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Me and Writing

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Me and Writing


This was the summer that I think I became a writer. I was thirteen years old. I wore steel-rimmed glasses and I was a very 1)solemn boy. Not that I was sad, but I simply was paying attention. I'd been given a typewriter by my Uncle George, when he got an electric. He gave me his old Underwood typewriter and I set it up in the 2)basement. I had a secret place under the stairs behind a 3)stack of sheet rock. I sat in there and wrote where my parents could not see me because they were worried, you know, that I didn't go outside. And they believed in the 4)illusion of a balanced life, you know, you do a little bit of this, you do a little bit of that. I just wanted to do one thing. I just wanted to find things to write about. 

I liked to write about 5)tornadoes2: Tornadoes, which come out of a peaceful summer day in the Midwest. And the sky's blue and then suddenly it's dark as night and this great snake-like cloud comes slithering across the 6)landscape, 7)smashing houses at random3, destroying this one, leaving this standing4. I liked that idea.

I wrote a story, a sort of 8)autobiographical story, about a family from New York, a microbiologist and his actress wife, and their son, who looked, and walked, and talked, and thought, and felt exactly like me. I sat in the 9)backseat and they were driving across the Midwest, and they forgot me... at a gas station. We stopped for a rest stop... and they forgot me, and they drove away. I walked up the road that they had driven and suddenly the sky turned dark and... a tornado1 came up and it picked me up and it carried me and dropped me, uninjured, in the yard of a 10)sanctified 11)Brethren family. I knocked on the door and a woman in a white 12)satin gown holding a flaming 13)torch came out and asked me what I wanted. And I was going to tell them that I had to leave to look for my parents and then the dog spoke5 to me. The dog said, "Stay." So, I stayed. But still, I missed the life of 14)glamour6 that I had known on New York's 15)exclusive Upper West Side. I love to write stories like that. 

I sat there at my Underwood typewriter, but I wished that something real would happen.

That was the summer that my cousin, Helen-Marie, came to stay with us suddenly. She was seventeen. She was four years older than I and I'd always admired her. She was lovelier than the rest of us. The rest of us had our family's looks; we had 16)homely7 faces and she was pretty. She had 17)blonde hair, a rarity in our family.

Then I wrote a story about her; about a girl who is cooking lunch at home one day and a woman in a white satin dress holding a flaming torch bursts in through the door, and it startles the girl so much that she drops the 18)cast iron skillet on her dog and the dog bites her and she gets an 19)incurable8 blood disease from this. Doctors give her two weeks to live, and then, on top of everything, a tornado comes in and it blows the roof off the house and it 20)impales four blades of grass in her side. And there's something on that grass that cures that blood disease. Medical science has never seen anything like it. She's cured. She comes home. And that night the dog 21)scratches on her door, and the dog says, "Aren't you curious to know what it was on the grass that cured that blood disease?" I sort of liked the story. 






我写了一个故事,自传式的故事,说的是一个纽约家庭,家里有一个微生物学家,当演员的妻子,还有他们的儿子--那孩子的模样和走路、说话、思考的方式简直跟我一样。我坐在汽车的后座,他们开车穿越中西部,后来他们把我忘在了一个加油站。我们停车休息,然后他们就把我给落下了,开车走了。我沿着他们车驶去的方向走着,突然间,天空暗了下来, 龙卷风大作,风卷起我吹啊吹,毫发不伤地把我扔在一个圣教徒家的后院里。我敲敲门,一个身穿白色缎袍的女人举着一把熊熊的火炬,走出来问我想干什么。我正想说我想去找我的爸妈,一条狗冲着我说话了:留下来吧。于是,我就留下了。但是,我还是很怀念在纽约高尚住宅区的好日子。我就喜欢写这样的故事。






1) solemn [5sClEm] a. 严肃的

2) basement [5beismEnt] n. 地下室

3) stack [stAk] n. 堆,叠,书架

4) illusion [i5lu:VEn] n. 幻想

5) tornado [tC:5neidEu] n. 龙卷风,旋风

6) landscape [5lAndskeip] n. 风景,地形

7) smash [smAF] v. 打碎,粉碎

8) autobiographical [C:tEJbaiE5^rAfik(E)l] a. 自传体的

9) backseat [5bAk7sit] n. 后座

10) sanctified [5sANktifaid] a. 神圣化的

11) Brethren [5breTrEn] n. 同胞,兄弟

12) satin [5sAtin] n. 绸缎

13) torch [tC:tF] n. 火炬

14) glamour [5^lAmE] n. 魅力,魔力

15) exclusive [iks5klu:siv] a 唯一的,高级的

16) homely [5hEumli] a. 不好看的

17) blonde [blCnd] a. 金发的

18) cast iron [kB:st 5aiEn] n. 铸铁

19) incurable [in5kjuErEbl] a. 不能治愈的

20) impale9 [im5peil] v. 刺穿

21) scratch [skrAtF] v. 刮,擦


1 tornado inowl     
  • A tornado whirled into the town last week.龙卷风上周袭击了这座城市。
  • The approaching tornado struck awe in our hearts.正在逼近的龙卷风使我们惊恐万分。
2 tornadoes d428421c5237427db20a5bcb22937389     
n.龙卷风,旋风( tornado的名词复数 )
  • Tornadoes, severe earthquakes, and plagues create wide spread havoc. 龙卷风、大地震和瘟疫成普遍的毁坏。 来自互联网
  • Meteorologists are at odds over the working of tornadoes. 气象学者对龙卷风的运动方式看法不一。 来自互联网
3 random HT9xd     
  • The list is arranged in a random order.名单排列不分先后。
  • On random inspection the meat was found to be bad.经抽查,发现肉变质了。
4 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
5 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
6 glamour Keizv     
  • Foreign travel has lost its glamour for her.到国外旅行对她已失去吸引力了。
  • The moonlight cast a glamour over the scene.月光给景色增添了魅力。
7 homely Ecdxo     
  • We had a homely meal of bread and cheese.我们吃了一顿面包加乳酪的家常便餐。
  • Come and have a homely meal with us,will you?来和我们一起吃顿家常便饭,好吗?
8 incurable incurable     
  • All three babies were born with an incurable heart condition.三个婴儿都有不可治瘉的先天性心脏病。
  • He has an incurable and widespread nepotism.他们有不可救药的,到处蔓延的裙带主义。
9 impale h4iym     
  • Do not push me,or I wil impale you on my horns!别推我,要不我会用我的角顶你。
  • I poisoned him,but I did not impale him on a spear!我毒死了他,但是我没有把他插在长矛上!
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