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访谈录 2011-07-09&07-11 主播们背后的故事

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 -Welcome to the grogram, thank you so very much. This must be a long day for you. What time did you get up this morning? 

-I got up at about three. 
-Three, oh, man! That stinks1. What, what time do you go to bed? If you get to get up at three, what time do you go to bed? 
-Ten, ten thirty. 
-Well, that's a pretty short night, isn't it? 
-It is. 
-Yeah, and once you're up at three, do you have to travel? Do you live in the city? 
-I live in the city. So it's about eight minutes. I have a down. I know which way to take for the lights. 
-And, and, and what kind of life is there in the city that never sleeps at 3:00am? 
-Ah, you know, honestly not as much as I saw in San Francisco at those hours. So probably, I don't know, maybe eight or ten years ago, I had a morning show in San Francisco. And it was, it was fascinating2 because you would start off the week going to work early in the Monday morning about the same time, driving about the same distance, and there were very few people out in the night, except we came after for the Folsom Street Fair. I don't know if you are familiar3 with it. But people will be sort4 of wining down. There will be sort of athletes, chaps5 walking by. 
-So that, that was a little bit more exciting. 
-Ah, but by Friday morning, it was people wining down there Thursday night. So they were having a really good time. They were going home with someone they just met. And so it makes for great people watching. 
-Well, how do you like the early show? How is that trading6 you? 
-It's great! 
-It's a lot fun.
-You get to see everybody and talk to everybody. 
-I do. It's, it's busy. It's a lot of travel. Actually I'm getting a plane to Huston tonight, going to view the shuttle7 crew8 tomorrow. 
-The shuttle crew for Atlantis? 
-For Atlantis. Yeah. 
-And that will be the final launch9 for Atlantis I believe. 
-Final launch for the whole program.
-This whole program, yes. 
-Yeah, that will be interesting to hear how the astronauts and the personnel10 feel about that and so forth11. Ah, I knew you came in the early show in January after everybody was killed. 
-Yeah, that's a nice way to put it. 
-Yeah, thanks. 
-Hum, actually, I've been there for a little while before, when I was at CNN for a year and a half. I was at CNN Monday to Friday, then I did Saturday at the early show. And then I did just about a year.
-Oh, you were on the weekend early? 
-I was, yeah. 
-Oh, that's right. Yeah, and then you know who I liked was the dead Harry12 Smith. I was like Harry Smith. 
-I like Harry. 
-What now, what became him? What was the problem here...
-Harry's great. Harry is still at the CBS.
-Yeah, he still does the very thing. But he wasn't on the early show. So who took his place? 
-Chris Wragge. 
-Chris Wragge. And where did he come from? 
-Who... So Chris Wragge was on the local affiliate13 here in New York city on nights. And we'd also worked here on Saturdays, on the early show Saturday. 
-I see, I see. And the crazy weather guy, Dave Price, he's gone.  
-Dave Price is, but not forgotten, still loved by many. 
-Yeah, where's, where is he now? He drank, right? Oh, no, I'm sorry. Give us the lay of the land for the morning show, the early show. What do we call it? The early show? 
-We call it the early show. 
-The morning show? 
-No, no, no, the early show. 
-Ah, things are coming together. We are making headway. It's, it's, it's the place to be. 
-Obviously, it's on CBS, so must be, right? 
-That's right. Erica Hill, ladies and gentlemen, good luck. Nice to meet you. 
-Thank you.
-Thank you very much.


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v.散发出恶臭( stink的第三人称单数 );发臭味;名声臭;糟透
  • The whole scheme stinks to high heaven—don't get involved in it. 整件事十分卑鄙龌龊——可别陷了进去。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The soup stinks of garlic. 这汤有大蒜气味。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
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