chechen rebels, including their leader, Mobsav Baryev, were shot during the raid, several with bullets to their head, apparently13 as they lay sleeping from the gas. Three of the gunmen who fled the theatre and about thirty of their 12)accomplices were arrested in the Moscow area.

Officials have maintained a virtual silence on the exact number of victims. The Health Ministry15 said nine of the hostages died because of heart problems, shock, or lack of medicine. But it was not known how the others died. Speculation is mounting that some of them were killed as a result of their exposure to the gas which Russian officials are refusing to identify. And relatives and friends of the victims have been barred from entering the hospitals to visit their loved ones who are recovering from the ill effects of the



News 1 政治

United Nations Security Council is 13)deadlocked on whether to accept a tough new US resolution authorizing17 the use of force against Iraq. Washington is facing stiff opposition18 from China, Russia and France.

After two days of intense discussions, there was still no sign that the UN Security Council was any closer to reaching an agreement on Washington's tough, new resolution on Iraq. China, Russia and France want to give Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, a chance to disarm19 first, only authorizing the use of force in a second resolution if Bagdad fails to comply with weapons inspections20. But the US is pushing for a single resolution that would allow force to be used against Bagdad. 

John Negroponte (U.S Ambassador to U.N.): We've put on the table the text of a resolution which we believe, if Iraq were to cooperate, could achieve this purpose and we're now engaged in a very intense dialogue with the other permanent members of the Security Council to see if we can forge some kind of consensus21 on this.

US President, George Bush, has been hinting that his patience is wearing thin and the UN had better hurry up.

George Bush: For the sake of having an international body which is effective, the United Nations must make the resolve, must be resolved to deal with this person. Must resolve itself to be something more than the League of Nations. Must resolve itself to be more than just a debating society.

Chief UN Weapons inspector22, Hans Blix, who met Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov in Moscow, said he was positive that agreement would be reached. But Ivanov said Washington's draft resolution did not fulfill23 the requirements the Russians are calling for.


News 2 体育


The Chinese Basketball sensation, Yao Ming, has arrived in the US to begin his NBA career. That story tops tonight's Sports Wrap.

Yao Ming finally touched down in Houston, Texas where he will join the Rockets for the coming NBA season. Yao, who was the first pick in the draft, signed a four-year deal with the Rockets worth 17.8 million US dollars. He's expected to begin practicing with his new teammates this week. 



News 3 体育

Well, in soccer, Arsenal24 will have to wait at least a week before 14)clinching a second-round 15)berth26 in the European Champions League. Arsenal suffered a surprise 2-1 defeat to Auxerre, France, but the Londoners still top group A. And Liverpool scored an impressive 3-1 win at Spartak, Moscow, and are three points behind group leaders, Valencia. 

















1 政治








2 体育




3 体育

足球方面,阿森纳队将要起码等上一周才能锁定是否有资格参加第二轮的欧洲冠军联赛。阿森纳队意外地以二比一输给了法国欧塞尔队,但这支来自伦敦的球队还是稳居A组冠军。 利物浦队以三比一战胜了俄罗斯的莫斯科斯巴达队,给人留下深刻印象,落后小组第一名瓦伦西亚队三分。



1) militant2 [5militEnt] n. 富有战斗精神的人,斗士

2) blow up 使爆炸,炸毁

3) standoff [`stAndCf, -R:f] n.(比赛)打成平手,不分胜负

4) armored [5B:mEd] a. 装甲的

5) heighten [5haitn] v. 增加,提高;使显著

6) strap3 [strAp] v. 用带捆扎,用带束住

7) play down 减弱,缩小

8) batch7 [bAtF] n. 一批,一组

9) interval8 [5intEvEl] n. 间歇,间隙

10) Kremlin [5kremlIn] n. 克里姆林宫(莫斯科城堡,城墙内有苏联最高政府机关)

11) televise [5telivaiz] v. 电视播送,电视接收

12) accomplice14 [E5kCmplis] n. 同谋,帮凶

13) deadlock16 [5dedlCk] v. 使陷入僵局,陷入僵持

14) clinch25 [klintF] v. 使得到最后解决,确定

15) berth [bE:W] n. 职位,地位

























1 spotlight 6hBzmk     
  • This week the spotlight is on the world of fashion.本周引人瞩目的是时装界。
  • The spotlight followed her round the stage.聚光灯的光圈随着她在舞台上转。
2 militant 8DZxh     
  • Some militant leaders want to merge with white radicals.一些好斗的领导人要和白人中的激进派联合。
  • He is a militant in the movement.他在那次运动中是个激进人物。
3 strap 5GhzK     
  • She held onto a strap to steady herself.她抓住拉手吊带以便站稳。
  • The nurse will strap up your wound.护士会绑扎你的伤口。
4 premises 6l1zWN     
  • According to the rules,no alcohol can be consumed on the premises.按照规定,场内不准饮酒。
  • All repairs are done on the premises and not put out.全部修缮都在家里进行,不用送到外面去做。
5 speculation 9vGwe     
  • Her mind is occupied with speculation.她的头脑忙于思考。
  • There is widespread speculation that he is going to resign.人们普遍推测他要辞职。
6 squad 4G1zq     
  • The squad leader ordered the men to mark time.班长命令战士们原地踏步。
  • A squad is the smallest unit in an army.班是军队的最小构成单位。
7 batch HQgyz     
  • The first batch of cakes was burnt.第一炉蛋糕烤焦了。
  • I have a batch of letters to answer.我有一批信要回复。
8 interval 85kxY     
  • The interval between the two trees measures 40 feet.这两棵树的间隔是40英尺。
  • There was a long interval before he anwsered the telephone.隔了好久他才回了电话。
9 toll LJpzo     
  • The hailstone took a heavy toll of the crops in our village last night.昨晚那场冰雹损坏了我们村的庄稼。
  • The war took a heavy toll of human life.这次战争夺去了许多人的生命。
10 bloody kWHza     
  • He got a bloody nose in the fight.他在打斗中被打得鼻子流血。
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幸存者,残存者,生还者( survivor的名词复数 )
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  • survivors clinging to a raft 紧紧抓住救生筏的幸存者
12 ordeal B4Pzs     
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13 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
14 accomplice XJsyq     
  • She was her husband's accomplice in murdering a rich old man.她是她丈夫谋杀一个老富翁的帮凶。
  • He is suspected as an accomplice of the murder.他涉嫌为这次凶杀案的同谋。
15 ministry kD5x2     
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
16 deadlock mOIzU     
  • The negotiations reached a deadlock after two hours.两小时后,谈判陷入了僵局。
  • The employers and strikers are at a deadlock over the wage.雇主和罢工者在工资问题上相持不下。
17 authorizing d3373e44345179a7862c7a797d2bc127     
授权,批准,委托( authorize的现在分词 )
  • Letters of Marque: Take letters from a warning friendly power authorizing privateering. 私掠许可证:从某一个国家获得合法抢劫的证书。
  • Formal phavee completion does not include authorizing the subsequent phavee. 阶段的正式完成不包括核准随后的阶段。
18 opposition eIUxU     
  • The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard.该党领袖在自己的党內遇到了反对。
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19 disarm 0uax2     
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20 inspections c445f9a2296d8835cd7d4a2da50fc5ca     
n.检查( inspection的名词复数 );检验;视察;检阅
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21 consensus epMzA     
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22 inspector q6kxH     
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23 fulfill Qhbxg     
  • If you make a promise you should fulfill it.如果你许诺了,你就要履行你的诺言。
  • This company should be able to fulfill our requirements.这家公司应该能够满足我们的要求。
24 arsenal qNPyF     
  • Even the workers at the arsenal have got a secret organization.兵工厂工人暗中也有组织。
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25 clinch 4q5zc     
v.敲弯,钉牢;确定;扭住对方 [参]clench
  • Clinch the boards together.用钉子把木板钉牢在一起。
  • We don't accept us dollars,please Swiss francs to clinch a deal business.我方不收美元,请最好用瑞士法郎来成交生意。
26 berth yt0zq     
  • She booked a berth on the train from London to Aberdeen.她订了一张由伦敦开往阿伯丁的火车卧铺票。
  • They took up a berth near the harbor.他们在港口附近找了个位置下锚。
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