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Sports Life of Adidas

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Sports Life of Adidas

Over eighty years ago, in 1)Herzegovina, Germany, a young shoemaker made house-slippers1 from old military canvas bags to help put food on his family’s table. He was also a keen soccer player, and he soon adapted those slippers to his soccer game. The attention he gained for his 2)lightweight, comfortable sport shoes, did nothing but grow from the first day he wore them. His name was Adi Dassler. 

By the 1920’s, Adi Dassler was already experimenting with running 3)spikes to improve performance. By the 1930’s he was the leading sports shoe manufacturer in the world, making thirty different shoes for eleven sports. And the tradition of innovation continues to the present day. 

Adidas came up with “Mi Adidas”, a traveling program that lets you be properly fitted in a way that has never been possible before. You have your foot measured and scanned to get a detailed3 outline of the exact length and width of each foot, to within one tenth of a centimeter. Next, you lightly jog across a pressure pad, which reveals the exact placement of the foot under pressure. That information goes into a computer, to help narrow down the best shoe for you. Now you try on a “dummy4 boot”, to make sure that the width, arch fitting, and tightness are exactly to your liking5. After you’ve made your decision, you’ll just have to wait three weeks, while they create your dream 4)sneaker.

Most sports shoe production has shifted to Asia. But Adidas has a specialized6 production facility in Germany, that creates new models of 5)prototypes, as well as custom shoes, for some of the most valuable feet in the world – professional athletes. To make a custom shoe, they create an outline of the foot, a 3-D 6)foam7 7)imprint8, and then take several measurements of the foot. About twelve workers, in Scheinfeld, make four hundred pairs of made-to-measure shoes each month for the world’s best athletes.

Renata Urban (Asst. Manager, Adidas Global Training Center): One of the most famous athletes, especially in Europe, is football player David Beckham. We’ve had a lot of shoes made for him last year during the World Cup. And, well, his feet are quite close to a standard size, so, the made-to-measure docks for David Beckham is not too much amended9. But he has very individualized shoes, with the name embroidered10 in the tongue and the player’s number on the heel patch, and some different amendments11 from time to time.

But it’s not just athletes who need comfortable shoes. Anyone, who’s prepared to pay, can get Adidas made to measure. 

Adi Dassler’s shoe made its Olympic appearance in 1928, and ever since then, athletes have wanted more from their footwear, whether they’re wrestlers, or fencers, or sprinters, or long-distance runners, or even 8)bobsledders. What they have on their foot changes how well they can perform.

Tom Kennedy (Global Public Relations Manager, Adidas): The interesting thing maybe about the most recent Olympics in Sydney, was that they made shoes for 26 of 28 Olympic sports. They had shoes in almost every sport imaginable except for sailing and, 9)equestrian12. In something like fencing, for example, if you look at them you can see they’re actually two different shoes, because when a fencer stands, they stand with their feet perpendicular13 to each other, uh, and so they’ve made modifications14. This shoe actually is built at an angle because, when they 10)lunge, the foot actually collapses15 inward, like this, so it helps them push better. This shoe is more 11)cushioned in the heel because when they attack, they land quite hard on their heel, so there’s all kinds of modifications and things built into these shoes that make them quite specialized for their task.

So you can see that if you’re going to go into a store and just ask for what size they have, you’re probably not going to be able to take advantage of all the technology available. It’s best to go to someone who really knows what’s in the shoe and what’s best for you. Sometimes it’s more important to have a good athletic16 shoe than it is a street shoe, because it has to put up with a lot more. 

But it needn’t be out of your financial reach. While custom-made shoes for Olympic athletes can range up to $800, the “Mi Adidas” program offers many of the same custom features for an average retail17 price. 

1) Herzegovina [7hZEtsE^Eu5vi:nE] n. 黑塞哥维那(原为土耳其在欧洲南部的一省,1878~1914为奥匈帝国的一部分,现为南斯拉夫的波斯尼亚-黑塞哥维那共和国的一部分)
2) lightweight [5laitweit] a. 轻量的,轻质的
3) spike2 [spaik] n. 钉鞋
4) sneaker [5sni:kE] n. 运动鞋
5) prototype [5prEutEtaip] n. 原型
6) foam [fEum] n. 泡沫
7) imprint [im5print] n. 压痕;印记
8) bobsledder [5bCbsledE] n. 滑大雪橇比赛的人
9) equestrian [i5kwestriEn] n. 马术
10) lunge [lQndV] v. 刺,刺进
11) cushion [5kuFEn] v. 加衬垫










1 slippers oiPzHV     
n. 拖鞋
  • a pair of slippers 一双拖鞋
  • He kicked his slippers off and dropped on to the bed. 他踢掉了拖鞋,倒在床上。
2 spike lTNzO     
  • The spike pierced the receipts and held them in order.那个钉子穿过那些收据并使之按顺序排列。
  • They'll do anything to spike the guns of the opposition.他们会使出各种手段来挫败对手。
3 detailed xuNzms     
  • He had made a detailed study of the terrain.他对地形作了缜密的研究。
  • A detailed list of our publications is available on request.我们的出版物有一份详细的目录备索。
4 dummy Jrgx7     
  • The police suspect that the device is not a real bomb but a dummy.警方怀疑那个装置不是真炸弹,只是一个假货。
  • The boys played soldier with dummy swords made of wood.男孩们用木头做的假木剑玩打仗游戏。
5 liking mpXzQ5     
  • The word palate also means taste or liking.Palate这个词也有“口味”或“嗜好”的意思。
  • I must admit I have no liking for exaggeration.我必须承认我不喜欢夸大其词。
6 specialized Chuzwe     
  • There are many specialized agencies in the United Nations.联合国有许多专门机构。
  • These tools are very specialized.这些是专用工具。
7 foam LjOxI     
  • The glass of beer was mostly foam.这杯啤酒大部分是泡沫。
  • The surface of the water is full of foam.水面都是泡沫。
8 imprint Zc6zO     
  • That dictionary is published under the Longman imprint.那本词典以朗曼公司的名义出版。
  • Her speech left its imprint on me.她的演讲给我留下了深刻印象。
9 Amended b2abcd9d0c12afefe22fd275996593e0     
adj. 修正的 动词amend的过去式和过去分词
  • He asked to see the amended version. 他要求看修订本。
  • He amended his speech by making some additions and deletions. 他对讲稿作了些增删修改。
10 embroidered StqztZ     
  • She embroidered flowers on the cushion covers. 她在这些靠垫套上绣了花。
  • She embroidered flowers on the front of the dress. 她在连衣裙的正面绣花。
11 amendments 39576081718792f25ceae20f3bb99b43     
(法律、文件的)改动( amendment的名词复数 ); 修正案; 修改; (美国宪法的)修正案
  • The committee does not adequately consult others when drafting amendments. 委员会在起草修正案时没有充分征求他人的意见。
  • Please propose amendments and addenda to the first draft of the document. 请对这个文件的初稿提出修改和补充意见。
12 equestrian 3PlzG     
  • They all showed extraordinary equestrian skills.他们的骑术都很高超。
  • I want to book two equestrian tickets.我想订两张马术比赛的票。
13 perpendicular GApy0     
  • The two lines of bones are set perpendicular to one another.这两排骨头相互垂直。
  • The wall is out of the perpendicular.这墙有些倾斜。
14 modifications aab0760046b3cea52940f1668245e65d     
n.缓和( modification的名词复数 );限制;更改;改变
  • The engine was pulled apart for modifications and then reassembled. 发动机被拆开改型,然后再组装起来。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The original plan had undergone fairly extensive modifications. 原计划已经作了相当大的修改。 来自《简明英汉词典》
15 collapses 9efa410d233b4045491e3d6f683e12ed     
折叠( collapse的第三人称单数 ); 倒塌; 崩溃; (尤指工作劳累后)坐下
  • This bridge table collapses. 这张桥牌桌子能折叠。
  • Once Russia collapses, the last chance to stop Hitler will be gone. 一旦俄国垮台,抑止希特勒的最后机会就没有了。
16 athletic sOPy8     
  • This area has been marked off for athletic practice.这块地方被划出来供体育训练之用。
  • He is an athletic star.他是一个运动明星。
17 retail VWoxC     
  • In this shop they retail tobacco and sweets.这家铺子零售香烟和糖果。
  • These shoes retail at 10 yuan a pair.这些鞋子零卖10元一双。
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