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"Let's Go to the Movies!"

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"Let's Go to the Movies!"

— A Speech Given by Tom Hanks at Accepting the AFI Life Achievement Awards


Thank you! Thank you!

There is a place on the moon, we’ve all heard of the Sea of 1)Tranquility, maybe the Ocean of Storms, the Fra Mauro Highlands – there’s an area of the moon called the Lake of Dreams. To have you all here tonight, to be 2)placed up with the names of the other honorees, turns out I’ve walked on the moon; I’ve explored the Lake of Dreams. It’s a good place because they all come true. You folks are just so 3)swell1! (Laughter) You’re all so nice, you know.

Hey, I got an idea -- let’s go to the movies! I wanna go to the movies. I want to take you all to the movies. Let’s go and experience the art of the cinema! Let’s begin with the Scream Of Fear, and we are going to 4)haunt us for the rest of our lives. And then let’s go see The Great Escape, and spend our summer jumping our bikes, just like we’ll McQueen, over 5)barb2 wire. And then let’s catch The Seven Samurai for some reason on 6)PBS and we feel like we can speak Japanese because we can read the 7)subtitles and hear the language at the same time. And then let’s lose sleep the night before we see 2001: A Space Odyssey4 because we have this idea it’s going to change forever the way we look at films. And then let’s go see it four times in one year. And let’s see Woodstock three times in one year and let’s see Taxi Driver twice in one week. And let’s see Close Encounters of the Third Kind just so we can freeze there in mid-popcorn. And when the kids are old enough, let’s sit them together on the sofa and screen City Lights and Stage Coach and The Best Years of Our Lives and On The Waterfront and Midnight Cowboy and Five Easy Pieces and The Last Picture Show and Raging Bull and Schlinder's List. (Applause) So that they can understand how the human condition can be captured by this 8)amalgam5 of light and sound and literature we call the cinema.

What a great job! If you’re fortunate, you’re a part of cultural events, more immediate6, more lasting7 and even more 9)enlightening than most anything else is that man has ever created. You get to make movies. The truth is that I have been blessed beyond the definition of good fortune for a long, long while for the most of my life. I’ve made friends like you all. I’ve become a better artist by 10)collaborating with each one of you. And if we haven’t worked together, I’ve seen your stuff and I’ve stolen from you. ( Laughter ) 11)Ripped you off.

And I’ve been rewarded for my 12)larceny8 with my 13)longevity9. You see, when you work in the movies, part of you gets to live forever. The idea that you can 14)single out one’s life achievement in work, of course, cannot be considered a 15)substitute for one’s achievements in life and there already my friends I have been blessed beyond deserving.

And I’m here because of my wife, Rita Wilson. (Applause) As you’ve seen again and again just in tonight, she is the motivation of my best work. (Applause) I wish everyone could share their life with as good a friend, as passionate10 a lover, as close a partner, and as beautiful a woman, as I have been able to with the mate of my soul, Rita Wilson. (Applause)

In order to cap off this once-in-a-life-time 16)beer bust11 you’ve thrown for me, I had to choose between two 17)distinctive12 quotes from a lesser13 example of the art of cinema, but a movie nonetheless. Two quotes from the film, That Thing You Do. Somewhere in, I don’t know, the 3rd or the 4th, I don’t know where, it’s somewhere in there. One quote is “Skitch, how did I get here?” and the other quote is “Table 19, your pizza is ready!” ( Laughter )

I have great reason to say, God bless you all, God bless America! Thank you, and good night! (Applause)















1)      tranquility [trAN5kwiliti]n. 宁静             

2)      place up with 放置           

3)      swell [swel] a. 了不起的,第一流的

4) haunt [hC:nt] v. 萦绕,闹鬼

5) barb [bB:b] n.倒刺

6) PBS 美国公共广播公司,即Public Broadcasting Service

7) subtitle3 [5sQbtaitl] n. 字幕

8) amalgam [E5mAl^Em] n. 混合物

9) enlightening [in5laitniN] a. 启蒙的

10) collaborate14 [kE5lAbEreit] v. 合作

11) rip sb. off 模仿,偷窃

12) larceny [5lB:sni] n. 盗窃罪

13) longevity [lCn5dVeviti] n. 长命

14) single out 从一群当中挑选

15) substitute [5sQbstitju:t] n. 替代品

16) beer bust (美国俚语)啤酒盛宴

17) distinctive [dis5tiNktiv] a. 与众不同的,有特色的


1 swell IHnzB     
  • The waves had taken on a deep swell.海浪汹涌。
  • His injured wrist began to swell.他那受伤的手腕开始肿了。
2 barb kuXzG     
  • The barb of his wit made us wince.他那锋芒毕露的机智使我们退避三舍。
  • A fish hook has a barb to prevent the fish from escaping after being hooked.鱼钩上都有一个倒钩以防上了钩的鱼逃走。
3 subtitle asawn     
  • His new book has a subtitle.他的新书有一个副标题。
  • Ah!I don't know why they don't subtitle these movies.唉!我不知道这些电影为什么不打字幕。
4 odyssey t5kzU     
  • The march to Travnik was the final stretch of a 16-hour odyssey.去特拉夫尼克的这段路是长达16小时艰险旅行的最后一程。
  • His odyssey of passion, friendship,love,and revenge was now finished.他的热情、友谊、爱情和复仇的漫长历程,到此结束了。
5 amalgam 7xAzQ     
  • To counter this myth,we explained that we're really an amalgam of little guys.为了打破这个神话,我们解释说,我们确实是由一群小小的老百姓所组成的混合体。
  • American literature is to our eyes a curious amalgam of familiar and strange.我们认为,美国文学把我们所熟悉的和陌生的东西奇妙地结合起来了。
6 immediate aapxh     
  • His immediate neighbours felt it their duty to call.他的近邻认为他们有责任去拜访。
  • We declared ourselves for the immediate convocation of the meeting.我们主张立即召开这个会议。
7 lasting IpCz02     
  • The lasting war debased the value of the dollar.持久的战争使美元贬值。
  • We hope for a lasting settlement of all these troubles.我们希望这些纠纷能获得永久的解决。
8 larceny l9pzc     
  • The man was put in jail for grand larceny.人因重大盗窃案而被监禁。
  • It was an essential of the common law crime of larceny.它是构成普通法中的盗窃罪的必要条件。
9 longevity C06xQ     
  • Good habits promote longevity.良好的习惯能增长寿命。
  • Human longevity runs in families.人类的长寿具有家族遗传性。
10 passionate rLDxd     
  • He is said to be the most passionate man.据说他是最有激情的人。
  • He is very passionate about the project.他对那个项目非常热心。
11 bust WszzB     
  • I dropped my camera on the pavement and bust it. 我把照相机掉在人行道上摔坏了。
  • She has worked up a lump of clay into a bust.她把一块黏土精心制作成一个半身像。
12 distinctive Es5xr     
  • She has a very distinctive way of walking.她走路的样子与别人很不相同。
  • This bird has several distinctive features.这个鸟具有几种突出的特征。
13 lesser UpxzJL     
  • Kept some of the lesser players out.不让那些次要的球员参加联赛。
  • She has also been affected,but to a lesser degree.她也受到波及,但程度较轻。
14 collaborate SWgyC     
  • The work gets done more quickly when we collaborate.我们一旦合作,工作做起来就更快了。
  • I would ask you to collaborate with us in this work.我们愿意请你们在这项工作中和我们合作。
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