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Solutions to be a Great Listener1
Solution 1: Elementary listening level access
Unit 1
Mike will be 30 on November 14th.
The student counsel2 will meet in room 310 this afternoon.
Turn to page 17 in your textbooks and do the first 16 problems.
You need an 80 cents stamp for this letter.
Tomorrow's highest temperature will be 32 degrees, lowest 26 degrees.
I need 18 xerox3 copies before my eight o'clock meeting tomorrow morning.
50 percent of the students who took the examination4 scored by 450.
A cost only 15 cents to call Maiami after five o'clock.
Since your suitcase weigh 60 pounds, you have to pay overweight.
CVS news is on channel 13 at six o'clock.

Cathy bought a 200 dollar camara for 175 dollars.
If Jean can type 40 words a minute, Judy can properly type 80.
By the time I pay 250 dollars for my rent, I only have half my salary left.
Doctor Jones got to the stop at 8:40 a.m., missing5 the bus by 5 minutes.
My wife sets 9:30, but I always set ten minutes ahead.
Since the shadow bus only goes half way from state university to merry students housing6, Bob and Carol7 have to walk half a mile to the stop.
Since the taxi was late, doctor Jones didnot get to the airport until 11 o'clcok missing his flight by half an hour.
John was supposed to arrive in time for the new meal, but he was two hours late.
At the end of the season, many of the 60 hour dresses will be on sale for half price.
We expects to sell 40 tickets, but we sold twice as many.
The stadium8 seats about 50 thousand people, but it's half empty for last night's game.

Bill's sister was very proud when he graduated.
Jeff's family was happy when he married Nancy.
Mr Johnson wants his nephew to go into business with him because he doesnot have a son of his own.
Mrs Martin tole doctor Smith's secretary to cancel her appointment.
Ann would like to pick her up at the bus station.
Last night at the party, we finally Marry's uncle Charlies.
Alice wants to transfer9 to Beijing University because she has many friends studying there.
Mrs Williams asked a lawyer to drop a will naming her grandson as the soul beneficiary.
Nancy made pod the neat scoffy has on.
Bob resented10 his father's criticising the plans for his new office building.

John could hardly eat his desert.
The tour was worth neither the time nor the money.
Not many brothers are as nice the sisters as Tom's.
There is no better place for driving than shopping center.
It's like Marryto be unfriendly so she must have see you when you waved.
Nancy likes nothing better than to sleep late.
Their new apartment is no more comfortable than their first one had been.
Business has never been slower.
The problem was not uncommon11 for young man away from home.
I was so angry that I could hardly speak.

The university is farther12 away than I thought.
A stick dinner cost ten dollars at most reaturants, but only 3 dollars at city state house.
Traditionally13, the most small business in United14 States is resturant business.
Writing this term paper wasa big work than I thought it would be.
When the new students have been here a little longer, I am sure that they will fell less home sick.
Some people think that gargoning is better for your health, but in my opinion play tennis is more fun.
She has been able to learn English more quickly than I had imagined.
Jeff was no more surprise than I was when Tow15 moved out of the dorm.
According16 to government's certestick, the older one is when he gets married the less likely it is he will get a divorce17.
We had more than enough time to get there.

The project would have been improved if it hadnot been in the budget.
If we had any need to get in touch with them, we could have sent telegram18.
If Tomy keeps studying likes her husband, he is going to make himself sick.
Living in another culturs isnot difficult if you have the right attitude.
Your order will arrive on Saturday if placed on Wendsday.
If you usually take a sight sicks, you need sight seven in this style.
If John had his way, he would spend all of his time playing tennis.
If fur coat like these will last for years if it's cared properly.
We would have been here sooner if we havenot got lost.
If he had asked her, she would have gone with him.


1 listener J0Ixc     
  • I'm a regular listener to her show.我经常收听她的节目。
  • She became an attentive listener.她变成了一个专心致志的聆听者。
2 counsel Aztxe     
  • The judge asked counsel for the defence to explain.法官要求被告的辩护律师做出解释。
  • He refused to listen to the old man's counsel.他拒不听从老人的忠告。
3 xerox ffPwL     
  • Xerox and Lucent are two more high-tech companies run by women.施乐和朗讯是另外两家由女性经营的大科技公司。
  • You cannot take it home,but you can xerox it.你不能把它带回家,但可以复印。
4 examination pn6xJ     
  • Teachers always judge their students on the final examination.老师常根据期末考试来评价他们的学生。
  • He put up a good show in the final examination.他在期末考试中表现得不错。
5 missing 3nTzx7     
  • Check the tools and see if anything is missing.检点一下工具,看有无丢失。
  • All the others are here;he's the only one missing.别人都来了,就短他一个。
6 housing YqzzxS     
  • Do you think our housing sales will turn around during this year?你认为今年我们的住宅销路会好转吗?
  • The housing sales have been turning down since the summer.入夏以来,房屋的销售量日趋减少。
7 Carol JTTyI     
  • Silent Night is my favourite carol.《平安夜》是我最喜欢的圣诞颂歌。
  • The people in the church are singing a christmas carol.教堂里的人们正在唱圣诞颂歌。
8 stadium du7wx     
  • The new football stadium can hold eighty thousand people.新的足球场可以容纳八万人。
  • The stadium is being used for a match.那个露天运动场正在进行一场比赛。
9 transfer SnxwK     
n. 迁移, 移动, 换车; v. 转移, 调转, 调任
  • He has been kicking against this transfer for weeks. 几周以来他一直反对这次调动。
  • I intend to transfer the property to my son. 我想把这笔财产转给我儿子。
10 resented 3f1c489f47b018d0896f19cfb098ca11     
对…感到愤怒( resent的过去式和过去分词 ); 关系( regard的过去式和过去分词 ); 再差遣; 再发
  • She resented the insinuation that she was too old for the job. 她憎恶暗示她太老不适合这项工作的话。
  • I deeply resented her criticism. 我对她的批评感到非常气愤。
11 uncommon AlPwO     
  • Such attitudes were not at all uncommon thirty years ago.这些看法在30年前很常见。
  • Phil has uncommon intelligence.菲尔智力超群。
12 farther olHxM     
  • I can throw the ball farther than you can.这个球我能比你扔得远。
  • The farther hill is five kilometres away.那座更远的小山在五公里以外。
13 traditionally fgvzTO     
  • Traditionally,people clean the house before the Spring Festival.传统上,人们在春节前打扫房子。
  • Medicine is traditionally the first of the Nobel prizes awarded each year.根据传统,医学奖是诺贝尔奖每年颁发的第一个奖项。
14 united Yfmz2c     
  • The whole nation is closely united.全国人民紧密团结。
  • The two men were united by community of interests.共同的利益使两个人结合在一起。
15 tow gJNz5     
  • The broken-down car was taken in tow by a lorry.那辆坏了的车由一辆货车拖着。
  • Mrs Hayes went to the supermarket with her four little children in tow.海斯太太带着她的4个小孩到超市去了。
16 according YzQztq     
  • According to the Bible we are all the seed of Adam.根据《圣经》所说的,我们都是亚当的后裔。
  • We must cut our coat according to our cloth this year.今年我们必须学会量入为出。
17 divorce m8dyq     
  • Did he divorce his wife or did she divorce him?是他要和妻子离婚,还是妻子要和他离婚?
  • None of us like the divorce of word and deed.我们都不喜欢言行不一。
18 telegram Lpwwu     
  • Will you hand on this telegram to your friend?你把这份电报转交给你的朋友好吗?
  • I've got your telegram.我已经收到了你的电报。
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