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Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

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Harry1 Potter & the Order of the Phoenix2

The following day dawned just as 1)leaden and rainy as the previous one. Hagrid was still absent from the staff table at breakfast.

"But on the plus side, no Snape today," said Ron 2)bracingly.

Hermione yawned widely and poured herself some coffee. She looked mildly pleased about something, and when Ron asked her what she had to be so happy about, she simply said, The hats have gone. Seems the house-elves do want freedom after all."

"I wouldn't bet on it,?Ron told her cuttingly. They might not count as clothes. They didn't look anything like hats to me, more like woolly 3)bladders."

Hermione did not speak to him all morning.

Double Charms was succeeded by double 4)Transfiguration. Professor Flitwick and professor McGonagall both spent the first fifteen minutes of their lessons lecturing the class on the importance of 5)O.W.L.s.

"What you must remember,"said little Professor Flitwick 6)squeakily, 7)perched as ever on a pile of books so that he could see over the top of his desk. "Is that these examinations may influence your futures4 for many years to come! If you have not already given serious thought to your careers, now is the time to do so. And in the meantime, I'm afraid, we shall be working harder than ever to ensure that you all do yourselves justice!"

They then spent over an hour revising Summoning Charms, which according to Professor Flitwick were bound to come up in their O.W.L., and he rounded off the lesson by setting them their largest ever amount of Charms homework.

It was the same, if not worse, in Transfiguration.

"You cannot pass an O.W.L.," said Professor McGonagall 8)grimly, "without serious application, practice and study. I see no reason why everybody in this class should not achieve an O.W.L. in Transfiguration as long as they put in the work." Neville made a sad little disbelieving noise. "Yes, you too, Longbottom," said Professor McGonagall. There's nothing wrong with your work except lack of confidence. So... today we are starting Vanishing Spells. These are easier than 9)Conjuring Spells, which you would not usually attempt until 10)N.E.W.T.s level, but they are still among the most difficult magic you will be tested on in your O.W.L..?She was quite right; Harry found the Vanishing Spells horribly difficult. By the end of a double period neither he nor Ron had managed to vanish the snails6 on which they were practising, though Ron said hopefully his looked a bit paler. Hermione, on the other hand, successfully vanished her snail5 on the third attempt, earning her a ten-point 11)bonus for Gryffindor from Professor McGonagall. She was the only person not given homework; everybody else was told to practise the spell overnight, ready for a fresh attempt on their snails the following afternoon.

Now panicking slightly about the amount of homework they had to do, Harry and Ron spent their lunch hour in the library looking up the uses of moonstones in potion-making. Still angry about Ron's 12)slur7 on her woolly hats, Hermione did not join them. By the time they reached Care of Magical Creatures in the afternoon, Harry's head was aching again.

1) leaden [5ledn] a. 沉闷的;铅灰色的      
2) bracingly [brB:tF5EulE] ad. 振奋精神地
3) bladder [5blAdE] n. 气泡,球胆
4) transfiguration [7trAnsfi^ju5reiFEn] n. 变形,变貌
5) O.W.L.s的全称是Ordinary Wizarding Levels,意思是“普通巫师等级考试”
6) squeakily [skwi:kili] ad. 短促尖声地
7) perch3 [pE:tF] v. 位于
8) grimly [grimli] ad. 严格地,冷酷地
9) conjure8 [5kQndVE] v. 念咒召鬼,施魔法
10) N.E.W.T.s的全称是Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests,意思是“终极巫师考试”
11) bonus [5bEunEs] n. 奖金
12) slur [slE:] n. 侮辱,毁谤




1 harry heBxS     
  • Today,people feel more hurried and harried.今天,人们感到更加忙碌和苦恼。
  • Obama harried business by Healthcare Reform plan.奥巴马用医改掠夺了商界。
2 phoenix 7Njxf     
  • The airline rose like a phoenix from the ashes.这家航空公司又起死回生了。
  • The phoenix worship of China is fetish worship not totem adoration.中国凤崇拜是灵物崇拜而非图腾崇拜。
3 perch 5u1yp     
  • The bird took its perch.鸟停歇在栖木上。
  • Little birds perch themselves on the branches.小鸟儿栖歇在树枝上。
4 futures Isdz1Q     
  • He continued his operations in cotton futures.他继续进行棉花期货交易。
  • Cotton futures are selling at high prices.棉花期货交易的卖价是很高的。
5 snail 8xcwS     
  • Snail is a small plant-eating creature with a soft body.蜗牛是一种软体草食动物。
  • Time moved at a snail's pace before the holidays.放假前的时间过得很慢。
6 snails 23436a8a3f6bf9f3c4a9f6db000bb173     
n.蜗牛;迟钝的人;蜗牛( snail的名词复数 )
  • I think I'll try the snails for lunch—I'm feeling adventurous today. 我想我午餐要尝一下蜗牛——我今天很想冒险。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Most snails have shells on their backs. 大多数蜗牛背上有壳。 来自《简明英汉词典》
7 slur WE2zU     
  • He took the remarks as a slur on his reputation.他把这些话当作是对他的名誉的中伤。
  • The drug made her speak with a slur.药物使她口齿不清。
8 conjure tnRyN     
  • I conjure you not to betray me.我恳求你不要背弃我。
  • I can't simply conjure up the money out of thin air.我是不能像变魔术似的把钱变来。
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