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Four Efficient Ways to Improve Your Speech

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Four Efficient Ways to Improve Your Speech

Use More Facial Expression
One psychologist feels that our facial expression is responsible more than anything else for the impression others have of us. In fact, more than 50 percent of another’s impression, he believes, is influenced by the look on your face. Naturally a smile in which the eyes participate is extremely communicative. A 1)scowling look often brings the same thing in return. People tend to mirror your expression, so try to show how you feel about a topic or an idea or the audience through your facial expression.

Dispel1 Your Inner Fear
It's natural to have some 2)tension or nervousness when you appear before an audience. The way to handle it is to put it to work for you, get into action, as Shakespeare observed, action cures fear. There are only a few known ways to control fear. The first is to admit it, do the thing you fear and it will be the death of fear itself. Another simple aid at the last minute before you begin, is to take a few deep breaths, this will help get the 3)butterflies in 4)formation and also keep your voice under control. In fact, if you’re thoroughly2 prepared, just taking a few deep breaths before you’re introduced will give you added confidence and poise3. I define poise as having control of your emotions. A fun definition I heard was, poise is the difference between raising your voice and raising your eyebrow4. Other known ways to control nervousness and fear are to give yourself a 5)pep talk or take some physical exercise, simple 6)calisthenics can work wonders in you. And as a final 7)antidote5 to fear -prepare, then act confident, act as though it were impossible to fail.

Polish Your Voice
Our voice is the main instrument we possess for communicating with people, we’re all sound sensitive. So invest in a tape recorder, practise your speech by speaking it into the microphone then listen to it. You can even have others join in the evaluation6 of your strong points and your weaknesses or faults as well. Remember that 8)Demosthenes and Winston Churchill both used pebbles7 in their mouths while practising their speaking. I’ve done the same thing and I can promise you that even if you use jellybeans instead of pebbles you can quickly develop excellent pronunciation. Simply reading out loud can help you improve your voice and develop a personal style. Read the newspaper or a magazine out loud or read stories to your children, any kind of practice will help improve your emphasis, pausing, pace and pitch and even increase your 9)resonance8.

Strengthen Your Memory
Psychologists tell us that most individuals don’t use above ten percent of their 10)inherent capacity for memory, that’s comparable to trying to run a car on one 11)cylinder9. Why do most people use so little of their power of memory? Because they don’t practise the fundamentals of remembering. First and most important, it’s necessary to have a burning desire to remember, it’s difficult to recall anything without wanting to do so. Step number two is concentration. Our success depends greatly on our ability to concentrate. 12)Henry Ward10 Beecher once observed, one hour of intense concentration can accomplish more than years of dreaming. The next principle is repetition, we learned many things in school by rote11 by repetition, when you hear a name for the first time repeat it, spell it, write it down, review it, you’ll soon know it by heart. All the brain needs is a clue. In remembering, names, for instance, a 13)rhyme association works wonders. I met a man named Tony Goal who works for the phone company, I quickly came up with the rhyme, Tony’s Goal is a telephone pole. Every time I see him I immediately know his name and remember that he works for the phone company. The more associations you make, the easier it becomes, keep them short and simple, the more 14)ludicrous the association, the easier it’ll be to recall.

1) scowly [`skaJlI] a. 闷闷不乐的,愁眉不展的
2) tension [5tenFEn] n. 紧张(状态),不安
3) butterflies [5bQtEflais] n. (因紧张等引起的)颤抖,恶心的感觉
4) formation [fC:5meiFEn] n. 构成,编队
5) pep talk 鼓舞士气的讲话
6) calisthenics [kAlis5Weniks] n. 柔软体操,运动
7) antidote [5AntidEut] n. [医] 解毒剂, 矫正方法
8) Demosthenes [di5mCsWEni:z] 德摩斯梯尼,古希腊的雄辩家。小时候声音微弱,口吃严重,为了让自己能够成为雄辩家,他站在海边,口含小石子大声朗读练习发音;为增大肺活量,他一边演说一边跑步登上小山丘;在镜前,他反复练习演讲的动作和姿势。最后终于成为古希腊著名的雄辩家
9) resonance [5rezEnEns] n. 共鸣, 反响
10) inherent [in5hiErEnt] a. 固有的,与生俱来的
11) cylinder [5silindE] n. 汽缸
12) Henry Ward Beecher 亨利·沃德·比彻,(1813-1887,美国基督教公理会自由派牧师、废奴运动领袖)
13) rhyme [raim] n. 押韵,押韵的词
14) ludicrous [5lu:dikrEs] a.可笑的,滑稽的








1 dispel XtQx0     
  • I tried in vain to dispel her misgivings.我试图消除她的疑虑,但没有成功。
  • We hope the programme will dispel certain misconceptions about the disease.我们希望这个节目能消除对这种疾病的一些误解。
2 thoroughly sgmz0J     
  • The soil must be thoroughly turned over before planting.一定要先把土地深翻一遍再下种。
  • The soldiers have been thoroughly instructed in the care of their weapons.士兵们都系统地接受过保护武器的训练。
3 poise ySTz9     
vt./vi. 平衡,保持平衡;n.泰然自若,自信
  • She hesitated briefly but quickly regained her poise.她犹豫片刻,但很快恢复了镇静。
  • Ballet classes are important for poise and grace.芭蕾课对培养优雅的姿仪非常重要。
4 eyebrow vlOxk     
  • Her eyebrow is well penciled.她的眉毛画得很好。
  • With an eyebrow raised,he seemed divided between surprise and amusement.他一只眉毛扬了扬,似乎既感到吃惊,又觉有趣。
5 antidote 4MZyg     
  • There is no known antidote for this poison.这种毒药没有解药。
  • Chinese physicians used it as an antidote for snake poison.中医师用它来解蛇毒。
6 evaluation onFxd     
  • I attempted an honest evaluation of my own life.我试图如实地评价我自己的一生。
  • The new scheme is still under evaluation.新方案还在评估阶段。
7 pebbles e4aa8eab2296e27a327354cbb0b2c5d2     
[复数]鹅卵石; 沙砾; 卵石,小圆石( pebble的名词复数 )
  • The pebbles of the drive crunched under his feet. 汽车道上的小石子在他脚底下喀嚓作响。
  • Line the pots with pebbles to ensure good drainage. 在罐子里铺一层鹅卵石,以确保排水良好。
8 resonance hBazC     
  • Playing the piano sets up resonance in those glass ornaments.一弹钢琴那些玻璃饰物就会产生共振。
  • The areas under the two resonance envelopes are unequal.两个共振峰下面的面积是不相等的。
9 cylinder rngza     
  • What's the volume of this cylinder?这个圆筒的体积有多少?
  • The cylinder is getting too much gas and not enough air.汽缸里汽油太多而空气不足。
10 ward LhbwY     
  • The hospital has a medical ward and a surgical ward.这家医院有内科病房和外科病房。
  • During the evening picnic,I'll carry a torch to ward off the bugs.傍晚野餐时,我要点根火把,抵挡蚊虫。
11 rote PXnxF     
  • Learning by rote is discouraged in this school.这所学校不鼓励死记硬背的学习方式。
  • He recited the poem by rote.他强记背诵了这首诗。
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