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     Come on, admit it -- you like living at breakneck speed.



Life in the Fast Lane

James Gleick

1    We are in a rush. We are making haste. A compression of time characterizes many of our lives. As time-use researchers look around, they see a rushing and scurrying1 everywhere. Sometimes culture resembles "one big stomped2 anthill," say John P. Robinson and Geoffrey Godbey in their book Time for Life.



2    (1) Instantaneity rules. Pollsters use electronic devices during political speeches to measure opinions on the wing, before they have been fully3 formed; fast-food restaurants add express lanes. Even reading to children is under pressure. The volume One-Minute Bedtime Stories consists of traditional stories that can be read by a busy parent in only one minute.

3    There are places and objects that signify impatience4. The door-close button in elevators, so often a placebo5 used to distract riders to whom ten seconds seems an eternity6. Speed-dial buttons on telephones. Remote controls, which have caused an acceleration7 in the pace of films and television commercials.

4    Time is a gentle deity8, said Sophocles. Perhaps it was, for him. These days it cracks the whip.(2) We humans have chosen speed, and we thrive on it -- more than we generally admit. Our ability to work and play fast gives us power. It thrills us.

5    And if haste is the accelerator pedal, multitasking is overdrive. These days it is possible to drive, eat, listen to a book and talk on the phone -- all at once, if you dare. David Feldman, in New York, schedules his tooth flossing to coincide with his regular browsing9 of online discussion groups. He has learned to hit PageDown with his pinkie. Mike Holderness, in London, watches TV with captioning10 so that he can keep the sound off and listen to the unrelated music of his choice. An entire class of technologies is dedicated11 to the furtherance of multitasking. Car phones. Bookstands on exercise machines. Waterproof12 shower radios.       如果匆忙是加速器的踏板,一心多用就是超速档。如今,完全可能做到边开车边吃东西边听录音书籍边打电话--要是你敢这么做。纽约的大卫·费尔德曼把用洁牙线清洁牙缝安排在日常浏览网上讨论之时。他已经学会用小手指敲击下行键。伦敦的迈克·霍尔德内斯看带字幕的电视节目,这样他就能把音量调低到听不见,好欣赏自己喜欢的与电视节目无关的音乐。有一整套的技术专门用来促进一心多用。如汽车电话。如健身器材上的搁书架。如防水的淋浴间收音机。

6    Not so long ago, for most people, listening to the radio was a single task activity. Now it is rare for a person to listen to the radio and do nothing else.

7    Even TV has lost its command of our foreground. In so many households the TV just stays on, like a noisy light bulb, while the life of the family passes back and forth13 in its shimmering14 glow.

8    (3) A sense of well-being15 comes with this saturation16 of parallel pathways in the brain. We choose mania17 over boredom18 every time. "Humans have never, ever opted19 for slower," points out the historian Stephen Kern.

9    We catch the fever -- and the fever feels good. We live in the buzz. "It has gotten to the point where my days, crammed20 with all sorts of activities, feel like an Olympic endurance event: the everydayathon," confesses Jay Walljasper in the Utne Reader.

10    All humanity has not succumbed21 equally, of course.(4) If you make haste, you probably make it in the technology-driven world. Sociologists have also found that increasing wealth and increasing education bring a sense of tension about time. We believe that we possess too little of it. No wonder Ivan Seidenberg, an American telecommunications executive, jokes about the mythical22 DayDoubler program his customers seem to want: "Using sophisticated time-mapping and compression techniques, DayDoubler gives you access to 48 hours each and every day. At the higher numbers DayDoubler becomes less stable, and you run the risk of a temporal crash in which everything from the beginning of time to the present could crash down around you, sucking you into a suspended time zone."

11    Our culture views time as a thing to hoard23 and protect. Timesaving is the subject to scores of books with titles like Streamlining Your Life; Take Your Time; More Hours in My Day. Marketers anticipate our desire to save time, and respond with fast ovens, quick playback, quick freezing and fast credit.

12    We have all these ways to "save time," but what does that concept really mean? Does timesaving mean getting more done? If so, does talking on a cellular24 phone at the beach save time or waste it? If you can choose between a 30-minute train ride, during which you can read, and a 20-minute drive, during which you cannot, does the drive save ten minutes? Does it make sense to say that driving saves ten minutes from your travel budget while removing ten minutes from your reading budget?

13    These questions have no answer. They depend on a concept that is ill formed: the very idea of timesaving. Some of us say we want to save time when really we just want to do more -- and faster. It might be simplest to recognise that there is time and we make choices about how to spend it, how to spare it, how to use it and how to fill it.

14    Time is not a thing we have lost. It is not a thing we ever had. It is what we live in.


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