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  [00:00.00]A:Excuse me,but could you tell me how I can get to the First National Bank?
[00:05.20]B:Go straight on this street,turn to the left at the second corner,and you'll find it.
[00:11.00]A:Excuse me.Could you show me how to get to the First National Bank?
[00:15.78]B:You go two blocks and turn to the right.Then go three blocks.You'll find the First National Bank on your left.
[00:23.48]A:Excuse me.Could you tell me the way to the First National Bank?
[00:27.87]B:Yes.Walk for two blocks.You'll find it on your right.
[00:32.31]A:Excuse me.Is this the right way to the First National Bank?
[00:36.88]B:I'm sorry.I'm a stranger here myself.
[00:40.44]Where is the bus stop,please?
[00:45.11]Could you tell me the way to the nearest station?
[00:51.30]How can I get to the subway station?
[00:56.92]A:How far is it from here to there?
[00:59.38]B:About a ten minutes'walk.
[01:01.34]A:How long will it take to walk there?
[01:03.53]B:About an hour.It's too far to walk.
[01:07.21]A:Excuse me,officer.I've lost my way.
[01:10.43]B:Where do you want to go?
[01:12.44]A:Excuse me.I'm afraid I got lost.Can you show me the way to the station?
[01:17.84]B:All right.I'll take you there.
[01:20.74]Where am I now?
[01:24.48]Where am I on this map?
[01:28.84]What's the name of this street?
[01:33.13]Which is better,to go there by bus or by streetcar?
[01:40.88]Is there any other way to go besides taxi?
[01:47.81]Can I walk there from the station?
[01:53.58]A:I want to rent a car.How do I go about it?
[01:57.00]B:Here are some telephone numbers of rent_a_car companies.
[02:00.22]Is there a rent_a_car company around here?
[02:07.01]Where's the nearest rent_a_car company?
[02:13.02]B:Good afternoon.May I help you?
[02:15.50]A:Yes,I'd like to rent a car.
[02:18.16]B:How long will you need it?
[02:19.73]A:Three days.
[02:20.72]I want to rent a car for a week.
[02:25.89]B:What kind of model do you have in mind?
[02:28.72]A:A compact car.
[02:30.31]I'd prefer a station wagon1.
[02:35.35]I'd like one that gets good gas mileage2.
[02:40.65]If possible,with automatic transmission.
[02:46.66]I prefer the manual.
[02:50.50]Do you have Japanese cars?
[02:55.41]What kind of cars do you have?
[02:59.75]A:How much is the rate?
[03:01.47]B:Datson 28 oz is $20 a day and 10 cents a mile.
[03:03.94]日产28 OZ是每天20美元并且1英里10美分,
[03:06.41]If you buy gasoline on the way,please keep the receipt.We will deduct3 the amount from your bill.
[03:12.76]A:Do you charge mileage?
[03:14.51]B:No.Our cars are all flat rate.
[03:17.56]Is insurance covered?
[03:21.43]Is the cost of gasoline included?
[03:26.86]How much will it be if I go over the rental4 period?
[03:34.23]Can I drop the car off at any of your branches?
[03:41.47]What's the drop_off charge?
[03:45.46]I'd like to buy insurance.
[03:49.64]Do you need a deposit?
[03:53.22]What should I do in case of a breakdown5 or an accident?
[04:00.67]What's the speed limit here?
[04:04.38]Can I park here?
[04:07.22]Is it all right to park here just for a second?
[04:13.62]How many miles is Baltimore from here?
[04:19.13]How long does it take to Boston?
[04:23.55]Is there a gasoline station nearby?
[04:29.40]How far is the nearest gas station?
[04:35.17]B:May I help you?
[04:36.69]A:Fill it up,please.
[04:37.97]B:Premium or regular?
[04:41.08]Five gallons of gas,please.
[04:45.73]Ten dollars,please.
[04:48.94]How much is it per gallon?
[04:53.46]B:Shall I check the water and the oil?
[04:56.96]Please check the oil.
[05:00.30]Put in a pint6 of oil,please.
[05:04.88]I'd like to have the oil changed.
[05:09.60]The left rear tire is low.
[05:14.64]I've got a flat.
[05:18.09]Please check the brakes.
[05:21.65]Could you adjust the brakes?
[05:25.38]Charge the battery,please.
[05:29.51]Please check the radiator7.
[05:33.24]Please wash the car.
[05:36.93]Please clean the windshield.
[05:41.58]A:I want to return this car.
[05:43.95]B:Yes,sir.Could I see your contract?
[05:47.25]B:Did you buy any gasoline,sir?
[05:49.65]A:Yes,I did.This is the receipt.It was $28.
[05:54.19]B:Well then,the total charge will be $285.
[05:58.48]Where is the information counter?
[06:03.94]I want to take a sightseeing bus.
[06:09.71]Could you arrange a ticket for me?
[06:15.17]I want to go to Boston.
[06:20.06]Is there any bus that goes to Boston directly?
[06:27.53]Where can I catch a bus to go to Boston?
[06:33.93]Which bus line stops at Hudson Street?
[06:40.27]What gate does the bus for Chicago leave from?
[06:48.22]May I have a time schedule,please?
[06:53.94]When is the next bus for Boston?
[06:59.55]How often is the No.5 bus?
[07:05.35]How long will it take by bus?
[07:10.81]Where is the ticket window?
[07:15.20]Do I pay on the bus?
[07:19.41]A one_way ticket to Boston,please.
[07:25.31]One Round trip to Philadelphia,please.
[07:31.45]A:Excuse me,do you go to Third and Twenty_seventh?
[07:35.16]B:No,not this one.Take No.5.
[07:38.40]Is this the bus going to Boston?
[07:44.01]I'd like to go to Fifth Avenue.What's the fare,please?
[07:52.01]What time do we get to Boston?
[07:57.20]Is Boston the end of the line?
[08:02.35]Is Hudson Street the third stop?
[08:08.86]Please let me know when we get to Hudson Street.
[08:15.44]Let me off when we get to Hudson Street.
[08:22.10]Let me off at the next stop,please.
[08:28.50]Which stop is closest to Lincoln Center?
[08:34.82]Where do I get off for the beach?
[08:40.39]Where can I transfer to a bus for Market Street?
[08:48.01]May I have a subway route map?
[08:53.32]I'd like a train schedule?
[08:57.99]Is there a straight train from here to there?
[09:05.15]What track does the train for Boston leave from?
[09:12.05]Does the express train stop at San Diego?
[09:18.73]How often do the trains run?
[09:23.54]What time does the last train leave?
[09:29.16]Where can I get a ticket?
[09:33.47]A one_way to Los Angeles,please.
[09:39.60]How much is the fare to Washington?
[09:45.64]What's the one_way fare?
[09:50.13]What's round trip fare?
[09:54.91]What's the express charge?
[09:59.61]I'd like to reserve a berth8.
[10:04.08]I'd like to reserve a roomette.
[10:08.81]Will you show me how to use this vending9 machine?
[10:15.63]A:I'd like to reserve a seat to Boston.Can I get a seat on today's 3:30p.m.?
[10:20.88]B:I'm sorry,it's already full.
[10:23.41]A:Oh.How about the 5:30p.m.?
[10:29.58]What time should I be at the station?
[10:34.54]Is this the right platform for Boston?
[10:40.50]When is the next train for Boston?
[10:45.88]Does the local leave from this platform?
[10:51.60]Is this the right train for Boston?
[10:57.48]Is the train for Chicago running often?
[11:03.72]What time does the train for Boston leave?
[11:09.73]Excuse me.Is this seat taken?
[11:15.29]Excuse me.Could you move over a little,please?
[11:22.68]Would you let me know when the train comes to Flushing?
[11:30.00]Do you know where the conductor is?
[11:35.43]Is there a dining car on the train?
[11:41.54]Where are we now?
[11:45.25]Would you call a cab for me?
[11:50.27]Will you call me a cab,please?
[11:55.42]Is my cab waiting?
[11:59.12]Where can I find a limousine10?
[12:04.17]Is there a taxi stand near here?
[12:10.10]Is this taxi free?
[12:14.67]Take me to the airport,please.
[12:19.55]Take me to this address,please.
[12:24.70]Do you know where this address is ?
[12:30.05]How much will it be?
[12:34.05]Can you take me there for under ten dollars?
[12:40.29]Please hurry,I'm late.
[12:45.13]Stop here,please.
[12:49.10]Stop in front of that building,please.
[12:54.32]Let me off here.
[12:58.19]How much is the fare?
[13:01.98]You're overcharging me.
[13:05.76]A:Hello,is this reservation office?
[13:09.05]B:Yes.May I help you?
[13:11.33]A:I'd like to have a seat on your flight for Taibei on October 8.
[13:15.51]B:We have flight 778 and flight 878 on October 8,but both flights are fully11 booked.
[13:24.31]Would you like us to put you on our waiting list for both flights?
[13:28.33]A:Yes,please.My name is Terry Lin.I'm staying at the Hilton Hotel.
[13:35.18]Where can I make a reservation?
[13:40.11]I want to reserve a seat from New York to Los Angeles.
[13:48.06]Could you tell me my reservation number,please?
[13:55.29]How much is the airfare from New York to Los Angeles?
[14:02.37]Do you have any flights to Miami?
[14:07.75]What time does flight 778 arrive in Taibei?
[14:16.19]Do I have to reconfirm?
[14:20.89]Can I reconfirm by phone?
[14:25.57]B:This is Pan American.May I help you?
[14:28.08]A:My name is Terry Lin.I want to reconfirm my reservation.
[14:32.52]B:What's your flight number?
[14:34.19]A:I'm on flight 724 to Taibei on September 3,Saturday.
[14:39.36]B:Your name,please?
[14:40.77]A:Terry Lin.Lin is my family name.
[14:43.70]B:How do you spell it?
[14:45.32]A:That's L_I_N,Lin.
[14:48.32]This is Terry Lin.I'd like to reconfirm for flight number 724 on September 3.
[15:02.22]My reservation number is 2679.
[15:09.77]I made a reservation in Taibei.
[15:15.57]Could you check it again,please?
[15:20.82]B:What can I do for you?
[15:22.83]A:I'd like to change a reservation for flight number 103 on 17 May.
[15:29.10]B:What date and flight number would you perfer?
[15:31.94]A:I'd like to fly on the 16th,on the same flight.
[15:36.20]Could you change my flight date?
[15:40.85]I'd like to cancel my reservation for the flight on September 26,and book one on September 29 instead,please.
[15:58.90]Please cancel my flight for Saturday the flight.
[16:05.62]Where is the TWA office?
[16:08.22]TWA 航空公司的办公室在哪里?
[16:10.81]What is the check_in time?
[16:14.42]What is the boarding time?
[16:17.95]Is the flight for Taibei on time?
[16:22.99]What is the gate number for China Air Lines to Taibei?
[16:31.50]B:Which would you prefer,a smoking or a non_smoking seat?
[16:35.68]A:A non_smoking seat,please.
[16:38.45]I'd like a window seat,please.
[16:43.18]I'd like a seat on the aisle,please.
[16:48.43]Please show me the seating plan.


1 wagon XhUwP     
  • We have to fork the hay into the wagon.我们得把干草用叉子挑进马车里去。
  • The muddy road bemired the wagon.马车陷入了泥泞的道路。
2 mileage doOzUs     
  • He doesn't think there's any mileage in that type of advertising.他认为做那种广告毫无效益。
  • What mileage has your car done?你的汽车跑了多少英里?
3 deduct pxfx7     
  • You can deduct the twenty - five cents out of my allowance.你可在我的零用钱里扣去二角五分钱。
  • On condition of your signing this contract,I will deduct a percentage.如果你在这份合同上签字,我就会给你减免一个百分比。
4 rental cBezh     
  • The yearly rental of her house is 2400 yuan.她这房子年租金是2400元。
  • We can organise car rental from Chicago O'Hare Airport.我们可以安排提供从芝加哥奥黑尔机场出发的租车服务。
5 breakdown cS0yx     
  • She suffered a nervous breakdown.她患神经衰弱。
  • The plane had a breakdown in the air,but it was fortunately removed by the ace pilot.飞机在空中发生了故障,但幸运的是被王牌驾驶员排除了。
6 pint 1NNxL     
  • I'll have a pint of beer and a packet of crisps, please.我要一品脱啤酒和一袋炸马铃薯片。
  • In the old days you could get a pint of beer for a shilling.从前,花一先令就可以买到一品脱啤酒。
7 radiator nTHxu     
  • The two ends of the pipeline are connected with the radiator.管道的两端与暖气片相连接。
  • Top up the radiator before making a long journey.在长途旅行前加满散热器。
8 berth yt0zq     
  • She booked a berth on the train from London to Aberdeen.她订了一张由伦敦开往阿伯丁的火车卧铺票。
  • They took up a berth near the harbor.他们在港口附近找了个位置下锚。
9 vending 9e89cb67a07fe419b19a6bd5ee5210cc     
v.出售(尤指土地等财产)( vend的现在分词 );(尤指在公共场所)贩卖;发表(意见,言论);声明
  • Why Are You Banging on the Vending Machine? 你为什么敲打这台自动售货机? 来自朗文快捷英语教程 2
  • Coca-Cola had to adapt almost 300,000 vending machines to accept the new coins. 可口可乐公司必须使将近三十万台自动贩卖机接受新货币。 来自超越目标英语 第5册
10 limousine B3NyJ     
  • A chauffeur opened the door of the limousine for the grand lady.司机为这个高贵的女士打开了豪华轿车的车门。
  • We arrived in fine style in a hired limousine.我们很气派地乘坐出租的豪华汽车到达那里。
11 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
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