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The Language of the Heart

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The Language of the Heart

Written by Maureen Fredrickson
Read by Ruth Ross

Soapy Smith is a twenty-four-pound 1)calico 2)rex rabbit. People look 3)startled when they first touch him and remark how soft he is. I’ve noticed he seems to make everyone who meets him a little softer, too.

One day, Soapy Smith and I visited a shelter for 4)battered1 women located in a 5)bedraggled section of the city. No one smiled a greeting, and they appeared uninterested in Soapy’s 6)carrier. One little girl in particular moved like a 7)wisp 8)in the background. The staff informed me that she had been there for over a month and had not spoken the entire time. Her mother said she had talked at one time but not in recent memory. I didn’t want to imagine what could have happened to rob this little girl of the natural curiosity and enthusiasm so natural to childhood.

Spreading a blanket on the floor, I sat down and opened Soapy’s carrier. As the silent child circled past me, I told the group that Soapy would come to talk to them if they sat on his blanket. Several children did this, including the silent girl. She sat 9)rigidly2 at the edge of the blanket, legs held 10)stiffly out straight in front of her. She was staring hard at Soapy. It appeared that he kept making eye contact with her. She didn’t reach out to him or encourage him in any way. Rather she sat 11)tensely, just staring.

Finally Soapy came to a stop about two inches from her 12)thigh3. He quietly reached out and laid his chin on her knee. I was 13)astonished. While a common behavior for dogs, this is not a behavior 14)exhibited by rabbits, especially not by this rabbit.

The child did not reach out to pet Soapy. Instead, she slowly leaned toward him. When her face was within inches of his, she carefully reached out and circled him with her arms. So softly that no one in the room could hear, she began to talk. Folded around the rabbit, she 15)pillowed her head on his back and whispered to him. Soapy remained 16)motionless.

I looked up and noticed that the shelter workers had stopped talking. Every adult in the room froze in place. Time seemed 17)suspended...

The little girl reappeared when I was preparing to leave. She reached her hands out and looked me directly in the eye. I held Soapy out to her. She wrapped him in a big hug and pressed her face against him. Suspended from my hands as he was, I was concerned that he would begin to struggle. Instead he reached out his head again and laid it on the child’s shoulder. His breathing slowed and he closed his eyes. As quickly as it happened, the little girl released her hug and stepped back. As she turned away, I thought I saw the beginnings of a 18)faint smile.

The rabbit in his cloud of soft, warm fur had touched something deep in the child-something that had died from too much hard experience. Soapy’s 19)innocence4 and trust appeared to 20)kindle5 those very same qualities in the little girl. It seems the language of the heart is simple after all.

1) calico [5kAlikEu] a. (马等)有斑点的
2) rex rabbit 雷克斯兔(在我国多称为“獭兔”),原产地法国,以绒毛平整富光泽,手感柔软、舒适著名
3) startled [5stB:tld] a. 震惊的
4) battered [5bAtEd] a. 受重创的,连续打击的
5) bedraggled [bi5drA^ld] a. 荒废的,破旧的
6) carrier [5kAriE] n. (自行车等)行李架,置物架
7) wisp [wisp] n. 小物体,纤细的东西
8) in the background 在不引人注目的地方,在隐蔽的地方
9) rigidly [5ridVidli] ad. 僵硬地,死板地
10) stiffly [5stifli] ad. 呆板地,僵硬地
11) tensely [tensli] ad. 紧张地
12) thigh [Pai] n. 大腿
13) astonished [Es5tCniFd] a. 惊讶的
14) exhibit [i^5zibit] v. 展出,展示
15) pillow [5pilEu] v. 把……枕在……上
16) motionless [5mEuFEnlis] a. 不动的,静止的
17) suspended [sEs5pendid] a. 暂停的,悬浮的
18) faint [feint] a. 微弱的,暗淡的
19) innocence [5inEsEns] n. 天真,单纯
20) kindle [5kindl] v. 引起,照亮


一天,我带着泡泡·史密斯去了一家被虐妇女收容所。那地方在城市破烂的一角,没有一个人对我笑着问声好,也没人对装着泡泡的篮子显出丝毫的兴趣。 一个极瘦弱的小女孩仿佛一小撮移动的干草,在不为人注意的地方走着。那儿的工作人员告诉我,她已经来了一个多月了,可一句话也没说过。她母亲说她曾经说过一次话,但那已不是最近的事了。我不愿去想象究竟是什么经历夺走了这个小女孩童年应有的好奇和热心。


1 battered NyezEM     
  • He drove up in a battered old car.他开着一辆又老又破的旧车。
  • The world was brutally battered but it survived.这个世界遭受了惨重的创伤,但它还是生存下来了。
2 rigidly hjezpo     
  • Life today is rigidly compartmentalized into work and leisure. 当今的生活被严格划分为工作和休闲两部分。
  • The curriculum is rigidly prescribed from an early age. 自儿童时起即已开始有严格的课程设置。
3 thigh RItzO     
  • He is suffering from a strained thigh muscle.他的大腿肌肉拉伤了,疼得很。
  • The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone.股骨连着髋骨。
4 innocence ZbizC     
  • There was a touching air of innocence about the boy.这个男孩有一种令人感动的天真神情。
  • The accused man proved his innocence of the crime.被告人经证实无罪。
5 kindle n2Gxu     
  • This wood is too wet to kindle.这木柴太湿点不着。
  • A small spark was enough to kindle Lily's imagination.一星光花足以点燃莉丽的全部想象力。
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